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Two Years in the Life of a Small Town Dealer
by Shorty
Citation:   Shorty. "Two Years in the Life of a Small Town Dealer: An Experience with Various (exp16695)". Jan 13, 2008.



When I was 16 my parents died in a car accident and I was sent to go live with my Grandparents. I was from the city my grandparents lived about 2 hours away in a town of 5000 people. The whole town was very church oriented and very closed minded. My Brother wanted to take care of me and have me live with him but my grandparents said no and thought it best if I finish school out there.

My brother was a drug dealer, he stopped going to school when he was 16 and moved out and sold drugs full time. He smokes more pot than any guy I have ever met. At the time I moved he sold E, Coke and Weed. He new tons of people and could get anything whenever I would ask him. He had a nice apartment and a 300zxTT all from selling drugs, plus he paid all his bills and lived well.

I never liked white drugs I always thought the whole idea was kinda stupid, I never tried them and never wanted to I stuck to pot, acid, E and getting drunk. I started going to high school there and I hated it, everybody was way into big trucks, chewing tobbaco and going to rodeos. Needless to say a stoner kid from the city driving a Ford Probe with big rims was not very accepted. I was not sad about my parents really, I smoked alot of pot and did E alot to ease the pain. I just kicked it for a few weeks and didn't talk to anyone, then I met Kendal, a girl that changed my life.

Kendel was short and was beautiful, she had the hotest body, dark hair to her back and sexy blue eyes. But best off all she smoked weed and she had friends. She introduced me to them and we started to hang out. They Smoked really bad pot, it was brown and it took about 4 bowls for me to kinda get stoned, and they all got it from the same guy. One night I took 3 pills and went for a walk, I thought about my parents, how I missed my old friends, and Kendal, I came up with two conclusions, one, everything happens for a reason, so there is no use being sad over them and second, I needed to start selling Drugs to these people.

I called my brother and got hooked up with a Quarter Pound of chronic, I made 2.5 gram bags and sold them for 45 dollars a piece. At first I only sold about a bag a day to my friends I had made. Then the weekend came and my cell phone would not stop ringing. I sold the QP by Saturday night. I went to school and people I didn't know were coming up to me and asking me for bags. I skipped school the next day and went to see my brother I bought a half pound and went back. I sold the pot fast and since I was pushing chump bags and got hooked up cheap I made a killing. In about 2 months I had the whole school smoking bud. I would buy E about once every two weeks and sell it to. I would sell it for 30 bucks a hit and kids loved that too. At school I was the man and me and Kendal started going out.

I sold drugs all though the year and smoked alot of pot but I did okay in school. I was making so much money, I would never know how much I had, I would put on pants sometimes and find a couple hundred bucks and I wouldn't know were it came from. I would skip school and go to nice resturants with Kendal. I would go shopping all the time, I would buy tons of CD's, clothes, sterio stuff and whatever else. I sold my probe and bought a Eclipse GSX and put alot of money into it making it fast.

Everything was cool until people in town started doing meth, I didn't care and I was still making tons of cash but my friends kinda started becoming tweakers. I told my brother and he said I should start selling that too. I accepted and when I went to meet him he told me how to measure it what to sell it for and how much money I should have when I am done. He also gave me some coke to sell.

Once again I was the man with the good drugs. I didn't like selling tweak, people would call me at all hours of the day and always want fronts. And to be honest my best customers for it were scumbags. The coke didn't really sell that well at all, I had about 2 8balls and I went to a party with Kendal and I just started giving people lines. I would give them a line and give them a little bit, when I left I had no coke and by the next day a bunch of people wanted it. I said the hell with meth and started just selling coke and weed all the time.

Now I must say Coke is the coolest drug around to sell. I would get expensive jewelry from girls and sterios from people. I got a pool table from a guy for a gram, I got a piano from a woman for 3 grams and one time 2 girls let me and a friend watch them have sex with each other for a couple lines. Kendal started doing coke alot I would just smoke weed and drink. E started to loose it magic and the happy blissful feelings just started to feel plastic.

I would give Kendal coke most of the time and I notice she slowly got weird. It was summer and she would go to work get off, come find me and not leave my site until she would have to go home or she would stay at my house and sleep with me. When I would ask her about it I she would say she loved me and didn't want to miss a moment with me. After that I kinda got scared and told her she was cut off. She cried alot and said the reason I was doing this to her is cause I didn't love her.

We didn't talk for about 6 months and I just sold drugs and hung out with my only friend who wasn't a tweeker. One day he said he heard that Kendal was shooting coke. I didn't believe it and about 2 weeks later we went back to school for our senior year. I kinda didn't sell as much coke because my grandma kept asking why people were coming to the pool house (were I slept) at 4 in the morning and leaving in 5 min. But I would still sell it to some people and I always had some for my friends, I still sold pot like mad, but I made my bags bigger and people were happier.

On the first day of my senior year I saw Kendal and she looked bad, her eyes were all sunken in and she looked like she hadn't slept in days. She came and gave me a hug and when I put my arms around her, I could feel all here bones in her back, she was wasting away. If that was enough to make the day real bad at 2nd period I got called to the office and was told the principal wanted to talk to me. I went in his office and he told me to sit down and not talk. He told me he new what I had been through and what my story was. Then he said 'and that dosen't give you an exscuse to do what I do, and if he ever cought me selling drugs to his students at school he would make sure I payed.'

He also said that he didn't care what I did out of his school and maybe it would be best if I finished school at the Community college and that I could still walk with my class. I left school that day and never went back, I got all my credits in about 3 months and I didn't even want to walk with my class, for the rest of the school year I just sold pot.

In May my brother called me and said he had a good deal on some acid, and that for 150 bucks I could make some quick money. I bought 3 sheets of acid for 150 bucks and sold them all in one night. That is 300 hits of acid and I sold them for 4 dollars a piece, that is 1200 dollars I made in one night. Throught the year Kendal just became a tweaker I would see her about once a week and she would come and buy a 20 sack from me. She just looked worse and worse.

On June 13th I woke up on my couch with no clue I would remember that day forever. My buddy stayed over and he was making breakfast. We had had a hard night of drinking and I felt like I was hit by A truck. I was drinking a red bull to wake up and smoking a bowl and my brother called, and told me that he wrecked his car and that he was in LA and that he was in jail for a DUI, wreckless driving, driving while suspended and possesion of weed. He said if I came there and bailed him out he would pay me back and give me 5 grand. He said he needed 15 grand and LA was a long way away. I told him sure and I would be there as quick as I could.

I went to the bank and I got some money to get gas and have some money for the road. I had to stop selling drugs soon I knew and I was going to quite in the end of the summer and I was going to move into my brothers apartment back in the city. I checked my bank statement and it read 54 thousand dollars. I never thought of myself as a dealer until then. In 2 and a half years I put 54k in the bank, bought a cool car and a bunch of bad ass stuff. I could not tell you how much I made all together. I never would have made it all without my brother, or if it wasen't for the town I lived in.

On the way to get my brother my phone rang, it was Kendal's mom and she was crying. I asked what was wrong thinking that she probebly didn't come home or they had a fight. And all I heard her say was 'I found Kendal in her room with a needle in her arm and she is gone.'

I didn't believe it, It was my fault, I got her to do coke, I turned my back on her, I let her die. All the stuff I thought about not worrying went out the window. I pulled over and I cryed, I cryed for my mom and Dad, for the lives I helped ruin, for the only girl I ever loved and for me. I remeber when I first saw her and how I thought she was beautiful and how when she died she wasen't beautiful, how she went out like a junkie.

I picked up my brother and took him home. I went home and sold drugs through the summer, Just weed and E though. After Kendal's death alot of people stopped using white drugs and the whole town seemed to have a more friendly sense. About a week before I was to move my best friend, the one that never tweaked and always had my back drove drunk and at about 4am he fell asleep at the wheel or passed out and drove into a telephone pole, he was killed instantly. He told me once joking around that at his funeral to put a bong in his coffin, I coulden't sneek one in so I loaded a pipe and put it in.

In 2 and a half years I lost 2 friends to bad desisions, I made plenty myself but made it out physically okay. This is not a story that is anti drug, I still smoke pot, drink and take pills. I just wanted to let people know the risks of drugs and how even if you say you might just be hurting yourself your not because the people who care about you the most sometimes end up getting hurt the most.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 13, 2008Views: 50,829
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