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Getting To Know Her All Over Again
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Getting To Know Her All Over Again: An Experience with Methylone (exp16898)". Erowid.org. Aug 18, 2002. erowid.org/exp/16898

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190 mg oral Methylone
June 2002

It was the first night of camping in our month long tour of the American Southwest. My partner and I were staying at the Homolovi Ruins, a sacred place to the Hopi located just outside of Winslow, Arizona. This was also my first time camping in the desert, and I was simply in awe of my surroundings and so excited to finally be on vacation. It was just a very beautiful night to be alive, and an even more beautiful night for an entheogenic experience. We brought along quite a number of different materials, but elected for something that wouldn’t be too intense as we had a lot of driving to do the next day. I figured methylone would be a good choice.

My previous exposures to methylone, as my last report illustrated, had actually left me rather unimpressed with the substance. I pretty much had considered methylone to be a recreational drug, with little entheogenic potential. My partner asked me what the substance was like, and I remember remarking to her that, “It is kind of like MDMA, but without the magic.” She then said, “Well what is the point then?” To which I replied, “Not much, but let’s just see what happens.” With that we each swallowed a capsule containing 190 mg of the tanish, maple syrup-smelling substance, expecting nothing more than a night of fun really. That is, we didn’t expect to discover any new profound insights, but rather thought the body warmth and pleasurable somatic sensations would make for a nice evening together in our tent. We were both in for quite a nice surprise.

Within only 15 minutes or so, I noticed the first alert. Soon after I started getting strong nystagmus, and even some mild visual effects. When my eyes would flutter about back and forth, I would notice mild trailing on non-moving objects. Everything I gazed upon had a ‘sheen’ to it. Things were shiny. I also experienced an incredible warm glow in my body and a strong sense of well being. Soon after, I began to have these amazing dream-like sequences where I could revisit past events of the day and re-experience them with extraordinary clarity. It reminded me of the ‘brain movies’ I have read MMDA can produce. The full effects of methylone were, as MDA and MDMA are when I take them, very powerful and basically left me ‘floored’.

My partner, who is a bit of a hardhead to entheogens, didn’t notice any effects for almost an hour and then it hit her all at once. For her, methylone allowed her to examine herself piece by piece, and express each introspective thought to me as she worked them out for herself. Under the methylone, she opened herself up to me again, sharing who she now was as an adult. She talked about her recent inquiries into spirituality, where she was heading with her studies and research of the mind, and how it all tied together. It was very emotional for her; she told me that she finally felt as though I was getting to know her as an adult. We got very philosophical and metaphysical that night, and the methylone really brought out all aspects of her personality into the open. The substance forced her to examine herself, all aspects of who she was, the good and bad. Each time she discovered a pattern of behavior that didn’t quite meet the standards she was trying to live up to, she was able to tease apart exactly what it was that was causing it. She was then able to decipher and vocalize what it is that she needed to do to correct certain behaviors in the future.

From the time the methylone started peaking until just before the comedown, I was able to do little but lay in the sleeping bag and listen to my partner speak. I however have never felt so content in my life to just sit back and listen to my love talk. It was as though I got to know her all over again and I felt so incredibly connected to her. 850 miles had separated us for nearly a year. Though we tried to see each other at least once a month, or every couple of months, and talked on the telephone every day, it was nice to finally be reunited permanently and on vacation together. Being apart allowed us each grow as individuals, and we had really changed a lot since the old days when we lived together, especially her. So much had been going on in her life since she moved to Colorado and became a graduate student. And the whole time she spoke, it was as though she was getting to know herself all over again too. It was just so beautiful to watch her open up to herself as the methylone allowed her to do. I fell in love with her all over again, and the more I got to know her the more I loved her. Methylone is an incredible substance for couples to try together. It definitely was for us, because I feel closer to her than ever.

After three or so hours, the methylone began to let up a bit and I became more social. We discussed the effects of the methylone and the events of the night for some time while enjoying some nice marijuana and the pleasant afterglow of the trip. Eventually we made love and then we each soon fell asleep with no difficulty. Methylone is very easy on the body, with little residual stimulation compared to other materials, and I had no difficulty getting to sleep. We both awoke the next day feeling a little tired, but otherwise very very well. I had no problems driving to our next destination. That night ranks among the most beautiful and special psychedelic trips I have ever had. We both had an afterglow that lasted for days.

It would be interesting to research any possible neurotoxicity of this substance. If it is less neurotoxic than MDMA, this material could make an even more wonderful therapeutic tool. My final word is methylone can provide a very very beautiful and valuable entheogenic experience if taken in just the right setting and at just the right time. But a positive and meaningful experience is very very set and setting dependant, as my previous exposures show.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16898
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 18, 2002Views: 42,443
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