Giving of the Flesh
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Giving of the Flesh: An Experience with 2C-I (exp16728)". Aug 11, 2002.

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25 mg oral 2C-I
December 14, 2001

Iíve been in a bit of a rut lately, feeling rather listless and lost. I wouldnít call it depression, but I am not exactly happy these days. Work and school just feels so routine now, and neither seems to be providing me with any sense of fulfillment or satisfaction. Though I am only one semester away from graduation, the end seems no where near in sight and school doesnít seem like anything more than something I have to do. Iím thinking a solo trip may be just what I need to help me get past this negative space I am in. 2C-I seemed quite introspective the last time, and I have been wanting to try it out again. So 2C-I it is. Iíve fasted all day, except for breakfast, and feel very positive about my decision to trip tonight.

12:01 AM

I swallow 25 mg of 2C-I dissolved in some orange juice. I could not taste a thing.


The material has made itself known very quickly this time. Last time (with 26 mg), I did not really feel much at all for over an hour. There is some stimulation and already some mild color enhancement. I feel both warm and cold simultaneously. Definitely a +1. I think a nice hot shower is in order.


Wow, 2C-I seems so different than the last time. Tonight the effects are not so subtle. Tasks such as brushing my teeth and turning on the computer seem harder than should be. The last time, this material was seemingly lighter on my psyche. In other words, I was very clear-headed and lucid. This time however, the mental effects remind me of something from the indole world, vaguely LSD-like in some aspects. A strong +2 Ĺ.


Iíve logged in at my favorite IRC chatroom. I donít intend to spend the trip on the computer, but for now I feel compelled to chat with others. My body is feeling a little heavy this time. On my last 2C-I voyage, I had very little body load. Now I am quite stimulated and there is even some mild jaw tension. There is also some nausea, though none too severe at this point. Still, all in all this is a very easy compound to tolerate. LSD is much more of a somatic burden than this stuff. Nearly a full +3 Iíd say.


Nausea is now pretty bad. Some marijuana is in order. Still typing away at on-line friends. I canít seem to draw myself away from the computer.


Wow, puked up all of the orange juice, and a bunch of stomach acid. The last time I took 2C-I, I had absolutely no nausea. It is as if I am on a completely different drug this time. Odd to say the least. Still climbing towards a peak, but definitely a +3 now.


All right, I will not waste a trip sitting on the computer in an IRC chatroom. Off to the couch to listen to music and travel hyperspace.


Canít type now, but I simply must document that a most incredible event has happened. More later. Perhaps one of the most dramatic and important experiences of my life. I am at a loss for words. Life has a lot more meaning now, Iíll say that. Iím not climbing anymore, but the effects are definitely still peaking. Back to tripping.


Things seem to be declining a bit. Iím going to go on a nice long walk and contemplate what just happened. I am glowing inside. Without getting into what happened (I want to write about it when I am no longer tripping), letís just say I have never felt such a sense of purpose in living. The universe has truly blessed me tonight and I will return the favor.


I feel like my purpose in tripping tonight has been accomplished. Iíve logged back into IRC, and I am going to chat as I prepare myself some ketamine. Existence is so beautiful.


Enjoying some nice pot as I prepare myself for a ketamine experience. I am still tripping pretty hard, though the effects are definitely on the decline. All around me, things are quite sparkly and alive. 2C-I visuals are not what I consider overwhelming, but tonight they sure are impressive. Still not to the degree of 2C-T-7, but who cares! No matter how many times I trip, playing with tracers never gets old. This trip has been a very meaningful event for me, I can not stress this enough. Talk about life changing! It feels as though this night was planed since the day I was born. As though all previous events of my existence simply led up to this night.


Iíve just taken 100 mg of ketamine.


The winds are getting strong. Ketamine taking hold strongly already.


All right, I am back to this world, as best I know and remember it. Iíve just had a true breakdown of reality. They are never going to believe this back home. I canít type anymore. Iíll finish this tomorrow.


Mid July, 2002

Well, tomorrow has turned into seven months. School and work can do that to oneís schedule. Life is very different now since that trip. I have graduated from college with a bachelorís degree in psychology and sociology. I have moved from my childhood home in the mid-west to a beautiful town in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. I am also in a close relationship again with my partner of long ago, whom I spoke about in earlier trip reports, and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together. Anyway, back to the report. I will give the details of the experience as best I can. Unfortunately, time tends to erase some of the fine points.

Around 1-Ĺ hours into the experience, I finally got myself off the computer and laid on my couch. ďRushesĒ, an incredible ambient music disk Paul McCartney under the pseudonym of The Fireman, was played through a pair of headphones. As I side-note, it is a most highly recommended disk for the entheogenic experience. The trip almost immediately took on a completely new dimension.

Slowly, a glowing warmth began to erupt in my solar plexus, and it gradually began to build in intensity. I am still at a loss to describe it, but I can only state that it was the most intense sense of well being I have ever known. To call it Ďeuphoriaí is almost insulting. Euphoria is the warm glow you get with opiates. This was not euphoria, it was universal cosmic bliss. This feeling had meaning. It was not drug-induced happiness. I literally did not know what to do with it all. All joys and pleasures I have ever conceived of paled in comparison to this. I actually sobbed at one point, in sheer ecstasy. For some reason however, I felt almost unworthy of it all. Who was I to be having such a blissful and mystical experience? It was so overwhelming, I wondered if my body might explode. I was touched and graced by understanding, beauty and love that I had never before known. I just couldnít figure out where this was all coming from, what it all meant, and why I deserved to be experiencing it.

At the height of it all, I had an out-of-body experience where I was one with everything. (Yes, the classic Ďone with the universe tripí) I again felt more love and acceptance than I ever knew existed. I was home. This love was the love of the universe, which was also the love I felt for myself, myself being the universe. I knew it was a most blessed privilege to be there. At the height of the experience, I literally couldnít see the room. I had no reference to where my body was. I was simply surrounded by a luminous, golden light. The experience was literally as powerful as a 5-MeO-DMT, or even a ketamine, OBE. It was truly an occurrence that I felt gifted and blessed with to actually experience. I mean 25 mg of 2C-I doesnít normally do that sort of thing. Iím not sure any dose of 2C-I normally does that. I remember asking myself at one point, ďWhat was I supposed to do with this? Where do I go next?Ē

The next thing I remember, is suddenly being told by the universe to Ďgive of myself.í The message was then made more specific. I am to donate bone marrow one day to save someoneís life! I suddenly knew it was always my destiny to do this, and by doing so I could in the very least give back for the experience of universal bliss I had just been blessed with. All I can say about it is this was not something my mind suddenly decided to do. I had never even previously thought of becoming a living donor. It was a message that was given to me from outside my realm of consciousness. In the universe itself, I read of my destiny.

Soon after I decided to take a nice walk outside, and when I returned I decided that I would finish off the night with some ketamine. I wasnít looking for anything in particular with this combo, but the explorer in me wanted to see what might happen. I have decided to leave the details from the experience out of this trip-report because what happened is well beyond my ability to describe and wouldnít make a whole lot of sense to anyone but myself.

Seven months later, my will to donate bone marrow is not diminished. I have since done some research and was happy to find that the donation of bone marrow is really not evasive surgery at all, at least compared to donating a kidney. This is very reassuring because I have a low threshold to pain, and Iíve never had surgery before. I donít have a date for doing this at this time, but when the stars are right it will occur and I will live with the satisfaction of knowing I have saved someoneís life. It's one of the reasons why I am here.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 16728
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 11, 2002Views: 31,995
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