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Worst Day in My Life
Guarana & Kola Nut
by SomeBadKarma
Citation:   SomeBadKarma. "Worst Day in My Life: An Experience with Guarana & Kola Nut (exp16057)". Sep 22, 2005.

2 tsp oral Guarana (extract)
  2 tsp oral Kola Nut (extract)


Previously in my life I have been using quite alot of guarana. So I thought I'd be safe with my new guarana powder I bought from the web from my usual place. I also bought Cola nut powder which I have also tried before.

A couple of days later I got my stuff and wanted to try it. So the following morning I took 2 tsp of the guarana and the same dose of my Cola nut extract. I blended it in a fruit cocktail (non alkoholic) It tasted unusually bitter and strong, but I figured it must be because of the combination of the both stimulants. When I had consumed almost all of it, my heart started beating faster.. but I didn't take much notice of it and finished the rest of it.

Then I went downtown to go to work. While I was sitting at the bus I felt shaky and my heart was pounding really fast.. I started to sweat and got dizzy. Though it was cold that day I began taking my jacket of. I got an anxiety attack. I thought I was going to pass out I got scared. When I got of the bus my legs felt very weak and I did almost not dare to walk. It felt like my legs wouldn't bear me. Although I had a long way back to home I decided I just had to get back home. So I got on the bus again. I felt I was going to throw up. Luckily I had a plastic bag with me which I throwed up in while sitting in the bus! very embarrassing!.. people must have thought I was drunk or something.

It felt a bit better after throwing up. I bought a bottle of water and drank a little bit.. as soon as I did that I felt the guarana kicked back in again and I had to throw up again. When I got of the bus and started walking home, throwing up in every trashcan, I was afraid I was going to pass out on my way home. Every step was a hard effort. But I managed to get home. The rest of the day was spent just sitting still, feeling poisoned and every now and then going to the toilet to throw up. And my heart was beating very hard and fast. Everything I ate and drank came out again. About ten hours later I was able to keep some food in my stomach and felt better.

It took me a week to recover. And about three days to get my apetite back. Sometimes when I ate, the guarana and/or the colanut got activated again...then I felt dizzy and sick again, but I didn't throw up or anything. I had to go the toilet very often. I guess my body was trying to get rid of the poison. I had a hard time getting to the toilet in time. (not very pleasant at all!)


I contacted the company I had bought it from. They told me that they had sent me the wrong guarana and Cola nut powder. It was concentrated by the amount of ten! ..I later figured out that I that day consumed as much caffeine (guarana and cola nut both contain caffeine) as I would get from 20 tsp!!! (10 of guarana and 10 of colanut).. I dare not think of how big amount of caffeine that is!


So everyone.. Be VERY(!!!) careful when trying this kind of stuff.. especially when you buy it on the web...even if it is a to you trusted website you can get the wrong stuff.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16057
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 22, 2005Views: 37,658
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