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My Encounter with Death
Morning Glory
by serotonin_dreamer
Citation:   serotonin_dreamer. "My Encounter with Death: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp15529)". Apr 23, 2003.

120 seeds oral Morning Glory
  120 seeds oral Morning Glory


I was bored one day and I decided to take a trip down to the local garden center with my friend (lets call him Alex) in search of heavenly blue seeds. I had looked in vain on a few other occasions, but this time I got lucky. I picked up four packets (10 grams for $7.80, not a bad deal!). Afterwards I went to have dinner with my dad for his birthday. I think this was my first mistake.

I ate a huge amount of steak and a lot of soda. On retrospect I wonder if the caffeine I consumed had anything to do with the intensity of the experience to come. After dinner I went home and (after washing carefully with soap and mineral water) ate half of the 240 seeds I had counted out. I took a shower, consumed the other half, put on some Tool, and sat down to wait.

After about half an hour I began to feel very very different. My walls began to pulsate along with the music. Ordinary everyday things became very different and interesting, it's very difficult to explain. I was looking at a pencil, and my brain registered that it was a pencil, but it just didn't seem like a pencil. I decided to put on my black light to make things more trippy. It seemed like an eternity had passed (although it was really only about two minutes) when I began to feel extremely sick to my stomach. Everything that passed my vision began to blur and leave strange colorful trails. I began to see the psychedelic patterns that I've seen so many times under the influence of mushrooms and nutmeg. I curled up in a fetal position on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Suddenly the nausea hit me again in a huge wave, and I grabbed my trash can and vomited into it about six times.

Afterwards I felt better, until I realized that the trash can I had vomited into had been my wicker hamper, and was leaking foul smelling juice all over my bed. I started to feel extremely guilty, and I somehow knew that once my parents saw that I had puked they would know I had done drugs. I started crying, but the tears felt really strange, kind of like syrup running down my face. I looked over at my wall and saw a huge vision of someone mooning me through one of my posters. This made me cry even more, it seemed to me that the seeds were making fun of me. I turned off my black light and immediately started to wonder why there wasn’t any more blue light in my room. It confused me.

Soon I began to feel very suicidal, and tried to go to the kitchen to find a knife. The part of my brain that was still normal stopped me just in time, and informed me that I would feel much better if I cleaned up my room. So, I emptied my hamper into a bag and wandered outside to hide it. (actually lurched would have been a better description, I could barely bend my knees because of horrible leg cramps). That was when things started getting really interesting. One time when I was extremely high my friend had made a joke about dead people in cars. The memory came back to me just then, and suddenly my brain screamed at me “oh my god, there's dead people in the cars”! This freaked me out, and I ran as fast as I could back to my house, leaving the trash bag in front of some ones carport. As I ran I began to see dark shapes behind the steering wheels of every parked car I passed. Finally when I was almost home I passed a dark alley next to my neighbors house, and I saw death standing there waiting for me. I almost pissed myself from fear.

When I was safely back inside the panic eased away, and I was left feeling good. I didn’t have to worry about cleaning my room anymore, so I was free to relax and enjoy the trip. Every time I opened my eyes and stared at something I felt a neuron in my brain explode. It was an invigorating, stimulating feeling. I began to experiment with my mind. I would close my eyes and imagine a shark lunging at me, and suddenly I would get an adrenaline rush as if it was actually happening. I fell asleep a few hours later, after having a very nice fantasy about mounting an attractive angel and fucking her.

During the trip I felt like there was nothing I would rather be than normal, but now that I look back on it it was pretty entertaining. I plan to try again later when my parents aren't home. It might help with the fear and guilt I experienced.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15529
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 23, 2003Views: 18,634
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Morning Glory (38) : Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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