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Herbal Blessing
Huasca Brew (Harmine & P. viridis)
by Rem
Citation:   Rem. "Herbal Blessing: An Experience with Huasca Brew (Harmine & P. viridis) (exp16861)". Aug 16, 2002.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Harmine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 25 g oral Psychotria viridis (tea)

I had an interesting lucid dream. When I got up, I decided to write it down. In that dream I ate for the first time what 150mg of harmine and a tea made out of 25 g of P. Viridis.

After ingestion of the Harmine, in about 30 minutes I started to feel lightly elated - perhaps due to the antidepressant quality of it - and followed with the Tea. In about 15 more minutes I was feeling a definite presence in my body. This radiating energy in my stomach/solar plexus. My thoughts started to de-focus in two distinct directions. One was attention - everything was crystal clear - every thought and impression complete. The other was a growing awareness of the outside world - from mundane recollections of my street , to seeing whole earth moving with life. As the mind became completely centered, I had vivid minds eye musings about how all is interconnected, the flow of good and evil, and at the same time external objects became 'Alive' as my mind was being emptied of labels and intellectual precepts - becoming more a flow of meaningful but yet not language-based thought/emotion. As the energy was spreading form my solar plexus, I have started to notice vivid CEVs. This rapidly progressed and in another few minutes reached large proportions.

I have decided to see if my pupils are affected and went to the bathroom. Initially wanting a shower I disrobed, but one look in mirror convinced me that The Brew is starting to work really strong, as the reflection in the mirror was still me, but I somehow *knew* its only an outer shell of reality. My pupils had been very open. The undermining of ego and depersonalization preceded at a rapid pace. I have made the only mistake and waltzed out of the bathroom without my clothes on (roommates). Made it to my room and sat down. The energy in my solar plexus spread all over my body in a very natural vibration just as the visuals rapidly increased in strength . I saw a green vine-leaf like plant growing in me and filling me with its presence. Distance to self became greater with every second.

As usual in situations of ingesting a potent Entheogen (even in a lucid dream), beginnings bring the negative thoughts to the top - sort of subconscious garbage collection/sifting . Somehow the last bits of my ego were fighting, reinforced by fragments of all the negative press and unconstitutional actions performed on Etheogenists - all of those enforcers shouting 'evil evil evil' while drawing their guns, law books, bibles, and wallets. I had a BAD trip at this moment. It coincided with the only nausea feelings during this dream. Intense paranoias of persecution and guilt. This became rooted in moral/family/obedience/guilt 'christian' religious/social imagery which was halted quickly by the appearance of Christ raising his hand, and psychically emoting compassion as mind said 'outside/inside - past judgement compassion from heart', and all of those self-righteous, judgmental imagery seemed to have no credit in his eyes as he absorbed it merging with CEV light. Seeing the new 'I', shining with Pure Consciousness the cast-off karma-filled 'I' subdued to the power of Ayahuasca. This quickly ended the evil purgatory as I realized there is nothing , but this moment, all of those negative feelings are reflections of other peoples egotistic and judgmental views imbedded in me through years of life in a Western Society. My consciousness seemed to penetrate outward, aware of sounds of the city, movement of wind and wetness of rain just outside my window - feeling connected to much more than the body itself.

At this point the Internal Voice told me to grab some baking soda and pour it by my door and windows as to make a line separating this as a sacred space - free of outside demons - as well as a simple 4 part round mandalla on my carpet. It later became apparent that this was no psychotic behavior but rather a genuine shamanic insight The reminder of those markings on carpet helped with the recollection of the dream and remained in my dreaming mind as true power objects protecting me form influx of negativity during my journey. I started to feel very weak - not unlike during onset of much, much needed sleep so I laid down and closed my eyes. I passed few Beings, but it seemed they watched me like someone going about regular business - no interest on their part. They could NOT enter .. I had made the marks just as The Brew told me - I was protected. I entered a realm of plant forms surrounding me with a thick jungle of green leaves/vines and colorful flowers. Everything was living, growing, blooming and morphing at an amazing rate - filling 'I' with this green growth of visions, as my body was definitely vibrating with the energy of Ayahuasca. I had tested reality by opening eyes , but all I could see was a faint image of my room - fake old picture - superimposed on the so much more alive, and seemingly at the moment, more real visionary jungle. In a while 'I' was no longer anything but Life Force, as my rotting parts of old self were consumed by the plants in some mystic photosynthesis, creating the new clear 'I'. Immense light appeared pronouncing telepathically 'Im am Here for You, I will Heal/Purify You Now, Relax/Open, You are in Good Hands/Spirit, Youre in Hands of God/ess, Pure Untainted Force Flow, Flow, Flow' - it blurted immense amount of thoughts .. but not on a verbal level but more as emotions/visions.

Joy filled my now disintegrated being. I have received what I asked for in meditation continuing for 2+ hours before the dreamed ingestion. As visions reflected the memories, and my being as a whole, The Brew was clearing blocks. With each memory uncovered, each source of action shown, the image faded replaced by a new one. I could feel/see my body being permeated by blue/violet energy - electric/nuclear - shooting out of the green matter that was now me. With impulseses of light my sense of being a separate consciousness diminished, as parts of my 'self' were revealed and died - fragments of the cast-off 'I' cleared with Light. With each negative thought processed I felt a great relief, and could feel/see fogs of stale psychic/karmic energy being lifted off my body. Those were loops of thought guilt/action. Its hard to grasp such a connection between past and future in language, but oddly, certain thought patterns were related to parts of my body that were giving me mild health problems. Old patterns, when relived, expressed, old memory unblocked , lead to a distinct feeling of change in feel of that body part/internal organ. A feel that was same as in getting better, healing - just through changing relation to past/future experience. In mind my body was a radiant oval of energy in center of a small morphing jungle of radiant plant beings - time/space transcending. The Plant Consciousness seemed to orchestrate flows of the Pure blue/violet waves to points that had been 'blocked'. Their action felt like rinsing leading to a visual of a darker energy dssipating, followed by a more harmonious flow of The blue/violet Force, healthier vibration of body and wider opening of vision/perception - all connected with re-experiencing memories and futures from the non-ego perspective. Connection of psyche and health over space/time ?

After complete clearing I had felt the best emotions in years - only comparable to certain early childhood memories of great happiness. I have come upon a point which was a transdimentional junction of sort, in which I saw stream of pure Cosmic God/ess-Consciousness differentiate into universes/'I's' - be it Particles, Stars, Planets, Rocks, Dirt, Plants, Animals, Humans, Demigods .. 'Look Past That, It's The Key, This is The Point if Birth/Death, Outside/Inside, Form/Substance, Point of Manifestation, The Mirror, The Singularity' - the Plant Presence repeated. I passed this junction and had an insight that strongly reinforced my Buddhist ways of thinking. 'This is the Real Heart, The Real Spirit of Universe' I had felt as I was hovering over my luminous clear body, now freely conducting the pure blue/violet consciousness - but yet being the object and subject, form and substance, interlaced with moments of non-existence (no recollection beyond Bliss/Clear Light) Existence not tied to dualistic thinking, not trapped in the push/pull, reward/punish , pleasure/pain ways of the ego. My being was now connected to Life Force, and that instant I understood the nature and need for nourishing and bringing this Clear Light, Clear Consciousness into the universe of karmic existence, as now - distinctively she, a plant being -looked and smiled.

After some timeless bliss the presence telepathically emoted 'I am done with You for Now , You have been Cleared, See You next Time' and in about 5 minutes The Force left me and all effects disappeared down to a state of great focus and mental clarity but still with distance to every day ego-based thinking. This was followed by a 4 hour ride-down. It would seem like this brew has some permanent effects. The most noticeable effects are better focus of mind, visual acuity and clarity of thoughts and also better personal integration, higher level of energy and body/health feelings. An overall raise in awareness. Perhaps there is some merit to studies showing that Ayahuasca can increase the amount of 5-HT receptors. Could this be the materialistic clue as to its purifying action?. Hopefully one day it will get off the witch hunt lists of chemical/religious inquisitions and become a part of everyday therapeutic/spiritual reality, instead of being accessible only in a backdoor lucid dream. There seems to be a deep connection of this state to deep R.E.M. dreaming, NDE and Meditative/Religious practices. This Potion seems like a truly genuine, natural phenomenon - a real connection to what holistic/mystical experience is about. The dream had a few conclusions. This could be very dangerous to an unprepared/novice mind without supervision/guide or spiritual context. Only serious Entheogenists should think of dabbling in such lucid dream fantasies. This is NOT a 'drug' , NOR a 'recreational toy', this is a *True Sacrament* - Do NOT Profane It. Light, Life, Ayahuasca. - The Force Is With You.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 16861
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 16, 2002Views: 24,439
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Harmine (315), Psychotria viridis (170), Huasca Brew (268) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4)

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