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A Trip to the Hospital
DXM (with CPM)
by Jeremy
Citation:   Jeremy. "A Trip to the Hospital: An Experience with DXM (with CPM) (exp16895)". Jul 28, 2005.

480 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  32 mg oral Chlorpheniramine Maleate (pill / tablet)
  480 mg oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  32 mg oral Chlorpheniramine Maleate (pill / tablet)


Hi, my names Jeremy and I'm married with 3 kids. I recently got a tip on the web about coricidin. I was very excited to try it because I hadn't excaped in a while so that day I went and got a box. That night I went in my basement and took all 16. At sat at my computer alone because I'm new to this area and dont have anyone to get high with. It seemed like a long time before I started to feel the effects and I was beginging to get sceptical whether or not I was going to get high at all. I was cruising around chat and my monitor started shifting back and forth as if it were floating on the ocean. I could feel the effects set in and soon enough I set sail. I was listening to korn and then I slapped in Primus which complimented my high perfectly. I felt like I was sailing on a see of pillows and when I stood up it felt like I was 80 lbs lighter. It felt like if I jumped up I would float up to the ceiling. I've takin acid before and had an excellent experience but this was an all time best high. When I've taken acid and shrooms it felt like I was in a different world but this shit made me feel like I was in the system. It felt like I was tapping into a pipeline that courses through America that people that get high tap into. I suddenly realized why there's millions of adddicts in America layin' in the gutter with highs like this to be achieved.

I plopped in Pink Floyd and felt like I understood their music with all new meaning. I peaked and my heart rate went up a little and then I plateaued for like 3 hrs just cruising. The total high lasted about 6 hrs and then I went to bed. The next two nights I got high on corcidin again, each time better than the last. The fourth night I took a break and on the fifth day I bought 3 more boxes and took one box at 3:00. The family took off to go swimming and I went down to my golden ship (the basement). In a half an hour I felt the effects start kicking in. Soon enough I could hear the kids running around upstairs and I was wishing I has waited till later to get high. I felt like I needed to make an appearance so I went upstairs. My wife asked if I felt nervous and I shrugged it off. I had to consciencly think of what it is I normaly do around the house at any givin moment and do such so I could play off being high. Like at one point I thought 'ok right now I'd ordinarily flip on the tv' and so I did so. I calmed down a bit and had dinner with my wife while the kids played outside in the mud. After dinner I took the kids upstairs and put them in the bath to wash them off. I was staring at them thinking 'how in the fuck am I going to get all this mud off?'.

We cleaned them up and put them in bed and I sat on my son's bed talking to them (my kids are 1 yr, 2yr, and 4yr). I felt like I was looking at my kids for the first time. I told them how much I love them and so on and then went downstairs with my wife. I started thinking about where I'm at in life and what route I want to take (I'm at a crossroad right now). I discussed this with my wife and I started thinking about it so much that I fucked up my high. I literally lost all the mental aspect of the high and replaced it with sinus pressure. I felt juked and so later I went online and did a very poor research of coricidin by just looking up dex... It said the lethal limit of dex. is like 2500 mils or something and I was only at 480 mils. I wanted to start fresh so I took another box. That's when things got fucked. After I had downed 16 more I cruised around and ran into a highlighted warning stating that taking too much coricidin cold and cough can have serious consequences and possibly lead to death because of the CPM. I looked up the warnings on CPM and it said the recomended max p/day for CPM is 24 mils and I was at like 64 or something. My palms got sweaty and I ran upstairs twice trying to throw up by gagging myself with no results.

I tried to calm down by theorizing that everything should be fine since my first dose was at 3:00 and I was 180 lbs which is heavier than other people I read about that took 32 pills and survived. I was still scared shitless and pondered the possibility of going to the hospital and having my stomach pumped. I dint want to do this or tell my wife for fear of screwing up my whole schedule of takin this shit and of loosing more trust than I already have. So I decided to ride out the storm. I thought about riding it out in the basement but then I thought if I'm going to die tonight I want to be near my wife touching her. So I went upstairs and laid next to her and prepared for the worst. I started feeling the effects of the second dose coming on and my visual perception started going wierd. I tossed and turned and my wife asked if something was wrong and I said no. The effects kept coming on stronger and stronger and I could hear the pulsation of blood rushing through my head. I kinda was welcoming the idea of death because I've had a fucked life and the last 5 yrs of marriage with children has been a huge burden.

I got really sad however thinking about what my wife would do without me. I thought about the 16 thousand dollar life insurance policy I get with work and grieved at how little it was. It would barely cover moving costs and such for my family to move back near my wife's family. I grieved at the thought of never seing my wife again because I love her so much and we are the best of friends. Soon enough my wife said to me that something didnt feel right and asked what was wrong with me. I couldnt stay still and I was covered with sweat. My heart was going mach 10 and suddenly it hit me. I felt a compression effect of all the subliminal deja vus of my life pile up into one moment and the feeling that I've had all my life that I'm living the same life over all came down to this moment. I felt like I had lived this moment before, the one right before I die. My wife was really getting worried and asked if I had taken something. I gave up on hiding the truth and told her I'd takin coricidin. She was scared and asked where it was and I painstakingly put together the words to tell her where the rest was. I wanted to live and I no longer welcomed the thought of death at all. I got up and I had to keep fighting the feeling that I was going to go unconscience.

I went downstairs and my wife was on the phone with 911 and had they extra packages of coricidin in hand. She told them what I'd takin and said I looked really pale. I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw that I looked as white as a ghost. I thought to myself 'fuck this, I'm gonna live'. So I went upstairs and got dressed and dragged the kids out of bed because we dont have anyone to watch them and I needed my wife to drive me to the hospital. When I went back downstairs I could see flashing lights illuminating the blinds in the front window. I opened the front door and saw several police cars pulled up in front of the house. I looked around our condominium neighborhood and felt embarassed. I was wondering why the cops had showed up. The first cop approached and asked if I was the guy who'd takin drugs. I said yes and asked if we could carry on inside. I went inside and sat at the base of some stairs and a cop started shining his flashlight in my eyes and asking me questions. I could barely speak because I had the worst cottonmouth ever. It felt like my mouth was going to implode in on itself from dryness. I was paranoid with all the cops around that I was going to be in some kinda trouble when all this was over, If I survived. Was I going to face some kind of charges? Were they going to call child services?

I asked if there were some kind of charges going on here and they said no. I looked at my wife and wanted to tell her that if I didnt make it I loved her. I couldnt hold on to the thought long enough to form the words so it never go out. She walked by and I asked her not to hate me and she said she didnt. Soon enough the paramedics showed up and one of the paramedic guys walked over to me and asked how I felt and all I put together was 'weird'. My mouth was so dry and I kept asking for a glass of water but no one would fucking deliver. I told them that I didnt want to go out on a gurney and that I would just walk. The paramedic told me it was time to go so I walked out and got in my express limosine to the hospital. The paramedic hopped in and it seemed like we were sitting around forever. I was wondering if these guys werent even that concerned about my condition considering how much they were lagging. Soon enough we were on our way and I was seriously fighting passing out. It felt like if I passed out I'd never wake up again. I asked the paramedic guy if I was going to make it tonight and he said yes. He said I'd have to take a lot more than I did to die. I was wondering, however, if he was just telling this to me to calm me down. I told him I felt like I was going to die. Then I told him 'fuck it, I'm not going out like this'. He said 'hell no' and soon enough we were at the hospital.

They wheeled me out on the gurney into the hospital where we were met by nurses that promptly helped me into a hospital bed and set me up with a drip. They got on the phone with poison control and shortly after a nurse walked in with a cup of charcoal mixed with water and a complimentary straw. She said I had to drink that because the idea was that the charcoal would latch onto any remaining pills in my stomach and then I would just shit it all out. I took out the straw and downed my cocktail. I asked if my wife was there at the hospital and she went to check. She returned with a phone and my wife was on the line. I pleaded with her not to leave me and she said she wouldnt and just soothed me. I talked with her a long time and then got off the phone. My legs were shaking violently and they gave me a relaxing drug in my IV. I was high off my rocker. I felt like my bed was floating up and down 3 ft or so and a lot of things around me that should have been stationary were on the go. I tried to enjoy my high for all it was worth because I was stuck. I fell asleep and the next day I got picked up by my wife and taken home. I felt euphoric and ok mentally, besides being a little spacy.

I dont know if I'm ever going to be able to stay completely sober because I have a desire for an alternative reality to be part of my life. This kinda sucks because my wife's not down and I kinda wish I didnt feel this way. I look at the world slightly different after this expereince. When I'm at the grocery store I look around at people and try to pinpoint the ones who get seriously high on a regular basis. Well that's my story, late.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16895
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 28, 2005Views: 19,507
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Chlorpheniramine Maleate (164) : Families (41), Health Problems (27), Hospital (36)

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