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Seeing through the eyes of 'God'
LSD & Cannabis
by Renwick
Citation:   Renwick. "Seeing through the eyes of 'God': An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp14771)". Jun 10, 2002.

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10 hits oral LSD


The first time I took LSD was a very high dose (well over 1000 mcg) and it took a long time to kick in. We watched some movies and laughed and I saw some trail but after 5 hours there was still nothing more. We left in a van with some of her friends to find some marijuana- because MJ is suppose to potentiate LSD. After smoking a few hits, It finally hit me after I was sitting in the back of the van ranting about how I didn't believe in god or any higher power and that LSD was worthless for showing people god and the everyone else was stupid and confused.

After the rant I reached for a cigarette but could no longer control my body- I felt pulled out of myself and was watching my body from an outside perspective. Then this happened again with the outside versionof myself spliting again so I was watching a version of myself that was watching another version of myself. In the second perspective everything looked normal but from the third perspective the world became bent, jagged and kaleidoscopic.

I was able to see through different layers of reality and I noticed that I could slip through the cracks in it because this form I was in was 'thin' or without dimesion or maybe in a higher dimension. I slipped through one of the spaces in reality and saw a giant energy vortex that I felt drawn to. I entered it and was instantly torn to pieces I could still see the origional me in the van and the one outside the car as well. The one in the car appeared to have a seizure as I entered the vortex the one outside seemed to be talking but in a form that was visual/symbolic and these symbols kept flying out of it's mouth.

Then for a brief instant- I was everything. I saw out of every photon and electron in every being living or dead to have ever existed. My mind was overloading I couldn't handle it. Then I found myself back in the car and the people there tell me that I was saying something in words that are unpronouncable. I tried to explain but the words were lost in my head, I couldn't talk! I though man I've done it I paid the price of my very sanity tosee through the eyes of god.

When we fianlly got back to my friends house I managed to pull it together for a short bit and get up to her room. She asked if I was okay and I replied that I was. She seemed to believe me until my eyes made contact with the mirror. I felt a little shift of my self sideways in perspective but nothing else.

I heard my friend scream and turned to look at her as she ran down the stairs. I tried to stop her but she couldn't seem to hear me. She got her parents and told them I was dying from a drug OD. I yelled at them from the stairs that I was fine. Then they ran up the stairs- right through me!

I followed them and when I got to the top I noticed my body laying on the floor motionless. I looked at my hands and they melted off as soon as I looked at them. I 'ran' over to my body and touched it- as I touched it I entered back into it. They dragged me to the hospital against my wishes. Along the way my mind exited my body and I was viewing myself in third person quite a bit.

I felt feverish and sick- I remembered my first hallucinations that I had with scarlet fever as a young child. I remembered the fever so vividly it came into existance again- I felt exactly like I did them. I got to the hospital about 10 hours after we dosed and vomitted a few times. My heart felt like a freight train in my chest. They strapped me to a table and took many blood samples (who knows what for or what became of them). My mother and brother came in.

The cotton mouth effect was made more annoying under the effects of the LSD but the nurse wouldn't give me water. My mother gave me water. The hospital staff just ridiculed me about how I had probably taken rat poison, while I tried to pull the knowledge I had learned together enough to tell her it is almost impossible to adulterate LSD- but I could barely talk. Finally after being in the hospital for another 4 hours while they did nothing, no thorazine, no benzo's nothing. I went home and tripped for a good 7 more hours before falling asleep.

Many people would never trip again if that was their first trip- for me it made me more interested. Anything that powerful has to be able to allow us access to new abilities, philosophies, or spirtituality. So this was the begining of the adventure. The birth of Renwick.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 14771
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 10, 2002Views: 28,242
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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