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Unsurpassed Inebriation
by Jw
Citation:   Jw. "Unsurpassed Inebriation: An Experience with 5-MeO-DMT (exp16725)". Aug 11, 2002.

20 mg insufflated 5-MeO-DMT
  10 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT
Two events of recent have resulted in the most profound psychedelic state I have ever achieved. Namely, acquiring a gram 5-MeO-DMT and the lack of a sufficient measuring device. Eager to experiment with this drug, I estimated dosage for myself to snort.

Upon completion of what I believe to be about 5 milligrams, I waited a few minutes and noticed all kinds of new sensory distortions. Most favorable, and the overall experience was light and airy feeling. Throughout the trip, a thought pervaded in my mind - more.
Not used to dealing with tedious amounts of powder, and without scale, I piled up a dose roughly three or four times that of the first. I inhaled and naievely started smoking a cigarette, waiting for whatever was to come.

The 'rise' came on after about 3 minutes, and I felt like I had boarded an elevator with speed increasing exponentially. No way to get off now. One by one, my senses were murdered by the hostile takeover of the chemical and given surrogates to function in their place. The visual intensity was peaking with the ferocity of a 500 mcg LSD dose. Nystagmus was evident, and my pupils felt to be oscillating wildly, adding to the visual aspect. The mind, recoiling at this obscene and rapid dissolution, tried feebly to regain control. It was at this time I first experienced the 'nausea' associated with the drug. A wave of it rushed over me, making me feel like vomiting. I tried to disspell the feeling. It seemed like the brain's manifestation of the need to explode out of SOME orifice - or all orifices, simultaneously. I was down and wanted to get up again - or up and wanting to get back down. Muscles tense and terse, I kept repeating 'Oh my God' over and over again.

About fifteen minutes of peak had elapsed when the wave broke against the shore and intensity slowly declined, instead of rapidly inclining. Control of my unprepared mind was somewhat regained, and I began to see the 'bliss' side of the drug. It has qualities of the other psychoactives I've done - LSD, psilocybin, and most notably, MDMA. A peaceful, empathogenic trip can be had on 5-MeO DMT, with tactile sensations to rival or better ectasy. Somewhat dissociative as far as focusing your thoughts, but a very core experience and insights gained are powerful and meaningful.

The following night a pipe was constructed out of aluminum foil to experiment with smoking the drug. I rolled the foil into a handle with a small cup at the end to hold the powder, and put on another estimated dose, maybe about 10 mg. I held the handle with one hand and a straw with the other while a friend held a lighter under the foil. Snap, crackle, POP! The substance liquified within a few seconds and then smoke began to rise. At this time I drew a good lungful and held it in as long as I could allow. I exhaled, and my friend said, 'Damn, you got a good one didn't you...' by the time he finished the sentence I was already rocketing. My utensils slowly dropped to the ground. Gone. The effects came on at light speed this time and I was immediately catapulted into the 'void.' The intensity was much more overwhelming than the snorted dose. I writhed on the cement sidewalk outside my house and listened to the semi-trucks whistle down the interstate nearby. My closed-eye visuals were atounding this time. I was consumed in a geometrically undulating world with vibrant colors. Reality very much did cease to exist. About 8-10 minutes of this, and then I descended in gradual steps but very quickly. No matter which method you use, baseline comes astoundingly fast, considering the inensity of the trip.

I would personally not condone anyone to estimate amounts of 5-MeO-DMT to consume, because of its steep dosage curve. A little bit will go a long way, so try to use measuring instruments of good quality. 5-Methoxy is very dependent upon set and setting, and these things will directly affect the outcome of your trip. This is by no means a 'party' drug. Make sure your environment is free of distractions, and having a sitter would be a good idea for higher dosages. One last thing - if you smoke it, make sure you are sitting down...

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16725
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 11, 2002Views: 19,919
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