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Very Pleasant, but Extremely Intense
by DJM
Citation:   DJM. "Very Pleasant, but Extremely Intense: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp15177)". Jun 30, 2002.

T+ 0:00
12.5 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:10 9.4 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
Preparation: I read the Tihkal report and several other reports online before trying this drug. I highly recommend doing the same, not just with this drug, but any.

The most useful information for this experience was to go in with an empty stomach. The body load with this chemical is unbelieveably high. More on this later. It's also a drug that works best in a calm setting with close friends. One of our users had done it before, but it was at a club, and he had a nightmarish experience until he got home.

B, J, C and N went on this trip along with myself. 5 of us. It was B's birthday, so it was a special occasion. We acquired 100mg legally from a Website that isn't too hard to find. We didn't have a scale that would measure in units as small as 12mg, so we decided to put the entire batch into a large measuring cup with around 500ml of water. The 5-MeO-DiPT disolved fairly quickly, with only a few tiny particals left floating around that we were unable to get rid of. We poured water into the small plastic bag and rinsed it back out into the measuring cup to make sure we get all of it. We put in around 300ml of tangerine juice for a total of 800ml in the measuring cup.

Out of the 800ml, we poured 100ml into 5 cups. Math -- we took 500ml out, leaving 300ml. Each 100ml contained 12.5mg of the chemical. 100mg divided by 8 portions of 100ml is 12.5mg. We had read that 12mg was the perfect dosage to start with. The remaining 300ml was saved for bumping.

Setup -- B's very comfortable living room with two couches, chairs, pillows, etc. B has brought his brand new G4 into the room and hooked it up to his projector and large screen. iTunes visuals -- the tripper's friend is projected on to the big screen. Music for the evening -- Nightmares on Wax, Bola, Crystal Method, Telefon Tel Aviv, Infected Mushroom much later in the evening, then back to Bola (wonderful, incredible stuff).

Each of us have avoided eating anything since 2pm at this point, about 8 hours of empty stomach. We have bought food for later, figuring we'll get hungry when we come down.

10:10pm: 12.5mg each delivered to 5 people. Taste is horrendous. Worse than we thought it would be. Each of us drink quite a bit of extra tangerine juice to get rid of the foul taste.

10:30pm: Others in my group report a pot-like feeling. Very mellow, slight slowing down of reality. I feel nothing yet.

10:40pm, 30 minutes in: Definitely starting to feel something similar to what the others described. Not sure if it is because of my anxiety at trying something new, but I feel very anxious. Maybe I'm not actually feeling anything yet.

10:50pm: Oh boy. Most definitely on. My body is *humming*. It's the only way to describe this. I keep checking my pulse, because I feel like my heart is exploding, racing a million miles an hour. My pulse feels quite normal, maybe a bit above resting. All 5 of us are completely transfixed by the iTunes visuals.

11:00pm: The last 10 minutes last forever. The body sensations are unreal. I am hyper *hyper* aware of every tiny part of my body. It's like a sneeze that lasts forever. Hard to describe. Somewhat like MDMA, where everything is pleasureable to touch, but slightly different and dramatically more intense. We are litereally being constantly amazed by the iTunes visuals. The things it displayed take on massive significance. We talk about it, and enjoy it immensily.

11:10pm: again, the last 10 minutes seem like hours. I find that I am unable to stay in the room with the music and visuals for too long. It's just too much. Way too much. Incredible, because the music is at a fairly low volume, and is very mellow stuff. The visuals -- too bright, too much too look at. I find that walking down the hallway outside the living room, in the dark, is very pleasant. I can still hear the music and see the light, but there is separation between it and my senses, so I am able to enjoy it from afar, while I concentrate on my body. I take slow steps down the hallway and enjoy each step quite a bit. I am aware of every muscle in my body, every tissue. Whatever I put my focus on, there is extreme pleasure. I can focus on speaking, and I'm very fond of what I'm saying, and those who are listening are enjoying what I'm saying. All 5 of us are having the dramatic body sensations. One wants to rub soft things in this state, but comparing it to the MDMA body experience cheapens it. It's not even close.

11:15pm: I suddenly become aware of the Foxy part of this drug. It's not an overt horniness, but it comes with the extreme body awareness. I don't feel the desire to jump my friends, but I do feel very, very, very good. If I were with someone I was romantically involved with, I imagine the sex would be fantastic. Instead, I just really, really enjoy the way I am feeling. No real visuals or anything at this point, just extreme body happiness. I am very, very glad I have not eaten anything today. I feel waves of nausea every once in a while, but it's not that bad, because the overall amazing feeling my body is feeling distracts me from it.

11:20pm: At this point, 4 of us decide to bump. We are all still very high, so this is an easy decision :) J does not want to bump... he is having an introspective trip -- many issues are coming up, and he has chosen to spend a lot of the evening by himself in the other room.

We take the remaining 300ml of enhanced liquid (37.5mg left in there) and pour about 300ml more water and tangerine juice in. We then divide what is remaining into 4 equal portions. Math: we had 300ml left, each with 12.5mg in them. 12.5 X 3 = 37.5. 37.5 divided by 4 = approx 9.4mg. B, C, N, and I gulp ours down, and the taste is MUCH worse than before. I think the heightened body awareness has a lot to do with it. C throws hers up almost immedieatly, and swallows the small amount that she didn't take in her cup, maybe 1 or 2mg. B decides that he is high enough, and only drinks about 60% of his cup. N and I go for it, and pound the whole thing, polishing off a lot of tangerine juice again to get rid of the taste.

11:30pm: More body stuff. More enjoyment of the visuals. I again find that I am unable to stay in the room with the music/visuals for very long. I end up talking with L for a while, B's sober roomate. I am amazingly able to hold a conversation, though I am flying.

11:40pm: Things are getting more intense. I most certainly can't stay in the living room for very long. I continue to spend a lot of time in the hallway, and the kitchen. I go outside with J and B and C to smoke (though I don't smoke myself). There is a party going on upstairs, and we all try to follow all of the conversations upstairs, and we can and can't -- actually it's more like we can, and it's driving us crazy. It's very nice to stand outside, though after a bit suddenly you are very cold. Delayed reaction to physical reality? Still massive, extreme body awareness. Everything on this trip is awash with extreme pleasure. It's just so very fucking nice to be here with friends and doing this. It's *wonderful*. Best feeling I've had in a long, long time. As an experienced MDMA user -- I find I am getting a sensation I haven't had in a long time, and get insights into my abuse of MDMA (something I am currently on a long hiatus from). Insight -- you don't need MDMA to feel like this. You can enjoy your body everyday like this. Yoga is key -- I've only done it maybe 4-5 times, but each time I've done it, my body awareness has been close to this intense.

midnight: I spend about 10 straight minutes in the living room. I fall into the visuals. There is no difference between my mind, the music, my body and the visuals. I melt into the screen and the couch, and just enjoy being. I can't even keep track of the passing of time. I know this is getting more and more intense, but i have no awareness of it.

1:10am: I report to the rest of the crew that 2 hours has passed, and they can't believe it. It feels like 8. 8 very lovely hours. I am able to spend more time in the living room now, mostly because once I'm in there, I can't leave. I continue the oneness with everything described above. I feel better than I have in a long time. It's a very personal trip -- I feel love for the people in the room, but it's distracting to think about anything else but myself. I do find that my focus, or lack of focus is a powerful tool. When I focus on something -- a topic in my mind, the visuals, the music, I enjoy new aspects of it. The music moves through my body, the subwoofer vibrating every sinew and muscle and tendon. I love my body in this state. If I think about something in my mind, I focus on that topic for a while, and can disect it from many angles. This gets me in trouble later.

1:20am: Lack of focus seems to be the way too go. Losing yourself in everything that is happening around you. Literally falling into the screen and the speakers. N and I start to realize that we are dramatically higher than the rest of the room. I look at him, and ask simple questions, like 'are you ...?' and he understands the question, and is like -- yes. We both are able to converse for a bit, and we agree that this is easily one of the most intense experiences of our lives. J has come out of his introspection space and has joined us. Says he is finally able to just enjoy the visuals without going to unpleasant places.

1:30am: I'm finding holes in my ability to be able to focus. I find that simple things are very very hard to do, but seemingly complex things are easy to do. I am overwhelmed by trying to drink my water. Picking up the glass is no problem, but holding it to my mouth and drinking is very, very strange and hard to do. I have to rely on years of learned muscle memory to do it for me. Trying to urinate is incredibly difficult. Good thing I haven't drank or eaten anything much tonight. I spend a good deal of time in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I know many people say this is dangreous, but I enjoy it. I find it hilarious what your mind does to your face, twisting, showing your bones, making you seem dead for flikers of time. I know it isn't real, so it's lots of fun to watch.

1:40am: J breaks out the food. Wow, what a great choice. We all stuff our faces with pita bread, pesto walnut spread, humus, etc. It's incredible to eat. So very satisfying. The taste of the food is orgasmic. Can't remember a trip where food meant so much.

1:50am: I stand outside and look into the backyards behind B's apartment building. It's like Hitchcock's Rear Window. I feel like I'm spying on everything going on in all the different windows, but it is very interesting. I feel a serious slice of San Francisco life here. I feel an extreme love for this city. The backyards of all these buildings take on cartoonish dimensions with the play of light. Windows seem to be bordered by slightly moving and dancing color lines. Similar effect to mushrooms, but changing at a greater frequency. I stand out here by myself for a very long time, just taking in all of the sounds of the Mission district. I hear sirens, many kinds of music. The city is alive and breathing, and I'm taking it all in with pleasure. Love it!

2am: N and I continue to realize that we are quite a bit higher than everyone else. We have been peaking for a solid 2 hours at this point, and it's not going anywhere. It doesn't come down at all.

2:10am: Two hours in. Still high as a freakin' kite. Visuals -- very similar to mushrooms, but cycling through at a much higher rate. Mushrooms bring intense morphs, but it happens in a much more subtle fashion. I stare at the ceiling, and it ripples and breathes. The room goes light and dark in rapid sucession. I stare at the floor, and the patterns in the carpet take on special significance, though I don't know what. Light again is cycling through intense red patterns in the carpet to full white to dark, then back again and over and over, very rapidly.

2:30am: My awareness of Nausea and overall body load starts to become somewhat unbearable at this point. I'm most comfortable when I zone out and just enjoy being alive. I try not to use my focus. N and I check in with each other every once in a while and still comment on how unreal this is. So very strong, and not letting down. But again, no problem -- everything, even the nausea and body load have a wash of pleasure behind it -- like you enjoy everything that is happening, if if it has a 'bad' feeling about it.

2:50am: Still going. the peak is just as intense now as it was an hour ago.

3:10am: Still peaking like crazy. Nearly 3 hours of peak, and it's all incredibly intense! We are listening to Infected Mushroom (psychedelic trance from Israel), and it is mind blowing. I liked their music before, but now it goes to another level. The music takes me on many internal journeys. I am an electronic music producer myself, so I intensely listen to how they structure the music sonically -- what space each instrument is eq'd into, how the melodies and bass and drums interlock and play off of each other. Amazing experience.

3:20am: I feel myself being pulled into an introspective space. It starts out in the dark of the kitchen -- I am staring at the fridge, trying to make sense of it. I feel like I can't comprehend the fridge -- what is this? Should I do something with it? I get a bit overwhelmed and start to sit down. I pull my shirt over my head and sit there for a long while. At first -- I think it's some sort of desire for attention -- like, hey -- look how intense this is for me, but after B walks by and checks in on me, I realize that I really do want to go into an introspective space for a while.

3:30am: I try going back into the living room, but just can't take the intense light and sound in the room -- at this point I go back into the kitchen, and sit down in a corner. I let my mind go, and I am pulled to that which is troubling me the most right now -- the last two women I have been involved with. I spend a lot of time going over my emotions with each girl, and try to understand why I have reacted that way to both. I don't necessarily work anything out, but I do think about and go through feelings that I have been repressing, so it is somewhat cathartic. For 20 long minutes I do this. It is very intense. I come close to crying a few times, but crying is a physical manifestation that seems to have no meaning at this point.

What's interesting about the introspection is that I could have avoided going into it, but I didn't resist. I felt myself being pulled into that space, and could have easily not thought about it, but I chose to follow that path. What's also interesting is that this was not a negative thing, and it wasn't an infinite loop. With mushrooms, I have gotten myself into a lot of trouble, and have gone deep into spaces that I couldn't get out of. With this, even though I am going through some serious shit in my mind, I am aware of what I'm doing, and still have that vauge pleasant wash over everything. I let myself go through this, then when I'm ready, I pull myself out of it, and go back into the living room. It's all part of the body and mind awareness, and it is all *okay*.

3:50am: A vauge sense that I am 'coming down' -- though I am still very, very high. N and I agree that it is an extremely slow comedown, if at all. We both still get lost in the visuals on the screen. The other 3 seem to be coming down a lot -- they comment on no more visuals (B was apparently getting great closed-eye visuals). J is napping and seems to be completely down.

4:10am: J goes home. Definetly way down at this point.

4:30am: We are all coming down -- the intense cycling of light and visuals has slowed for me.

4:40am: N and C go home. It's just B and me now. We decide to watch Metropolis, the animated version recently released.

4:45am: Doorbell ringing like crazy, but we're still too high to realize it until after like 10 minutes. Turns out it's the police! But they are at the wrong place, they need to break up the party upstairs. Pretty funny, B's eyes were still huge when he answered the door.

4:50am: This movie is visually stunning, but we are *completely* overwhelmed by the plot. I literally am dumbstruck, and I try to figure out how I've managed to sink to the level of a 4th grader. I listen to all the dialog, and understand what they are saying, but the scenes all seem to be randomly thrown together, and I am unable to get any sort of sense about what is going on. I am litereally agape -- mouth open, watching the movie. B is the same, but seems to be getting more.

5:10am: This movie keeps getting stanger and stranger. I really can't wait to see it when I'm sober.

5:20am: I can't take it anymore, and I've come down suffciently that I can drive the 20 blocks back to my place. I grab my stuff and head home. What a birthday for B.

After: I was able to sleep almost immediately. I woke up at noon, after about 6 hours of sleep, and felt a bit worked. I should have slept longer, but I was woken up by a friend, who I had told to come by to work on some music. After getting some lunch, I was able to work on the project with all my faculties, but I still felt a bit dazed. At 4pm, my friend left, and I slept for 2 more hours. After waking up, I get ready to go to a dinner party an hour drive away. I feel *great*. Still a bit tired, but competely sober and no residual effect. I remember the experience very clearly, but there is no body or mind hangover. So very nice to have this, since the remaining effects of MDMA have affected my so negatively in the past (much more so than it used to).

I am writing this account a full 48 hours after dosing, and I feel completely normal. So great to have such a powerful experience, yet still be functional the next day!

Conclusions: Wow. Highly recommended. Maybe not as much as N and I did. 12mg seems to be a very decent dosage for me. I can bump to as high as 9mg if I want it to take on a new level. I really enjoy the awareness of my body. The overall feeling with this experience is just a wonderful, warm, pleasant feeling. It is the overwhelming sense around everything that happens. Next I want to try 5-Meo-DMT!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15177
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 30, 2002Views: 24,672
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5-MeO-DiPT (57) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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