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World of the Fake Coming to Life
5-MeO-AMT, MDMA (Ecstasy), & Valium
by Lynchx
Citation:   Lynchx. "World of the Fake Coming to Life: An Experience with 5-MeO-AMT, MDMA (Ecstasy), & Valium (exp16207)". Jul 24, 2002.

T+ 0:00
13 mg oral 5-MeO-AMT
  T+ 0:00 120 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 24:00 20 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam


It is now about 10pm, Me and my friend 'C' was in my basement he is the guy with the 5-meo-amt he measured out 13mg's of 5-meo-amt for me, he told me only do about 6mg but I have done 5-meo-amt once before at 9mg, I said no I want like hmm 13mg's so he said ok, I put the 5-meo-amt in some toilet paper than down my throat it goes drank about 2 cups of water with that. Right after I took the 5-meo-amt I than took my MDMA Capsule of about 120mg's of MDMA powder. It is now about 10:30pm my friend 'C' leaves my house, I also leave but not with 'C' so I said goodbye yo him and all, so now I am walking up my street I see my friends 'J' and 'LOS' that are visiting for 3 days and I become very excited that I seen them 'this means ima have a lot to do while trippin/rolling' I told them I just did 13mg's of 5-meo-amt and a MDMA capsule, they said, damn yo you are crazy, so we are all outside on my street chillin and more of my friends start coming out side it is about 7 of us now about 11:00pm, and I start to feel a funny feeling starting to build up in my legs like extra energy or something I tell my self the stuff is kicking in, I prepare my self so I ask a friend for a cigarette 'newport', so I sit down on my friends porch now 'with the same people just on friends front porch now' and people are starting to noticed that I become very quite, and I said these drugs are kicking in now and I feel lil nausea.

It's about 11:45 now I am definitely feeling the ecstasy more than the 5-meo-amt but I have very bad nausea now, I stand up out of no where and my friends now just watched throw up about 3 times in front of them, LOL it was kinda funny, after throwing up I feel great I am definitely rolling on the MDMA capsule and I start to feel trippy, so about 10 min after I threw up we get a phone call saying there was a party about 3 miles from are street so we all get into cars and head over to the party it is about 12:25am now I started catching very huge trails of cars driving by us, and now I know the 13mg's of 5-meo-amt has arrived :), we get to the party around 12:45am now check this out people, as I get out of the car I felt I was in a techno club, all I see is RED LASER type outlines on every thing I have NO depth perception at all 'kinda hard to walk' as we are walking around to the back of the house I heard cartoon type WARPS soundings, and we finally get to the back door where the people can let us in the party, thank god there wasnít to many people only about 10 until we arrived with are 7, I sit on this guys couch 'I am the only person there that is on real drugs' all the others are drinking and smoking weed, the guy that was throwing the lil party asks me why am I just sitting on the couch staring off, I told him I am candy flippin he said 'damn I know how that is' and than he walked off, and as I was just sitting there the room was just moving in crazy patterns like a kaleidoscope type patterns it was very awesome to look at.

It is now like 2am I have been just sitting there the hole time just looking at people walk buy with awesome trails of there bodies flowing like jello, it felt like I was in the movie 'Matrix' and I had a great body high musta been from the MDMA I took, about 2:30am I was asked to play a game of spades and I said ill try my best, so I sat down and my homeboy 'LOS' is my spades partner and I told him yo I am trippin balls I dunno if I can play any spades tonight, and he told me just chill out and play sum spades, so I said' aiight yo lets do this', so when the cards where getting dealt out to every one, the cards looked like they was flying all over the place from the trails I was all confused on which cards was mine and which wasnít, so I had the guy next to pile my cards for me cause I couldnít really see which was mines from all the confusion from the trails/visuals so the guy said 'here are you cards' so I start organizing my cards and it was so freaking hard took me like 10 mins and people started laughin at me cause I was trippin really really hard, and they where all like 'damn I wish I was tripping with you' I said 'I'm trippin balls', I finally get my cards in order than now when I look at my cards they just seem to melt right out of my hands 'very intense visuals' so I said fuck this I cannot play any spades tonight' so my homeboy 'B' took my place and I just watched the 4 others play the spades, than something caught my eye 'It was a ash tray laying on the spades table' I pulled the ashtray next to me and I musta stared into this ashtray for about 1 hour while they was playin spades' the ashtray would like come back to life and relight the cigs that where in it and the ash would melt down and rise back up it was a awesome thing to watch.

Then finally about 5am we leave the house, and again while outside I see red-laser out lines of every thing that is outside and I had a friend help me walk to the car cause I wasnít finding my way to any thing even if it was 3 feet in front of me LOL, so we get back into the car, and my friend 'J' told his brother 'LOS' to slow down cause there was weed and open beer in the car, so we slow down and go the speed limit all the lights going passed my eyes where 1 long trails, it was awesome, than a cop car passed us going real fast, and that kinda made me all paranoid out, than after seeing that cop car, now lemme tell you this it was pretty scary but fun at the same time, every single car that passed us would turn into a cop car and I musta said DAMN ANOTHER COP CAR about 5 times and every one just told me to shut up and calm down your just trippin 'J' = my names begins with a 'J', so I said O aiight thank god I thought cops where tryin to raid this car or sumthing LOL, so we are now just driving around and we decided to post up down at the lake down the street my house so we get there, and o my god the visuals was awesome I saw a school of carp in the water and all of sudden I seen the carp come out the water and fly away it was really crazy visuals, I think it was cause of so much 5-meo-amt and MDMA, so we are hanging down at the lake until about 7am, and the water looked awesome the water was calm and there was ducks in the water than when I start staring off into the lake I would see like 1,000 more ducks forming all over the lake it was quit a experience.

So now we are back in the car we decided to go to my house and get something to eat, I told the people I was with I'm not chillin in my house trippin very hard like this so ill just grab sum chips for you all, so they said 'ok' so I enter my house and crazy visuals every where I saw my moms fake flowers come to life and start growing and the colors where morphing all around it was very pretty to look at, so I get like 4 bags of chips and my friends where parked right outside my house, 'I live in town home so there is many cars in the parking lot' so when I walked out my front door I suddenly became Lost and I couldnít see or find my friends Car so I walk up the street a lil bit and I still couldnít find the car' the hole time the car was right in front of my house LOL' so I walk back and I hear a lot of laughing and I heard my friend 'LOS' say damn 'J' is trippin balls so they call me and than there it was the CAR 'I said damn yo I'm trippin balls I got lost and couldnít find the car right in front of my house' so we ended up just driving around till about 10am, than I had them drop me off home, than I hope up on mIRC and tried to go online but everything seemed so complicated so I just gave up and turned the computer off, than I went downstairs and just sat there till about 1pm, 'I was just chillin down there having good Open eye visuals and Closed eye visuals, the closed eye visuals consisted off DNA patterns shooting at me, gems floating around with like colors I never seen before Ďvery awesome'

So now my g/f gets to my house at like 3pm and yes I am still tripping hard, we went upstairs to my bedroom and had sex about 4 times in a row and wow sex while tripping on 5-meo-amt was very stimulating, me and my g/f both ended up in my bedroom all day and I was just like wow baby ' I watching patterns form on my walls' and stuff like that finally it is now like 10pm at night 24 hours later from taking the 13mg's of 5-meo-amt and the MDMA capsule I still am trippin and I started to feel real shitty like around 7pm so at 10pm I told my g/f to quickly drive to her moms house and take 2 of her moms valium 10's and she got back to my house about 10:20 and I take the valiums for calm my system down and hopefully go to sleep my g/f falls asleep about 11pm and I fall asleep at like 11:30,

Over all: my trip lasted for 25 hours, prolly more if I didnít take the valiums, I know I didnít tell all of my experience due to memory and this was about 1 month ago, I say it was about June 20th, 2002
I did do 13mg's of 5-meo-amt and a MDMA Capsule it was the best experience of my life ever, best trip, next time I do 5-meo-amt I'm going to do 13mg's again but without MDMA and see how it goes 'I think the reason why I tripped so hard/so long is cause I took 120mg's of MDMA with it, 5-meo-amt is definitely my fav drug/tryptamine of all, if you havenít experienced 5-meo-amt at a high dose I say about 6 mg's + I do recommend it, it is a very awesome experience.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16207
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 24, 2002Views: 11,628
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MDMA (3), 5-MeO-AMT (104) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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