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Beginners 'Bad Trip'
Salvia divinorum
by Yogi Padrino
Citation:   Yogi Padrino. "Beginners 'Bad Trip': An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp1666)". Jul 17, 2001.

2 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


I tried the intriquing substance for my third time last night. M7y first two experiences with smoking the divine mint among friends came up short. I experienced only mild anxiety.

I was at a loss for a calming CD to put in so I turned on the local Classical station. I packed a full bowl in my makeshift water bong (Chili's salsa bottle)... I tried to relax and free my mind but I was very anxious. My parents were just leaving for the night, so I went downstairs and poured a glass of lemonade and retired to my room.

A good song on the radio now, I set up my pillows, and cracked my window. (Spring, nice breaze) All was dark except the lights from my system. I got onto my bed with my bong and started to toke. After about 3 rips, I began to feel pressure all over my body. I finished the bowl and closed my eyes.

***mistake 1- no sitter
***mistake 2- to anxious

I started to almost dream, and i experienced a type of imagery, not like a vision... But an Idea that I would imagine seeing. I was in a large pipe, Like a sewer pipe only bigger and running verticaly instead of horizontally. I was on a platform, jutting out of the side. This is what I thought to be my jumping off point. I saw two entities flying in a circle above me and I could hear them speaking.

They discussed their need to get me to 'the higher level' I had an understanding that the higher I went in the tube, the better things were... but if i fell... I would be in trouble.

I could hear them yelling to each other that I was too heavy and that they were gonna have to drop me! Their voices seemed panicked, so likewise, I began to worry. I DID NOT WANT TO FALL DOWN THE PIPE. Sure enough, they dropped me.

In my mind I linked this vision to the amount of trip i was having. I figured that those two people wanted to give me full fledged vision, but I was not high enough (or too heavy).

In a panicked state I ran across my room and fell into my desk, a very painfull thing. I opened many droors before i was able to remember where my salvia was. I knew i needed another bowl to help them bring me to the top. I was overwelmingly aware that I was in the bottom of this pipe and if I didnt get out soon, something terrible was gonna happen. I started to pack the bowl, but then got extremely scared of going farther into the Ska Maria's touch. I wanted it to end, there and then.

Unfourtunatley for me, that wasnt possible. All at once, everything on me began to irritate my skin. I ripped off my clothes down to boxers and took off my rings and hemp necklass. I needed someone, anyone to calm me down. I began to hear more voices, from the park behind my house (giggling and yelling) So without thinking I ran out there. Still in my boxers, i found nothing but darkness. I was terrified, so I ran through the woods to my best friends house ( about a mile away) I knew his parents were gone so i ran in and found him in his room. There he put a fan on me ( i was sweating rivers) and in about 10 minutes I calmed down.

Salvia was the most terrifying experience I have ever been a part of. At the same time, It is somehting I look forward to conquering over time. It is hard for me to explain what happened or the fear I was feeling. The outside sky was shifting colors, and i was still mentally awake, for the most part. When people ask me about it, all I can say is... I went absolutely insane.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1666
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2001Views: 78,734
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