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Stoned, Ripped, Twisted... Good People
Citation:   Murdock. "Stoned, Ripped, Twisted... Good People: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp15782)". Sep 23, 2008.

22 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT
After getting our Jollies by scaring the shit out of a church-going brother and a sister by chasing them around a parking in my mothers car void any headlights, My friends 'Green', 'Brown' and myself returned to our prearranged parking spot and continued waiting for our irresponsible Foxy dealer.

As I assumed he would, He showed up about 20 minutes late with some Ethnic-looking strong-arm. Previous to his being there we each requested two of his locally renowned foxy capsules (each composed of 15 mg) Unfortunately, we could only afford 5. Green was buying and Brown and myself were to pay him back.

As we parted ways it was that time for my friend Green to get home. (Sadly, he had a final exam the following morning)
Being that we only had five, Brown equally distributed the powder in the fifth 5-MeO-DiPT capsule in attempt to make positive that both of us acquire an equal amount.

Both Green and Brown pop their pills on the ride home fully aware that it's going to be a sleepless night with teasing Hallucinations.
(Keep in mind that we had all taken one 15 mg capsule previous weekend before.)

I chose to take mine around 2 hours later being that I had to negotiate with my parents in persuading them in letting me keep the car for the night.
Trust me folks, this is exercising good judgment. When you're twisted on Foxys you speak mindless gabber, you can't even carry on a normal conversation for more than a minute. That is unless you’re communicating with someone else twisted on Foxys…. I guess its like being in your own universe.

(On my first 5-MeO-DiPT trip, Green (my best friend) who was only stoned at the time was speaking to me of girl troubles. This was extremely frustrating because all I could concentrate on was the swirling stucco ceiling above me, and the obscure rainforest ambience of the green room we were sitting in)

Anyways, We drop Green off at his place with plans of sneaking back out to pick him up about 2 1/2 hours later.
Me and Brown head back to his Apartment, Once there, I succeed in persuading my parents to let me have the car for the night.
We wait for browns dad to fall asleep and I pop my pill around 11:50. By this time Brown tells me that he’s fucked up and he doesn’t feel well and that he might puke. (This is common in the fist 10-minute onset.) We both go on the balcony to have a cigarette, about an hour had passed, as his father snores away we finally sneak out.
In the parking lot of his apartment complex, Brown (almost completely fucked up by this time) contemplates whether we should take my car out (as planned) or steal his dads BMW for the night. We argue for about 10 minutes until realizing that obtaining the keys to the BMW would prove impossible.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

We arrive at Greens house about 12:30. We sneak around to the back of his house; we look through the door window to his living room only to find Green in bliss,
Lying on the couch wearing nothing but sox and boxers with an ear-to-ear grin on his face staring with his overgrown pupils at a map of Florida or something. We yank the poor bastard out of his blissful trance with one soft tap on the window. This completely stops his heart, His face turns pale and his eyes grow wide with terror. It takes him about 2 seconds to realize it’s us. Suddenly his ear-to-ear grin resurfaces, the shock of seeing our silhouettes makes him almost guffaw with laughter. At this moment I can start to feel it. I cover my mouth to keep from laughing as he opens the door. (His parents’ room is only single wall away) We hurry down to the basement. And by this time both Green and Brown can’t stop themselves from laughing. I tell them to shut the fuck up or Greens parents will awaken. They’re to fucked up to understand.

Suddenly, Brown falls to the floor gripping his stomach complaining about how it burns. Green laughs uncontrollably as Brown reaches for the weed in his pocket. He lies it out to roll a joint but can’t. Therefore, I try doing so but spill the weed on the floor. Eventually he miraculously succeeds in rolling the joint but by this time Green has disappeared. We agree that we’ll go outside to smoke it once Green returns. All of the sudden we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I am convinced that this is Greens dad. I tell brown this and we both panic. In a pathetic attempt to keep ourselves from being seen we hide behind a single chair and table as if the chair is going to shield us from being visible. Luckily, it was only green. This brings on more uncontrollable laughter amongst the three of us.

Eventually, we end up outside to smoke the joint (Green still in nothing but boxers and sox) just as we pull out the lighter to light the joint Browns cell phone rings. On the other end is one of Browns female friend “Purple”. She tells us that there is a party at Browns ex-girlfriends house and that we should come over and hang out with her. Without hesitation (and without lighting the joint) we agree to go. (About the only hesitating at that moment was Green contemplating whether he should put some clothes or not). “fuck it, Let’s go” he said.

We arrived at Browns’ ex-girlfriends gated apartment complex around 1:15. We pulled around in front of her apartment and called Purple on her cell phone to tell her we were waiting outside. (Brown isn’t allowed in his Ex’s apartment due to a nasty episode a few months previous.) After a couple of attempts she finally answers her phone and comes down. Brown and me tell her that Green is loose around here somewhere running around in his undies. This confuses her. After a lot of laughter between brown and me we get back to the car where Green is. We do our best to logically converse with Purple but it is useless. We all get into the car and smoke the long-awaited joint. After that, Purple was nervous that someone from the party might see her with us. This was a bad thing I guess because Brown was hated amongst the patrons of that party. We moved to a different spot of the complex’s parking lot, which happened to be near some sort of ill-constructed park/pick-nick area. It was lit up like a flying saucer and you had to walk down a flight of steps to get to it. It looked like a different universe. None of us went down to this park area. Instead,

we kept Green Company who was obviously scantly clothed and wafting in the car. We all sat in the car completely twisted, talking about nonsense. By this time I felt a strong urge to puke. It felt as if I had the flu. Suddenly, out of the blue Purples phone rang. It was her sister wondering where she had run off to. The light conversation with her sister turned into a lot of yelling and crying. This confused all 3 of us. For me, it was like being sucked into a sea of whirlpools and being beaten up by waves of bad emotions. She was almost crying. Suddenly it stopped. Silence lingered for a moment until her phone rang again. This time, it was a friend of hers. She told her friend to come down and sit in the car with us. More senseless babble was endured and by the time her friend got into the car I felt like a cancer patient. My body was trying to sweat but the Foxys wouldn’t let it. My entire body ached with pain, my head and spine were in agony and I still wanted to puke my guts out. I couldn’t get comfortable either.

I was in the drivers seat, I felt as if I was a corpse and the car was my coffin. I turned around to the back seat to look at Brown. What hideous facial expressions he makes when he’s fucked up. This made me forget my agony and burst into laughter. Green was staring forward in a trance, Purple and her friend were carrying on some gossip between the two of them and Brown looked as is he was trying to communicate to me through bizarre facial expressions. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe. This was what it was like to be insane. I pondered this in my head for a moment until the clanking of a utility belt disrupted my train of thought. Suddenly, someone from outside the car simultaneously cleared his throat, as he turned on a flashlight. I instantly knew what it was. “Oh, shit that’s a cop!” exclaimed Purples friend “No shit, he just heard you say he’s a fucking cop too.” Brown replied.

By the time Brown made that statement he was standing right by the open window He shined the flashlight in our faces and said something to the effect of- “It’s a little late isn’t it? You kids live around here?” all I could see was his glimmering badge. I made no eye contact. Completely shocked with fear, No one answered him for a split second and all of the sudden everyone but me answered him all at once. Stuttering like a fool Brown muttered something like “Ah-Apartment 401, 410 no wait, uhhh 4110 hold on…” “What’s The Problem?? You don’t even know where you live??” the officer replied. Suddenly Green (Functioning on some basic logic) managed to say “We’re sorry officer. We’re leaving now.” “O.K.” He replied. And that was it. He turned off his flashlight, walked off and disappeared into the street lamps... WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WAS THAT REAL? Keep in mind Green is wearing nothing but boxers. What is the world coming to? There are 3 twisted and in all probability legally insane teenagers sitting in a car in the middle of a parking lot, (the negotiator in his underwear.) Someone’s not doing their job. What kind of Cop passes up the opportunity to cease a couple of warped teens?
After this surreal episode Purple and her friend leap out of the car and rejoin the party. We race out of the complex as fast as possible.

Green suggests that we lay low at the tennis courts right outside his neighborhood before parting ways. On the ride there, I pulled into a neighborhood that has got this retro-50’s feel to it. (A place that I always wanted to visit on LSD. Unfortunately, LSD is impossible to possess where I live. This is why I have resorted to Foxys) you can put yourself into Beaver Cleavers mindset driving through this neighborhood. I did so for about 10 minutes.

We arrived at the tennis courts about 2:05. We all get out of the car and immediately notice how secluded and silent it is. It was perfect. We all looked at the ground only to notice the patterns in the concrete. There were leaf imprints that looked like the ground of a forest if you looked closer it looked like little skeleton bodies and if you looked at it broadly; it made up huge motif patterns of dragons and flowers. It was quite beautiful actually. This is the difference between 5-MeO-DiPT and LSD. I wouldn’t call the experience I get on 5-MeO-DiPT “trips”. They’re more like teasers. They do make you have cool closed eye visuals and cause bubbling and wavy vision but they really only make you notice patterns and stuff like that. It’s less intense version of LSD that makes you feel like shit. This the best way I can describe it.

We follow these patterns all the way to an art museum/school that is located directly across from the tennis courts. I, myself wander into a somewhat heavily wooded area where there were a lot of spiders. I once again feel like I’m in a rainforest. I study the various spiders’ nature and such, and inform the others about them. (I noticed that spiders make their webs everywhere. It was like they make their own web poised cities at night and we as humans don’t even realize them when we walk through them and destroy them day by day)

It was useless to inform Green and Brown about the breathtaking world of spiders. Green was wandering around somewhere near a bunch of trees, putting himself into the mind set of a prehistoric primate. (It was easy to do so being that it was so forested, peaceful and undisturbed) Brown was gazing at a dead dragonfly that he had salvaged earlier in the day and stowed away in the ash trey of my mother’s vehicle for when he started to trip.

This place is a sanctuary and utopia for kids who are tripping their balls off. We all noticed that the concrete tiles (in addition to the tiny skeletons and large dragon motifs) had a certain pattern to it. We walked around for about an hour studying it’s deeper meaning and traced it all to a statue of a small boy that was observable from the road. (It all made sense at the time) The statue was of a boy carrying a paintbrush in hand that looked as if he was off to a day of art school. I thought it would be humorous to pose as still as I could with the statue making both violent and obscene gestures for the on going cars that were few and far between.

Hours pass. There was never a dull moment. In due time we all wandered up to the pick-nick area of the art center where the art students had left chalk graffiti on the ground. There are neat designs that Brown felt had deeper philosophical meaning. (He almost convinces me of this for a second) There is also a giant “Phish” logo. We must have studied this graffiti for 2 hours non-stop before realizing that it was dull bullshit left by a “drunk redneck who probably fucked some girl soon afterwards” as Brown put it. More time passes. We engage in various activities such as staring at stones that look like prehistoric fossils and playing on the playground.

We ended up leaving this visual haven about 3:30 at night. We Drop off Green (who still has an exam session to attend in a few hours) and head back to Browns apartment. However, in order to get back to Browns apartment you must take the highway. Our Journey on the highway was one of the most bizarre and dreamlike occurrences that I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. On top of the various stoplights that I had unknowingly run; on the highway, there was nothing besides a running network of 18-wheeler semi trucks. (Even on the opposite side of the road coming towards us.) I was the only automobile on the highway for miles that didn’t have 16 additional wheels riding beneath me. 18-wheeler trucks on all sides cornered me. It was like they were all communicating to one another and I had somehow invaded their organized community. Luckily, Fear subsided once we were back on main roads.

We returned to Browns apartment around 4:00, just when most were leaving for their morning routine of coffee and departing for work. It was strange to see this. Yet, it was somewhat gratifying in knowing that these poor and preset bastards could not possibly understand what we had underwent in the preceding hours.

In due course, we both got into bed around 4:05. He showed me videos of professional wrestling (something that he is quite fond of) dubbed over by techno music. The closed-eye-visuals were bright and colorful and were mostly composed of an assortment of different shaded skulls. They also went in motion to the music.

Brown dozed off around 5:30. He needed sleep. He needed to wake up at 8:30 the following hours to go to the doctor’s office for a drug test. I turned off the TV around 5:40 and the music faded out around 6:00. I sat there wide-awake and in deep thought carefully piecing together things like the philosophy of existence for 3 ½ hours (It felt like 8 hours) Until the sun came up. This time to think led me to realize and discover things about the people in my life and myself. Foxys somehow lets down the mental block that shields us from discovering these eye-opening revelations. It all depends on how you choose to manipulate the drugs you take. This is one of the few reasons I like 5-MeO-DiPT.

Sooner or later I dozed off only to be awoken a few hours later by Brown the next day at 12:00 noon. I had only gotten about 2 ½ hours of sleep. I was exhausted. Like the day after many drugs; my whole body, along with my mind was sore. I could physically feel that it had taken a toll on my body. It had done its business and left its damages by leaving me with sore muscles and a scattered mental state. This is the price to pay with many chemicals. We ate breakfast and sooner or later headed back over to Greens house. All of us looked like zombies. If we could even work up the energy to communicate we talked like zombies too.

Eventually, with about 2 days rest I recuperate from this sort of thing. I read somewhere that you should only take chemicals like this (chemicals that haven’t been fully explored and researched) three times maximum to atleast avoid any serious damage that it can potentially cause. Is 5-MeO-DiPT worth both the on-setting agony that it causes when I first ingest and the post agony the day after? Not really, but it was fun as hell. Will I do it again? I hope not but if I do than you’ll be sure to read about it.

Oh, and Green passed his final exam.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15782
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 23, 2008Views: 1,556
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : General (1), Various (28)

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