The Coming Up is Worth the Comedownw
by Weekend Warrior
Citation:   Weekend Warrior. "The Coming Up is Worth the Comedownw: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp15275)". Jun 10, 2002.

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Some background first... I'm a 33-year-old professional male who has been 'partying' since I was 16. I've done it all, or so I thought...

My wife and I tried meth (Ice, Tina) for the first time together. We got it from some gay friends of ours who seemed to really like it, and they also seemed to have their act together, so I felt no fear going into the experience.

I was an educated drug abuser with the psychedelics, psychoactives, booze and pot. I quit drinking 12 years ago, but I still enjoy my escapist hobby of educated drug abuse. My wife, on the other hand, was not as experienced, and she counted on me to tell her how things were supposed to be. I helped with her first 'trip' on X... her first time getting really stoned, etc. But this time, I had ZERO experience to pull from in regards to this new white powdery stuff we had come across.

We bought a 1/4 gram, which our gay couple friends ASSURED us would last from Friday to Sunday... little did they know that I was under-educated about the stuff, AND terribly excessive in my use of any drug. So after what felt like STABBING the back of my eyeball a few times, I learned to take this pain for the omen that it was - you're about to take off!!

So my wife and I start out on Friday night with our 1/4 gram, and I begin to cut us each out a line, chopping at it like it was cocaine... I did not know you were supposed to smear it around and THEN chop it up... so needless to say, my wife and I were doing LARGE amounts in each line, and we ran out early Saturday morning... but no worries... we realized that we had been TALKING and SITTING on the couch without moving for anything for almost 17 hours.

Neither of us could recall feeling the ICE kick in, but we could not deny that it had!! And how! We talked about everything... I learned more about my wife from our weekend 'parties' than I ever knew from simple sober conversation. But that wasn't the best part... about 18 hours in to the weekend, after feeling like I had been gipped because I wasn't 'messed' up, I began to understand how the stuff worked. It hits you in a more subtle way, and stays with you for much longer than anything I have ever tried; LSD, Ecstacy, Mary Jane, and even Cocaine.

It also had this amazing affect on both myself and my wife in that it turned us into sex machines. We were not making love, although love was there, we were animalistically having sex for the pure PLEASURE of it. Our conversations became so nasty that we were both embarrassed about it later, but at the time, nothing was too kinky for us. And we did it all. And took pictures. We had no shame.

After a few weekends of doing too much up front, I finally asked our friends how *they* made theirs last all weekend, so he told me to cut out a line like I would have at home, which I did, and he promptly smeared it around and turned the same amount into 4 lines... I was amazed. After learning that little trick, my wife and I would get into the habit of starting as early on Friday as possible, and starting out strong, then talking all that night, then doing more on Saturday some time, and then having the most incredible, XXX-rated, fantasy based, nasty talking sex that we had ever had.

I am a very big guy, and extremely homophobic, but this stuff made me want to be everything from Hetero to Homo to everything in between. Whatever we could think of that might FEEL good was fair game. And the stuff made me a miracle worker in the sack (or on the couch, or in the kitchen...). My wife and I BOTH would experience body paralyzing orgasms from the sex... and we often thought and discussed that it was a GAY drug because of the sexual aspect of it, but we could not believe that they could target JUST the GAY fantasies... that's when we decided it was more of a Hedonistic, no holds barred, if it feels good do it kind of feeling. We became pleasure fiends.

We also learned that the Meth works its magic in a patten... the talking comes first, and is GREAT - we forget to eat, drink, smoke, anything that might make the talking stop... then one of us gets horny, and it begins. The marathon sex sessions we had made me think I was Adonis himself. And they made my wife completely submissive to ANYTHING that might give her an orgasm. We both approached PRIMAL in our attempts to pleasure each other and ourselves.

My wife and I had been experiencing a fantastic sex life BEFORE we ever tried Meth, but after we tried it, we couldn't stop. We would party about every other weekend, both of us just waiting for the 'sex phase' to begin.

After the great sex, however, the comedown begins immediately. But being the educated drug abuser that I was, I had some experience with 'comedowns'... to me, LSD is the worst, so if you can handle that, you'll be fine with Meth. We patterned our party weekends around the 'phases', making sure that Sundays were free days to lay around the house (a safe place) and be paranoid for a bit as we came down. I knew the best thing was for us to smoke some herb and stay distracted, and it worked like a champ everytime.

My wife would then get up Monday and have a little more in her first cup of coffee to get her going, but not me - too scared to do THAT stuff and go to work. But we never felt super tired or anything... just slightly irritable from not eating for three days, maybe a bit dry of skin and mouth, and that was about it. Two nights after stopping and everything would be back to normal.

I'm still getting used to the way Meth hits me. There is no 'buzz' to speak of like with pot, but eventually I begin to realize that things are different and time has slowed down AND sped up at the same time. My mouth opens and the words just come gushing out. The hours FLY by almost in a scary way, but we were careful to remind ourselves of that so that we could avoid that portion of 'Sketched Out Sunday' as we began to refer to those days.

Neither of us EVER felt as if we had taken too much, and we NEVER felt BAD from taking it. And as long as you are aware that you ARE going to come down, it makes it a whole lot easier.

A few benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Trazodone, Flurazepam, etc.) don't hurt any either when you are coming down. They are actually quite pleasant, and they work on the same body system, just different directions.

My wife and I eventually talked to our gay friends about the sex, and they admitted to having the same experience every time. And being gay MEN, they are lucky enough to have actually DONE some of the stuff that my wife and I could only imagine. We even talked of US as a couple getting with THEM as a couple, but we all chickened out the first time we tried it so that we wouldn't ruin a great friendship. But that didn't change a thing... the thinking and talking about it is fantastic. And the desire to do things with another man sexually are NOT there for me when I'm not up... you get me High on Ice, and that nasty sex stuff is right there!

I know I'm dragging on and on here, but I am trying to be thorough and hit all the key parts of this drug as I have seen them on this web site. I also wanted to post a POSITIVE, supporting story about the stuff.

Coming down became a non-issue - my wife would simply pass out from sexual exhaustion, and I would smoke a bowl or two and just let things happen.

PERSONALLY, I cannot fathom how someone could get addicted to a drug that is so strong... after two or three days, my wife and I both would be READY to come down, and *I* am an alcoholic for cripes sake!! And there was never an 'immediate' urge to do it again, that would come back a few weekends later and we would get more, so we made a deal to never feel guilty about doing it - guilt and Meth go together about like pot and loud noises go together ;-)

Since our first time doing this stuff, my wife and I have divorced and moved on with our lives, and I can honestly say that drugs had no part in our divorce... except to the extent that all the HONEST talking we would do led to each of us making some self-discoveries that showed us we were not meant to be married. We parted friends, and our last time together in our house was spent MAKING LOVE drug free.

But guess what? Lucky me meets a 'crank freak' gal on New Year's Eve, and the stuff she got was weaker and meaner than the Ice we had been accustomed to (I heard from more than one person that the Ice was top of the line, and called Tina, and that this new CRANK was the scum scraped off the batch of ice while it wass being made), true or not, that is how it felt - this CRANK was more like Coke in the sense that it made you want more right away - which clouded my judgment and we ended up moving her into my house two days after meeting - but our first night together was spent smoking Meth, and between those good feelings, and the constant hook-up, I tricked myself into believing I had found Miss Right - and I was wrong; BUT, I WAS treated to over three months of the best, most fun, most embarrassing XXX rated movie star porno sex of my life. So again, I have NO complaints about Meth other than the fact that it makes your GOOD time fly by so quickly.

I'm now looking forward to being single and partying on the stuff... it certainly pulls me out of my shell, and it makes me confident. It has also opened some doors with my gay friend who turned us on to the stuff... we have partied together since my divorce, and he has admittedly been turned on by me, which amazingly enough was a turn on right back at me while under the influence of the Meth. We are taking that train VERY slowly so as not to cause anyone any permanent mental scarring, but I think we are both excited about all the possibilities of a straight guy and a gay guy getting together behind closed doors with the excuse of 'being fucked up' to use in an emergency. At least we talk the talk while ON the Ice... and I am guessing it is just a matter of time before one of us wants to do something with the other. And we have even planned ahead and are calling it research in case me, the straight guy, gets freaked out by ay of it.

I'm a firm believer that you should be educated about what you are taking, and how to take it, and what to do if something goes wrong, etc., and I feel that 99% of 'BAD' experiences would not happen. I had the ongoing advice of my gay friends, and they had experienced all the same urges and feelings my wife and I did, and they warned us about the negative stuff, and got us all excited about the positive stuff. It was perfect.

I started out snorting lines exclusively and did so for over a year, but after my wife left me, I smoked some for the first time and was TOTALLY freaked in a good way at the different feeling you get... it comes on slow and easy, but it stays with you for days! Now I snort a line to kick it off, then smoke my bumps. This method so far seems to be the best thing going. Smoking vs. snorting vs. eating the stuff all produce different high's in my opinion. I have recently even heard stories of anal dosing... common among the gay community, and it is supposed to be incredible.

Another thing I have found that seems to work wonders for me, is to take a nice combo of multi-vitamins (2 or 3 times what they say to take), aspirin, and ibuprofen BEFORE going to bed Sunday night - it makes Monday mornings so much nicer.

And remember... you HAVE to come down off something so strong that lifts you so HIGH UP, so worrying about the comedown is silly if you are going to do recreational drugs at all. That would be like someone who plays golf complaining about walking all over the place - IT IS A PART OF THE DEAL.

If you like Cocaine, you'll LOVE Meth.
If you like Ephedrine, you'll LOVE Meth.
If you just like trying new things on occasion, then you will definitely LOVE your experience with Meth.

I'll go so far as to rate it on my scale of Top Five Substances To Abuse:

1. LSD
2. Marijuana
3. Ecstacy/MDMA
4. Methamphetamine
5. Nitrous Oxide

To finish all this up, let me remind you to EAT, DRINK, and take your vitamins. You will reap wonderful rewards from those three simple things.

Personally, as a recovering alcoholic who readily and admittedly still uses OTHER substances, Meth gets a high score in my book and THAT is based on many years of experience, as well as many hours reading the right books about this recreational drug abuse.

Sign me, Happy 'Tweaker'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 15275
Gender: Male 
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Published: Jun 10, 2002Views: 55,395
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