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A Small Taste of the Action
Morning Glory
by John Diss
Citation:   John Diss. "A Small Taste of the Action: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp14576)". May 11, 2002.

3.0 g oral Morning Glory (liquid)


I will go by the moniker of John Diss for purposes of this report. I recently developed an interest in hallucinogens. Acid is hard to find where I live, and shrooms are too expensive, so I decided to go for Morning Glory seeds.

I went to k-mart and bought 3 grams (2 packs) of Martha Stewart brand Heavenly Blue seeds. WHen I got home, I rinsed them off in watter, stuck them in a bag, and crushed them up by pounding them with a wrench. I then stuck them in a glass with some water and microwaved them for 1 minute.

I drank the potion, which wasn't really as horrid tasting as most people describe it. I then ate the remaining seeds out of the glass and waited for the effects.

About 20 minutes later I started to feel a little shaky with slight stomach discomfort. ABout 15 minutes after that I found that everytihng was absolutely hillarious. I'd sit around looking at pictures and things and just crack up laughing.

I felt like a kid again, but I had the experiences of a 16 year-old. I was able to look at anything and see beauty and life in it. I remember thinking that all the little things we don't think of contain the very essence of life itself.

At about 9:45 pm I was peaking. At that point I started thinking deep, philosophical thoughts. I learned a lesson from my trip, and that lesson is as follows: no matter how stressfull and complicated life is, it can always be broken down into simpler things that are easier to deal with.I came off of my trip spmewhere around 2 am. I had trouble falling asleeep untill about 3:30 am when I finally took a few swigs of robutussin.

All in all, the experience was VERY worth it. It only cost me 2 dollars, and I see life with a cmpletely different outlook.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14576
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 11, 2002Views: 17,163
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Morning Glory (38) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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