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Insufflated Eden
by bluestemz
Citation:   bluestemz. "Insufflated Eden: An Experience with MBDB (exp15087)". Jun 1, 2002.

T+ 0:00
19 mg insufflated MBDB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:15 10 mg insufflated MBDB (powder / crystals)


Since nobody has mentioned insufflation as a route of ingestion for MBDB aka Eden aka Methyl-J, and I could find little data regarding this route, I dreamed I experimented so we at least have SOMETHING to go on.

9:30 - App 19.44mg MBDB insuffilated. Smells/tastes like a not quite pure extraction. I can sense the residue of solvent still in the powder, however it tests clean (mdma reagent response). Burns slightly but not nearly like any other phenethylamine or tryptamine to date. Now for the wait...

10:00 - Got an initial mild rush. Not much is happening though.

10:20 - Extremely mild rolling sensation, however it does seem to be more amotivational than ecstasy. Bong hits of nugget topped with some hash bring it out some more.

10:45 - App 10 mg supplement insuffilated. Body temp has jumped to 99.0 & has been steady.

11:52 - I guess I'm at the peak now. I haven't been able to resist the urge for pot, so I don't know how much of what i'm feeling is because of the dosage versus exemplified because of high thc levels. I'm definately 'rolling.' A warm tingly sensation, like having an electric fuzz over my body but under my skin. Music sounds great and has been giving me rushes of cool pleasures, but i haven't had the urge to move around. It's a 'lie here & enjoy' roll versus 'get up & dance to enjoy' roll.

01:00 - Conversation has been very animated, I'm happy & giggly & definetely uplifted while destressed. I think so far it's been closer to a nice vicodin buzz for me than an ecstasy high. Vicodin is the one opioid that gives me a pleasant rush with a mild antidepressant effect as well as animates me & makes me want to be social instead of forcing lethargy like most opiates (getting high vs getting stoned).

For the cost, I'd probably prefer a vicodin over this mbdb dosage. Since it's almost as costly as ecstacy (based on average oral dose), most recreational users would probably just go straight to E, especially since ecstasy is so easy to get. MBDB is definetly not a substitute for weekend recreation, but I can see where it has great theraputic potential. It's not as taxing on the system & thus doesn't at least feel as toxic. It's managable almost to the point of being unnoticable, I think in therapy it would be better than e because I think it will pull only the issues that need pulled to the surface, and only if your comfortable with expressing them, whereas mdma tends to pull all emotion straight to the surface which can be overkill for some therapy situations.

03:00 - I spaced on note taking, sorry. Well, I've watched Star Wars Episode II & smoked quite a bit of hash topped kind bud in the time frame, but I can still tell the MBDB is doing something because I'm intoxicated, that's really the only way to describe it. Intoxicated, like the initial alcohol buzz before it gets depressant or you start to lose motor skills. I went through a moment during Episode II where I was lying perfectly still just enjoying my state, and the under-rush got higher in wavelength to the point where I suddenly zoomed back into myself in a tryptamine thought loop. I sat up abruptly & looked around and thought, 'wait, am i tripping?'

Then I laughed. I imagine it was triggered by the mbdb, but i know it was a result of a massive 5-meo-dipt dose roughly a week before. After putting my shit back together from that trip & taking it very easy most of the week, just one step at a time, i would still get 'stuck' if I smoked too much pot, like a quick flash of anxiety as the herb reminded my mind what it had been through on that insane foxy ride. Something about the way the atmosphere of Ep2 was at that moment combined with my buzz toatally brought me back to struggling with sanity a week before.

Totally irrelevant to the MBDB experience, I know, but then I guess that means the MBDB experience itself was pretty irrelevant. I think next time I would start with the initial dose at 29 mg & go from there...but slowly, over time. Baby Steps is the way to handle any relatively unknown compound.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 15087
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 1, 2002Views: 25,346
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MBDB (190) : Alone (16), General (1)

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