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4 Night's of Fun
by Sanosuke
Citation:   Sanosuke. "4 Night's of Fun: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp16432)". Oct 5, 2018.

  repeated insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)


Around the age of 16 I was introduced to Crystal Meth. I can really say this is one of the best drugs Iv'e ever take(and been addicted to.. heh) I did meth for about a year but this is a story about one week we decided to go as far as we could. For those people who haven't tried meth I will tryo to explain the effects. For me it makes me feel great.. I get full of energy my thoughts flow and I talk and talk. The shy person in me is dead and a new person is born. Well anyway here's my story...

It was summertime so I was out of school for the summer. I had gone up to my friends house for a few weeks. There were 4 of us total.. we decided to call up our dealer and buy about 3 grams(maybe more) of meth. None of what happened next was planned but one thing leads to another... Well it was daytime and we all did about 2 big bumps. After that we head out to go to a local pool hall and hang out. The thing I love about meth is it makes me talk.. I'm usually a quite guy but on meth I'm a differn't person. The day went on and anytime we started feeling like we were comming down we did another bump to wake ourselves up. That night we went to a party and danced for hours while doing more meth all night long.

We went home around 3am still wide awake and happy. We played some video games and watched a movie. For some reason we just continued to do the meth anytime we got tired. By now it was morning(about 9am) of day 2. We decided our nasal passages were getting destroyed to much so we went to a local head shop and got a glass crack pipe. This was actually my first time smoking meth and I LOVED IT. The taste wasn't bad at all and it hits me nice and strong. After about 5 or 6 huge hits I was good for about 5 hours. The rest of that day we just went to some people's houses and hung out.. We went swimming and screwed around most of the day.. By the end of day 2 none of us had eaten anything and we knew we had to eat something, although none of us were hungry at all. I forced down some pasta and it made my stomach hurt but it went away pretty fast. That night we couldn't find a party so we went to the pool hall again and chilled there for most of the night. We went home around 1am and was thinking of going to sleep. I wen't into my friends room and was about to try to get some sleep on his couch. Before I had a chance one of his other friends came by and told us we had to go with him to a all night club he heard about.. I was tired but was like what the hell.. I smoked more meth(about 8 big hits) and about 10 min later was ready to go.

The club wasn't bad I met some cool people and had a pretty good time. About 5am I had a bad cramp in my side and my chest felt heavy. I figured I had been over exhausting my body I so we decided to go home. When we got home I tired to sleep but I was still very wired. We had nothing to do so we cleaned the entire house. I don't know what his parents thought was wrong with us but they never said anything.

My chest pain and cramp went away and I was feeling good.. Although this was the start of day 3 I wasn't really tired.
Today we were supposed to go to the county carnival so before we left we were sure to take a few tokes of meth. The day kinda dragged on slowly everything started feeling sort of artificial.. it's hard to explain... Basically I was out of it all day.. the meth was working in my brain but my body was struggling to follow.

The carnvial came and went the day was coming to a end by the end of day 3 we were all dragging ass and our body's desperatly seeked rest. Unfortunatly rest was not what we got.. The thing about my friends house that was always fun was the constant drama. There was always something going on there.. someone getting in fights someone sleeping with someone. That night one of my friends ex's came over and they got into a bad argument. I was pretty good friends with my friends ex so I talked to her after the argument. Since I was so tired her voice sounded like the parents from the peanut comics. Since I was her friend and she was very upset I decided to go into the bathroom and smoke more meth.. I smoked quite a bit to get me back up.. anyway we talked for hours.. till dawn in fact. Suprisingly after we talked I felt well rested for some reason(i guess cause I just sat there all night instead of dancing) My bastard ass friends had selpt all night and were still sleeping. Me and my friends ex went and got some breakfast.. Although I still wasn't hunfry I really just drank some orange juice. The rest of the day went by and I was trapped in a haze. Everything was fuzzy i couldn't focus at all.. I got back to my friends house around noon everyone was still knocked out so I decided to try to sleep. But I COULD'T, I think it was becuase it was day time and it was to bright I just couldn't fall asleep. By now my morning meth high was comming down but I still could not sleep. I stayed up all day watching movies. Around 8pm my friends woke up and dinner was being made by my friends mom. They all ate pretty good, I had a little.

It was now night 4 I Don't know why(I guess this stuff is just too addictive) I smoked more so I could go out bowling with my friends. I was still not able to focus well and my whole body was feeling VERY heavy. After we went bowling it was about 1am on the drive home it finnaly happened I passed out.. The next thing I remember it was 8am the following day I awoke on my friends couch.. i had slept for about 30 hours or so. I still felt really tired and out of it for the following couple of days..

I can't really say why I decided to do this 4 night meth binge but It wasn't really a bad experience at all.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 16432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 5, 2018Views: 1,638
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