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A Night Like All the Rest
by B-dog
Citation:   B-dog. "A Night Like All the Rest: An Experience with Cannabis (exp15305)". Sep 7, 2018.



Im now nervously flipped out in my bed wondering what has happend am I real?? Is anything real?? Is the music that is currently flooding into my de-activated flood gates real?? All this comming at once the thought of my burning stomach thinking that food poisoning be the only explaination in my simple confused paranoid mind.

Next im able to think but not able to control my body, where is my body taking me to, why can I only think and not feel or control my movement, (blank)(10mins which seems 200yr's later). My body stumbles to flip the switch of negative light. (thought returning to normal)

Oh jeez my stomach (blank) ok theres the toilet goddammit I cant puke Im gonna die(blank)Now I have returned unknowingly to my domain where the box of flickering light is stored (strobe light) and the blanket of light containment is all set for visual abstraction.

Next I put my black blanket over my whole body not letting any light out. Then I combine the light emitter (strobe at full speed) with the blanket of light containment to bounce the light off the non stable fabric that is now a psychadelic tunnel of illusionary destruction in the form of purple red white and blue and some black and mostly grey. Sooner my mind drifts I close my eyes remove my glasses and stretch my eyelids with my eyelid muscles to make it so the skin blocking this visual box of madness thinner to make a snowy tv effect which soon turned of images of hell spawns with greenish grey wings and red eyes with various very detailed weapons and the whole time this is happening Im introduced to satanic sounds and sights which I dont go to church but yet still believe in heaven because its pretty stereotypical so to sum it up the mad flashing strobe is pulsing my mind and making fire shapes and weird illusions that where mostly dream like and un describable.

Next I came out of the blanket turned off my Kid-A cd and return to reality with me myself and my LAVA LAMP omfg the swirls of liquady green encrypt my mind with confusion so instinct pulls the plug out. Last for some reason I turned back on the flashing box from hell and have this very real clear image of my brain in front of me and this cold liquad metal being pushed through the top of it like forced through a small playdough cutter and filling up my black and white brain all while this is happening a very real feeling of what im seeing then(Blank). Morning.

P.S. what I learned from this experience was that this high is very hard to make happen again without very good funding and that marijuana is more than what people think.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15305
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 7, 2018Views: 494
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Cannabis (1) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Unknown Context (20)

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