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Severe Insomnia, Before and After Effects
by Synn
Citation:   Synn. "Severe Insomnia, Before and After Effects: An Experience with Adderall (exp16105)". Jul 1, 2005.

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 4 oz oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)


On specific occasions, say at social gatherings like festivals or concerts, I find the experience much more enjoyable when I can pop a couple Adderall. I take them orally, (though some Adderall users choose to snort it,) and for me it takes about an hour to kick in. My effects usually last anywhere from 8 to 40 hours. After I first pop, I get irritated at how long it takes for the pills to kick in. (it takes longer for me because I do lots of prescription drugs,) but once the effects kick in its a feeling all its own.

My experiences always seem to consist of EXTREME happiness, wanting to help others, appreciation for friends, and to get up and meet new people. I usually take A's at school to help me concentrate and at social events so I may meet new people, and renew old friendships that seemed to dwindle away. I noticed that every time I take the drug, (which isnít often at all,) I seem to make amends with old enemies, and I find it a lot easier to apologize. I talk to people I would normally NEVER speak a word to, and I never run out of things to talk about.

Last night I took 2 20's at 7:30pm and was getting irritated with how long it was taking to kick in so I downed a quarter pint of vodka which sped up the process. Normally I'd never take alcohol with pills, but this time was the first, and luckily I didnít have any negative reactions. I'd say about an hour and a half after I took them, I noticed I was running around talking to different people and mingling as if I was in a pinball machine. Sometimes not even finishing sentences before running off to find another person to talk to. I notice my mood increased positively by about 80%. And there was nothing that anyone could say or do to me that would ruin my high. I went for many walks with numerous people, and had conversations with even my shyest of friends and got them to come out of their shells. I would say hello to people I've never talked to before, but found myself literally running into a lot of things.

About a half hour later I noticed I had REALLY bad cottonmouth, and was drinking sodas and water uncontrollably. In between gulps rubbing the roof of my mouth with my tongue as if it were some sort of twitch. I couldnít stop.

When the alcohol started to kick in it increased my high by about 50%. Feeling a little drunk as well as blissful, I noticed my legs felt as if they weighed 90 lbs each, and everywhere someone touched me or where I touched myself I would get this numbing feeling. Like when your foot falls asleep or something. But it felt awesome. I sat down, to talk to some friends of mine, and because I was kinda dizzy. Next thing I knew I asked my friend Chris for a hit of his cigarette. I donít even smoke! But I took that one hit, and it gave me the most awesome head rush, and after that is when I REALLY noticed how good I felt. Ironically enough, even though I felt so blissful, it was strictly friendship wise. I had no desire for sex, or any sort of sexual contact, or even talking to someone I found attractive. All I wanted was more and more friends.

I walked around as if I were just dubbed queen of the world. Not in a conceited way, but for the first time in forever I was proud of myself and was enjoying the day without a negative thought in my head. I loved being me. I knew I was giving off amazing vibes, and the reactions I got from people just made me feel a million times better.

About an hour later, I started breaking out into a cold sweat. (its tolerable, but uncomfortable.) Through some sort of paranoia I kept asking everyone if it was hot or if it was just me. It wasnít just me, but by this time my dry mouth was so bad I felt as though I was in the desert. I could feel my hair sticking to my back, and obsessively began twisting it over my shoulder. I was still running my mouth and talking non-stop to everyone about everything. For some reason structures of buildings stood out to me, and seemed unusually beautiful. Beginning to come down, I couldnít decide whether I was hot or cold. I was sticky with sweat thatís for sure, and it drove me nuts.

When we left, I made my friend Chris roll down all the windows in his car. I continued to try and talk over the music, and everyone (all either on bud, acid, or DXM,) was all laughing at how much I had to say.

We got to my friend mikes house and I had to use toe bathroom so bad I was about to explode! When I got up to wash my hands I noticed I was unusually pale and that I had mascara almost dripping down my face. My hair was tousled and it looked as if I had just gotten done having sex. I was still talking, but this time more about things more serious. We had quite a few conversations about drugs. I found thatís all I wanted to talk about. That and Venice, Italy. :)

A little bit later we decided to smoke some weed and get a buzz. During this period I felt most comfortable and serene. But when I went home and found myself with no one to talk to, I began talking to myself. Actually it was more to an imaginary psychiatrist I wished I had with me. (I didnít SEE anyone, I was just pretending they were there.) Talking and talking, one subject led to another, and so on, till I began crying. Realizing it was now 4:30 in the morning and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. My body was exhausted but my mind was still running a mile a minute. Eventually I found myself staring blankly at one object for long periods of time. Then, uttering short sentences, a lot of which I had already said just minutes before, and then focused on something else for awhile.

Coming off Adderall sucks. It's like you know what you feel inside, but if you were to try to put it into words you would fail miserably. Ironically enough considering you were just a few hours ago so outgoing and giddy. Coming down for me results in insomnia, depression for a few hours, MORE dry mouth, loss of train of thought, and a strange sense of comfort in just laying on my bed staring at the ceiling. I finally tried to doze off at about 5 am, and found that my mind would stay awake though my body was asleep. I also noticed a lot of cramps in my legs and arms, and fluctuating body temperatures which made it hard to sleep as well. I slept on and off for about two hours before the drug wouldnít let me rest anymore. Now I'm up for the day, and here I am 15 1/2 hours with the drug still in my system. 2 hours of sleep that was severely disturbed, and still really bad cottonmouth.

Iím not experiencing any hunger though the last time I ate was at 2 pm yesterday. My chest feels tight, my back kinda hurts, but here I am still running my mouth. Drinking a coke that tastes like an ashtray. I donít feel like doing anything but sitting here, but I made plans to go to the beach with some girlfriends today in about a half hour.
At this point in time ill note my final feeling to be; I regret taking the pills because coming off takes about 20 times as long as the high, still I can't wait to do it again.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16105
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 1, 2005Views: 31,401
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