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A Fusing of the Concious and Subconcious
by Face
Citation:   Face. "A Fusing of the Concious and Subconcious: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp16062)". Jun 28, 2005.

1000 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


It was on a Saturday of the summer of the year 2002. I was out of school and was happy, and I wanted to experiemnt. I had read about Dimenhydrinate online before. I read some of the trip reports and I didn't believe them, but they created within me enough curiosity to get the better of me.

I just happened to have some Gravol lying around at home, I had about 20 left. I have used Gravol in much smaller amounts (from 1 to no more than 6) and I remember the heavy sedated feeling that they give me. Needless to say, I didn't think that the gravol would do anything.

So anyways, I decided to do some stuff with my friends. I was out all day that day, walking around with them. Eventually they had to go home and I was left alone around 5:00 pm. I took the twenty pills inside a Taco Bell bathroom with a bottle of iced tea. They went down easy and I proceeded to walk around until 6:30, at which time I planned to pick up a friend to go do stuff since earlier I ran into a girl that told me about a show going on down at some joint. I got to his house at 6:30 like I planned, an hour had gone by and I wasn't feeling anything yet but my mouth was REALLY pasty. He opened the door and we sat on his porch until his parents left. We were talking about a lot of things that I can't really remember now, and that's when it set in really quickly. My body felt very very stuck to the chair and my arms were feeling bizaare. Sort of light and floaty. So then we went inside and started watching TV and I got a big glass of water to help with the cottonmouth. There weren't any hallucenations, only a very intense body high. I was still thinking strait, but my short term memory seemed to have suffered slightly.

Eventually we decided to go meet a few other friends who were going to the gig and it took us a few hours to get there. We finally arrived at around 9:30 and I began to see things, but still my mind was in the right place. Strange translucent entities were forming and moving around on the sidewalk and on the houses around me. They were interesting to look at, but nothing special when compared to acid or mushrooms. We hung around at the place for an hour in line, before the guys at the front told us that the place was sold out. Dissapointed we walked over to a pizza parlour to get some pizza. I wasn't very hungry, but I ran out of water and my mouth was EXTREMELY dry and it was really bothersome. So I bought a bottle of springwater and struggled to open the cap for about 15 minutes while my friends ate some appetizing yet expensive pizza. Finally at around 10:30 we got out of there and started to walk back to the residential area where two of my friends lived. But I lived in the complete opposite direction, as did the one other friend who I was with at that point. So we started walking home to our places.

At around 11:00 us when it started to set in very strong. It's peak was coming on. I didn't think anything was going on that was strange, but as I was walking (wasn't feeling very talkative) I was suddenly taking my friends order (I work at a fast food joint). It was very very bizarre, but at the time, I found nothing wrong with it. I was actually on the side of the street with my friend taking his order. And after it was done I asked my friend, “so you wanted root beer?” I still remember his expression. He just looked at me for a second and said, “what?” I was like, “we I have your chicken burger and large fries, but I forget what you wanted to drink. Was it something you wanted to drink”

He looked at me really strangley and asked “dude, are you trippin’?” and then I realized that I must be, because I thought to myself, is this possible? And I said, 'I must be. Dude, was I just standing there and poking the air?' He said we were just walking together along the street and I was staring forwards moving my lips. Then I just stared forwards and thought, 'my god, what's going on?'

So we kept on walking and I kept on thinking I was looking to my side and thinking, 'hmm, I guess they take away the tills during the night. Yeah, we close at 11:00.' Don't ask me why I was thinking this, but I remember clearly doing it. Then I looked forwards and a guy was walking towards me and I asked my friend, 'so I'm not supposed to take this guy's order, right?' but I was saying it incoherently and sort of muttering to myself. And he's like, 'yeah, i guess.' and I just stare forwards and the guy in front of me just fades out.

As we were continuing to walk, I gave his order again several times to the same result and I just didn't realize during those times that I was in fact tripping out really heavily. If it weren't for my friend, I probably wouldn't have. Eventually we had to part ways, and he asked me if I would be OK walking the rest of the way. I told him sure, and he started to walk off. As he did he split into three people. The two hallucinations began doing flips and dancing around the real one. I didn't find anything strange about this, I just gave him thumbs up.

On my way home alone, it was a very bizarre experience. Around every corner, there was a man with popcorn hanging from his shoulders, and there were bright carnvial lights and music behind him. He had a big red balloon above him, and he was saying, 'this way to paradise, free your mind in the valley of the truth!' I ignored this the best I could. I also came upon a woman sitting on her porch, and I took her order as well. Then she asked me when her food would come, and I was bothered by this because I didn't no the answer and I crawled under the porch and hid. Eventually I worked up the nerve to get out because the crazy carnival man as I call him was beconing me to. I walked out, and the woman that was there was no longer.

I continued walking home and I saw a tiger crawl out of the bushes. He turned and looked at me and sat down. I stopped in my tracks and we stood staring for a second. Suddenly it roared and it seemed extremely loud. The sound enveloped my senses, and the world seemed to shake and all these people were surrounding me and the world around me lit up in a bright purple light and all the trees began to shake. But then the tiger stopped its roar and it all dissappeared. Eventually I got home, and I did a bunch of other things there, like feed the cat that wasn't there. And evade the robbers that didn't exist, and play the x-box I didn't have.

Overall, an amazing experience and like no other I've had before. I found this one to be more confusing and real than any other LSD or Mushroom experience before. At least with them you can distinguish between the real and illusion. But with dimenhydrinate, you're stuck within a lucid dream, that may or may not be controlable.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16062
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 28, 2005Views: 26,478
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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