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A Night of Heaven, A Day of Hell
by Lobster
Citation:   Lobster. "A Night of Heaven, A Day of Hell: An Experience with AMT (exp14563)". May 11, 2002.

40 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


As I pondered whether on not I should pop this tiny white capusle that sat in the plam of my hand, the pipe came around. Inhale, AHHHHH!!! Some fine central florida bud alright! A nervous tingle ran down my spine and into the ends of my fingers 'Lets just do it!' my fraternity brother so blunty stated. Of course I was going to do it. I swallowed the pill as the pipe made its second round. I acquired some AMT from a friend, 2 pills, one for me, and one for an eager fraternity brother. Im not sure the dosage however, but my best estimate would say 35-45 mgs....probably a good dosage for a first timer...if I would have taken it many hours earlier, but Ill get to that.

It was a little after midnight when we dropped the pills and there was plenty of weed stuffs to be had. We smoked like champs for a solid hour and after continous questioning to the effects by the curious, but somewhat inexperienced crowd, I had little to note. I knew it would take a few hours to kick in, and probably five or six until I plateued. Foolishly I neglected to calculate that it would be daybreak by the time I was at the zenith, for I had a good deal of studying to do, and a couple of papers to write the next day....oh, who cares, nothing a little Adderall cant take care of. I simply put my responsiblities out of my mind and decided i needed to enjoy this virgin experience.

It was 2:30am at T+2hrs when the first signs of life subtly marched in. After constant pestering by this stoned crowd of my peers curiously asking what I was feeling, I could finally delight them. Wow, this door that I am leaning on feels soft, almost as my back has sunk about a 1/2 an inch further into it. They werent too impressed. The high was wearing off and I decided I needed to stand up, so my trip buddy and the two other comrades went to the balcony to smoke a cigarette. Boy, this was starting to be enjoyable. I think my friends noticed my increased energy and talkativity even before I did. But when I stood up, it all came to me. Nothing too overwhelming yet, shucks.

T+3hrs My trip buddy and i were shuttled to the fratenity house where we were to spend the rest of the night alone. I was very disappointed that there was no one up playing beer pong and smoking on the porch. I really had the urge to talk to people other than my trip buddy (we will call him goalie), who wasnt feeling anything at the moment.

T+4hrs We decided to play some ping pong for the sake of something to do. He was feeling the speed effects of the AMT now, and i definitely was. It felt like constant mild 'blow ups' similar to what you would feel on MDMA, except not as pronounced. My head would tingle, i could feel my heart pumping vigorously, and a euphoric message was being transmitted throughout my limbic system. I had the feeling of amphetamines running through my body, yet i couldnt bring myself to do anything other than smack this small plastic ball back and forth. We ended up playing table tennis for a solid 3 hours that night.

T=5hrs. We took a break from the pingpong for the moment and went outside. I could tell I should be finishing my ascent to the top by now, but still nothing more than speedy rushes and marked sensitivity, maybe a couple of trails here and there. We sat down and Goalie said 'Look at the celing!' I did. Damn, this wasnt happening. Was the celing actually rolling into waves over and over again? Well, the visual effects had begun, and they would only skyrocket from there. Ill spare you the details of everything I saw,that could take hours. however, we both had, on a couple occasions, distinct hallucinations of familar voices beckoning us, or fellow brothers running across the lawn, but shortly disapperaing. Too bad, I would like to talk to them now.

T+6hrs. I have reached the pinnacle! Moreover, its been 6 hours, I feel like i should be back to baseline by now, I have clearly been thrown for a loop at the duration of this drug. The neighboring fraternity house across the street is melting to almost nothing. Maybe we should tell them? Nah, those bastards deserve it. The pine trees are swaying in the wind, like wet spaghetti noodles, flopping around. Goalie is amazed by this, I cant take my eyes off the melting frat house. To honestly describe what my surrounding looked like...It was as if everything was beeing seen through a large transparent flame. Just as the flame flickers and sways, so do my surroundings. We conspire to walk to Mickey D's, but cant bring ourselves to get off the chairs for another hour. A final enjoyable rush of energy waves through my body, but the sunrise sobers me up qiute a bit.

T+8hrs. Ahhh, finally back at my apartment, boy I cant wait to fall asleep in my comfy bed. Although still mildly tripping, I know I can pass as sober to anyone, minus the major vasodilation.

T+8.5hrs. Tossing and turning in my bed, I curse the damn air conditioner for being broke on a humid stuffy day in the Sunshine State. I am so tweaked out right now, I wish I had bottle of anything alcoholic. I need my sleep.

T+10hrs. I am amazed that i can not even close my eyes. This is horrible, I should had taken these pills earlier in the night. I am sweating up a storm, and have yet to find a comfortable position to lay or sit it. At this point I am almost suicidal.

T+12hrs. Waves of nausea have come and gone, and I wish I could puke, just to add a sense of reality to this miserable morning. Flu-like symptoms have begun to arrive.

T+14hrs. Please God, Ill do anything to get comfortable!! I am blowing snot everywhere, coughing, sneezing, wheezing. I just want to puke, thatll make me happy.

T+18hrs. Its obvious that sleep is nowhere in sight, even though its 6pm the following day. Oh how I underestimated this powerful drug. A drug that had me wrapped around its finger and could throw me on my face with no effort at all. I curse myself for taking it so late. However, I am still glad i took it, it was worth the trip.

T+5days. I have got the worst unsubsiding nosebleeds out of my left nostril, I think this is only related to the AMT in the fact of the ridiculous amounts of snot I blew out the 4 days preceding this.

Looking back: I had a relentless cold the following week,and never have I experienced more discomfort than the day after. I managed to go to sleep late that night, woke up early the following day for class and I was fine. No lingering effects, minus the head cold. My pupils were dilated for 20 hours.

Would I do it again? Hell Yes. Only, however, if i did it early in the day with the same or less dose. This drug certainly did not overpower me, i was in control the whole time tripping....but i was in fact, tripping. Increasing the dose next time would only increase the duration I feel, not worth chancing it. Oh yeah, I wish I had copious amounts of Mary Jane, mabye one reason for the tweaked out feeling was that I didnt smoke after acheiving any affects. My advice for curious virgins: Start with a cool dose of no more than 45mgs give or take its up to you, take while the sun is still out, conserve any weed you have and spread it out over the trip, dont be dissappointed if you dont feel anything for 3-4 hours by eating more will be very sorry, and take something that makes you feel good the next day. This will either put you to sleep, or let you tolerate yourself.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 11, 2002Views: 12,973
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), Post Trip Problems (8), Hangover / Days After (46), Glowing Experiences (4), Health Problems (27)

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