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A Nice, Long Day with Nutmeg
by Sput
Citation:   Sput. "A Nice, Long Day with Nutmeg: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp15645)". Jun 30, 2007.

15 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
After a few weeks of research into the psychoactive properties of nutmeg, I decided that it sounded like an experience that I might enjoy. I would consider myself an experienced and well-weathered tripper, having experimented with substances of every sort. The experience took place in my apartment. I was alone the entire time. I hadn't taken any OTC of prescription medicines in the past week, and I was in great health. I made sure that I had released the troubles and anxiety of the week, and I felt confident that I could have a good experience.

I attempted to keep a journal of the experience. I struggled at times due the extreme psychedelic effects of this drug. It is very important that those curious about nutmeg be aware that this a very, very powerful and totally inebriating substance. Here's how the night went.

8 p.m. - Bought the nutmeg at a local grocery store. I couldn't find any fresh, whole nutmeg, so I instead bought a small jar (31g) of ground nutmeg. I had several friends on staff who assured me that the nutmeg would be fresh.

8:15 p.m. - I'm back home, and I weigh out 15g of nutmeg on a scale. I decide that instead of drawing out the (disgusting) process of ingestion by mixing it with a food or a drink, I instead spoon the pile in my mouth and wash it down with a large glass of milk.

9 p.m. - The aftertaste of the nutmeg still lingers, and it's almost enough to make me gag. Still no psychedelic effects. I eat a small cup of yogurt, hoping it will help erase the lingering taste of nutmeg. For the most part, it was effective.

10 p.m. - Still no psychedelic effects. My stomach has been cramping, but it's not enough to bother me too much.

11 p.m. - Still nothing remarkable. I feel as though I have some kind of body high. I can't really tell if it's the effects of the nutmeg or if it's just my anticipation of its effects.

12 a.m. - The 'body high' has subsided, and I'm feeling sleepy. I begin to think that because the nutmeg isn't fresh enough, I'm not going to feel much (if anything). I go to bed.

3 a.m. - I lay awake in bed with my eyes closed. I know that I have slept, and I am trying to fall back asleep. It feels as though I have been laying there for several hours, when I open my eyes to look at the clock. Only then do I suddenly realize that I am tripping and finally under the influence of the nutmeg. I pull myself out of bed, and I walk into the living room. I was very physically clumsy, and it honestly felt as though there wasn't a single thought in my head. The television is still on from earlier in the evening. In the glow of the television, I can make out fantastic visuals. Everything appears blue and watery. Everything flows beautifully, and everything I touch or see is connected and in 'rhythm'. If I were to compare the actual experience of the drug to anything that I had taken before, I would say it felt like a VERY, VERY high dose of THC. I thoroughly enjoyed the high. My body felt very slow and heavy, and the world around me seemed to be moving in slow motion. Very pleasant. I'm enjoying myself.

6 a.m. - The effects have only strengthened by this point in time. There's a constant buzz in my ears, and minutes seem to tick by as hours. My mind continues to stay very clear.

8 a.m. - I've decided at this point in time that the drug has peaked. The high is very pleasing. The world glows in every color imaginable, and the air flows around me like water. I attempt to sit down at my computer at this point and type something, but I can't hold a thought long enough to concentrate on the task at hand. I then put in my favorite cd (Sasha, one of the global underground sets, disc one), and I decide very quickly that this trip doesn't treat music very well. The beat is unsteady, and the normally lush chords sound terribly perverted. The constant buzz in my ears hasn't subsided and is becoming somewhat annoying.

12 p.m. - I am completely exhausted. I see in the mirror that my eyes are bloodshot, my pupils dialated. My entire body feels even more weight than before, and I feel like I could pass out and sleep for days. The psychedelic effects have not subsided at all. Flowing patterns are everywhere I look. The visuals are not overwhelming, but they are somewhat boring by now. The closed-eye visuals are very poignant at this point in time. Small polygons float around in a kaleidoscope of colors.

5 p.m. - Still no reprieve from the effects of the nutmeg. I eat a small snack of crackers which I have no trouble getting down. I continue to stay hydrated.

9 p.m. - I am absolutely exhausted. The effects of the drug have finally started to wear down but at a very slow pace. I decide to go to bed.

The next day, I wake up at 11 a.m. I manage to function well the rest of the day, but the afterglow of the experience is almost as pronounced as the experience itself. I feel somewhat drowsy, but I accomplish everything that I need to without any trouble. Physically I feel drained over the next two days, but I don't have too much trouble mentally.

Overall, the experience was a positive one, and I might try nutmeg again. In retrospect, I wouldn't want to place this drug in a category with any other. The effects were extremely long-lived and definitely unique. Nutmeg, I have learned, is a substance to treat with respect and is as powerful, if not substantially -more- powerful, than many other legal and illegal substances.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15645
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 30, 2007Views: 17,492
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