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The Pill Popping Purple Pimp
by Squeaks
Citation:   Squeaks. "The Pill Popping Purple Pimp: An Experience with AMT (exp16133)". Mar 12, 2008.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 2:25 50 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 3:15 50 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 4:30 4 cups oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 6:00 50 mg oral AMT (capsule)
  T+ 7:15 50 mg oral AMT (capsule)


Okay where do I begin...?

Well lets start with a WARNING that taking this much AMT can and quite possibly will kill you. There have been overdoses at such levels as 120mgs so I definitely DO NOT suggest taking this much high amount no matter how experienced you are or even if you do have a sitter. The gods where watching over me when I made this stupid but otherwise positive experience.

Letís begin with the date, time setting

Day Monday July 15th, 2002

I recently purchased a gram of this wonderful little chemical and decided to try it for the first time Saturday night. I purchased it through a reputable dealer and it wasnít cut with anything. It had that same yucky smell we all have grown to hate (some love).

I made 20 even 50mg capsules.

I have researched allot about AMT and other various tryptamines before trying them so I was well prepared for the effects. The first time trying it was Friday night the 12th and the first dose was 50mgs. It was a fun experience although not overpowering. My friend X we will call him tried it as well for the first time and he thought it was a bit too powerful at 50mgs.

I have this thing where I feel safest at my own pad (doesnít everyone) I also like doing pyschs by myself I find they are more spiritual that way so I whipped out a couple of DVDs loaded up the winamp queue and set my visual programs on random.

T+0:00 Drop two capsules at 5pm-- 50 mg each so it was 100mgs

Laying in my waterbed (king-size to help get into the mood) I turned on a DVD... The Cell because the visual effects at the end are awesome and thatís around the time I would start coming up. I thought seriously about tolerance issues and since the first time dosing wasnít that powerful to me I decided to up it to 100mgs.

T+1:30 Movie is starting to get boring and some stomach discomfort like last time is starting to arise.

T+2:00 I look at myself in the mirror and the effects where all too familiar kind of like a nice mushroom high starting to develop I see reds, and greens and that all too familiar pinkish face.

Well since the last time it only took an hour for me to come up and itís already been about T+2:25 minutes I decided to drop another 50mgs. This is where the fun began...

T+2:30 I decide to start listening to some techno music to get me into the mood as I was feeling a great energy buzz still a bit stomach discomfort which was only pronounced when I smelled the AMT that was seeping through the pills and in part to it being on my hands.

The whole room was breathing like trees swaying in the wind. My eyes where totally dilated. The visuals where unlike anything I had ever seen mainly acid like Many diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires and my new thing Diarubiephirres.

I chose the setting because in my room, which is in the attic, I have access to the roof via a trap door so I opened it and the world outside was so inviting. I saw intercosmic shooting stars and what appeared to be a campfire around the moon. It was so beautiful I decided to call my friend W up. Now me and W always joke around about eating all of our drugs up and he told me that he would be pissed if there werenít any left for him. Thatís when I decided the little kid in me to come out and play. My mindstate was turning from a 25-year-old respectable adult to a two-year-old in diapers. I wanted to go out and explore this world of fantasy.

T+3:15 I decided to pop ANOTHER 50mgs why I have no clue all these feelings of childhood just started flowing through my body it seemed a childhood I had almost long forgot.

T+3:30 I finally venture downstairs for a drink of water but before doing so I popped a couple prolly 3-4 ripped fuel because I was getting the yawns. I had also made plans to meet friends outside via AIM. I was even going to give an experienced tripper some AMT for free so he could see how it felt lets call them R & A. I go outside to meet them and it took me forever to finally meet up with them because I kept getting lost. I decided to put on this 'Purple Pimp Hat' which I wear to every party so I would be noticed. Thatís when the two-year-old inside of me changed to this thing right out of Alice in Wonderland or The Matrix. I was transformed I was no longer Squeaks but a different person I even walked and talked differently all big bad and macho like.

T+4:00 I finally meet up with them but realize I didnít bring the AMT to me. I wasnít too coherent and sputtered some things out of context to R and it freaked him out so we said goodbye. I walked through the park and sat in the sprinkler system for a second. The water felt cool and relaxing. It energized me again so I went to the bar around the corner.

T+4:30 I finally feel like I am at the peak and want companionship I need to see people and interact with them so I decide to go to the bar. I bought shots for everyone on the purple pimp and put some non-electronic music in the jukebox. It was great everyone just started clapping their hands while I started dancing ONTOP of the bar literally. I did two jiggers of red headed sluts (1/3 jaeggermeister, 1/3 peach schnapps, 1/3 cran juice) and had two Yuengling lagers. This is when I really wanted my camera so I ran home and got my camera. By the time I got back to the bar the Bartender was closing up early so I went home and got changed again.

T+5:00 I am home now and still talking in my two year old fantasyland world again my mother finds out and gets upset so I told her I was going upstairs to just chill and listen to some music.

T+5:15 I log online and start talking to friends again and finally get a hold of J and F. I am starting to feel more and more sexual especially after hearing J who I havenít seen in a loong time. Knowing I cant drive I decide to venture out telling my sister once again that I was going out.

T+5:30- T+6:30 The cab ride was sooooo much fun I decided to take yet another 50mgs after describing to the cabbies how much fun I was having they where more concerned about getting paid though.

T+6:35 I have arrived at J and Fs house and get greeted by there dog Nickie who is the cutest thing ever to have laid my eyes on. Still with my purple pimp hat on J asks me what I have been doing and I say I have been a vewy vewy bad boy that I took some sextacy and she laughed. She told me to get into the house because of how funny I looked and all.

T+7:00 well I get in drink some Gatorade tons of it because I was very dehydrated and I kept seeing these shooting stars in her house. All the telephone cords and computer cords where vibrating with energy almost so bright I couldnít look at them. I didnít realize that my phone had died and throughout my trip I had called friends up at all hours of the night and since I wasnít too coherent (wasnít making much sense) They got worried when I didnít answer there calls. :(

T+7:15 J really wanted to try it so I gave her 50mgs which she snorted she gagged right away from the stench and I just ate another one. Alas there where no more pills left and I gave her a backrub, which to me was like massaging an Egyptian goddess. Her hair was kind of like medusas but instead of snakes it was all these curly cue colorful thingies.

T+7:45 we took a shower and the water was just glowing with life. I almost didnít want to get out of the tub but she urged me to get out because we where making too much noise and her other roomies would hear us.

T+8:00 F set up the computer music and tried to set the visuals but then his computer crashed and the power to his room/computer phone and all went dead :(. I decided to go into Jens room but there was no music in there because F got really pissed off

T+8:15 ish This is when J started to get this really bad headache but sex was unbelievable it was pure animal magnetism. I felt really bad though about her headache because she wasnít experiencing anything good off of 50mgs. I kept talking to her but it only made things worse. She said I was worse than a two-year-old was so we just sat there holding each other. Finally she couldnít take me talking and fidgeting so she gave me two Tylenol pms

T+10:00 T+12:00

I sat there still awake for two hours collecting my thoughts and for the first time decided to close my eyes to see some CEVs. They took a while to get focused like I had to keep my eyes closed in order for them to come in clear. What I saw was like this letter S and it was like it was alive with color vibrating and pulsating with energy. My mind thought about the cosmos keeper and the ruler of all worlds. That these chems where away to reach them and too see how our world has been doing with opposed to civilization advancing. I also for some strange reason felt connected to the earth and thought it was funny how with advances in our civilization has only pushed us further and farther away from all these other worlds of the unknown.

T+12:00- T+13:00 I opened my eyes one last time to say goodnight to J and apologized for making such a mess (water bottles all over) and she told me one last time to just go to sleep and we will talk in the morning. Before I closed my eyes my friend J's face did the strangest thing. It was my first real hallucination. J's face just kept changing shape First she had her normal glasses on then she had these 'Movie Star Glasses on then she had a fat face, then skinny, then she had the face of a baby and the body of a 28 year old. It was scary but at the same time funny as hell. I thought of Mr. potato head right away. And when I closed my eyes the visuals from the outside where now in my CEVS only this time they where not filled with color only Black whites and Greyís. They started to lessen and like three times I got scared because they started to get fuzzy and I thought this is when I am going to arrest. But I ended up just going to sleep.

This was about morning on Tuesday but I didnít know that so I slept all day on Tuesday and parts of Wednesday. J slept as well since she reacted negative to the AMT and couldnít go to school. Well when I finally woke up two days had passed and I didnít call anyone. No parents, work, friends and most of my friends knew how much I took and really thought I was dead since I have never NOT called anyone. I just needed my sleep damn cell phone dying.

All in all the experience was positive. There where a couple of fucked up mindsets though like I wasnít able to speak properly and I totally left my mind for the whole Alice in Wonderland The Matrix (Take the red pill take the Blue pill) Purple Pimp Lifestyle. I was no longer Squeaks like I said but some imaginary storybook character and I was making up the story as I went along according to The 'Gods' up there that are out there somewhere.

I TOTALLY NEVER SUGGEST EATING AS MUCH AS I DID! YOU WILL MOST LIKELY DIE! or be rushed to the Hospital. The gods where on my side this time and I do know my body very very very well. I have an extremely overactive metabolism and mostly sweat all the stuff out of my body!

I would also like to point out I am not on any Meds nor have been all my life. The AMT was pure and wasnít cut and was a gram and can be verified through other sources.

I would like to say that this trip has been very positive, negative, hard, spiritual, and fun. I would like to send a very big shoutout to my friends who worried and cared for me. As to go even as far as call up my job looking for me when I didnít check in. A,X,T,W,K, and my parents.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 12, 2008Views: 9,053
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AMT (7) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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