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Really Scared
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by Black
Citation:   Black. "Really Scared: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp15423)". Jun 25, 2002.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Well at about 8pm I sat down in my back garden and smoked a bowl of Passion flower to get some MAO inhibition, figured it might boost the trip. Might have been irrelevent since there is little MAOIs in Passion Flower.

Then I packed a bowl with a little (visually probably 1/4 gram?) of 5x extract Salvia Divinorum. I'd used the substance a few times before. The first time not much happened, mild euphoria, the second time i felt like my head wasnt quite part of my body and the third time i felt really small and sort of meditative.

However this time was different and probably not a positive experience (neither were the others really, its not a 'fun' drug in my experience). I sat down cross legged and took one big hit of the extract leaf, followed by a smaller one to finish the bowl (I had already smoked a bit of regular Salvia leaf to no great effect), I burned it hot drawing the lighter flame into the bowl.

I cant recall all the brief 'trip' to well, but here goes:
I began to feel quite small and disconnected. Then I felt like the world was turning with me. I felt aware of this, as if the gravity of the earth was pushing my back into the ground and turning with me. My head felt as though it were spinning around. Here I think I lost contact with my body, i was very unaware of it. I have no idea how long I sat there, it seems like just 20 seconds.

While I sat there I had the most intense feelings. As I recall I seemed to be accessing memories I'd had, generally happy ones, and I actually felt those memories, I was laughing out loud like a child, suddenly I became aware of the laughter, it felt like I wasnt quite laughing (like when you are dreaming and the dream is funny so you laugh, you are aware you are laughing and in a dream at the same time, in a way this was a lucid daydream)

I had no real awareness that I was tripping now.
Ive never tried Acid or Shrooms (not yet) but this trip wasn't really visual, I guess I expect to see lots of colours or something, this trip was like a play in my head. It was very mental and it really messed with my mind and memories. I began to want to stop the memory trip but I couldn't. The world was still spinning and I said things out loud but they didnt sound like me. I was aware of the voice but I sounded like a child. I began to think very primally without rationale. I got scared that I was stuck like this, I started into a bad trip. (One side note is that Salvia increases the sensitivity of your skin, your clothes feel uncomfortable, it seems to make my skin feel flushed, tight and sensitive. I noticed how the shoelaces tucked into my untied shoes felt really uncomfortable on my feet suddenly)

I began to think I had someone else in my head trying to stop me from coming back to reality. I had to trick them but I couldnt. I walked across my garden to the greenhouse to try and get to another familiar place. I got very scared that I'd be stuck in this state, I mean really scared, it made me wonder how bad an acid trip could be if you just couldnt get out! I began to get a real respect for Salvia and how powerful it could be.

I walked back to my house, slowly coming down from the potent effects, GLADLY, and after about 20 minutes it felt good to be back in reality.
The trip gave me real insight into the power of Salvia. I had underestimated the effects that psychadelics can have. It has made me feel much more cautious about wanting to trip on other drugs seeing as their is no way out. I should have had a sitter as they would've kept me sane even if I had appeared to them as completely gone.

Ive read other reports of people who have enjoyed Salvia and found it useful for sorting out their past. I could definately see the uses for this substance in memory recall etc as those memories that came to me seemed so real, they came at like 5 a second, really fast and liquid and I felt I was reliving those moments, I cant remember one specific moment but I know they were there.

One of the key things with Salvia is you never quite realise you've dropped into so called 'Salvia-space' its very subtle, the third time I tried the stuff I went to take a third hit and set my lighter off in my face because I hadnt realised I'd started tripping! Be careful.

I dont think I'll try Salvia again. I'll give my small remaining amount to a friend and sit with them to see what they get out of it. Its just too uncomfortable for me. It's not fun because its too mental in a way, its to meditative. If I was into meditation I'd say this substance has great potential. Im afraid I'd rather just get high, I understood Salvia was no pot substitute but I wanted to experience something new; this just aint my drug of choice.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15423
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 25, 2002Views: 40,467
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Bad Trips (6), Entities / Beings (37), Alone (16)

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