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Enter The Game
Morning Glory
by Trippy Jimbo
Citation:   Trippy Jimbo. "Enter The Game: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp14554)". Nov 8, 2007.

9 oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Now, before I go anywhere with this I would like to mention one thing. The night before trying this dose for the first time I had done two tubes of Dramamine, and I belive that caused me to go on the bad trip that I did. I've repeated this dose before and never again have I had bad results.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. This was my first actual trip on any psychadellic, and what a trip it was. Myself and my two best friends had decided to try LSA and had cleaned out a local Home Depot of all the Heavenly Blue seed packs that they had, about 30. To ingest the seeds we decided it best to just chew them up and down the shitty tasting lump it produced down with some water. My two friends, I'll call them J and R, began to eat the seeds the same time as me. Our mind set now was perfectly rational and everything was going fine, we were excited to be trying a new substance. J however made the mistake of not going through the trouble of chewing up his seeds and just swallowed them whole. His story ends here because as he unfortunatly the LSA is inside the hard shells and our stomachs can't digest through them. I managed to chew up 9 packs and R got down 7 before he gave up with the words 'Man I'm full'. I'm bigger than him by about 90 lbs. so I figgured the difference would work out to get us to the same level.

While we waited we blazed a few bolws of schwag. After about an hour the first effects started to kick in and we noticed that our pupils had expanded to the to the diameter of chestnuts and we looked like leamers. Over the next half hour the visuals began to start to kick in and everything took on a wavey type of movement. There were no distinct movements, just sort of a blurry sway. Around that time I started to learn for the first time what a psychedellic was. It took me a while to catch on, but I noticed that my inner narrative was alot clearer and louder, it was actually changing the way I was thinking. From there things got weird.

Since J hadn't chewed his seeds and by now realized that he wasnt going to trip so he had retired to my bedroom to play some playstation. This led to me and R being left alone to our own devices. We started to talk and I changed to channel over to Sci-Fi and we started to watch Altered States. This was stupid, never before have I seen a more Trippy fucking movie, not to mention one thats harder to follow. Luckly the special effects took our minds off the plot. It wasn't long after that that we realized that it was almost as if we were thinking inside each others heads. We couldn't really explain it out loud but we both knew what we were talking about all the same.

I can't completly remember what we were talking about, but from what I can remember we were being really paraniod and had begun to work on a conspericy theory involving J, and how he was secretly plotting against us. This was probably caused by the fact that he wasn't tripping and we were. He had to be confronted. We made our way to my bedroom to press him for information. He eventualy got sick of repeating himself over and over again about what was really happening. I just couldn't comprehend what was happening and kept asking things like 'Did you give us acid'? and 'Why aren't you tripping, your tripping right?' I had been holding a mini tape recorder I had reciently aquired. Some how I had gotten it into my head that the tape recorder was the only way to expose J and make his true form revieled, which I believed was some sort of devil. That was why I started repeating over and over again 'TAPE RECORDER'! Well, as you can assume this grew old fast with J who had no idea why I was saying that stupid word over and over again and eventually he threatened to break the tape recorder and my face. This only made my suspicions grow of corse. I went back to my recliner in the living room and that was the last time I moved.

I remember watching tv for about an hour then things went bad. J and R had both left for a little while and when I was left alone with only the voice in my head(damn him) it was only bad for me. I got completly lost in my own thought. Well, when they got back they found me staring into space and I was completly comatose. They spent about 10 minutes trying to snap me out of it. That is, 10 minutes because thats when my dad walked in. Uh-oh. In one last second effort to avoid and impending doom that would be brought with my dad's wrath, J cocked his leg back and sent his foot into my shin as hard as he could. No go. I don't remember that but from what I'm told my dad's voice caused me to jump up out of my seat and start blurting out random swear words. I fell back to my chair and around that time my dad called 911. Long story short, I woke up 4 hours later with alot of angry faces looking my way. Apparently my stream of swear words had only started at home and had continued on for a couple hours after that, along with some random spitting at the nurses. Oops.

After all of this I slowly started to get my memory back as to what was going on through my head the whole time. It was like I was having these crazy revelations and they were all about how my life was just this big trick that everyone I knew was in on. They all knew, and it was all just one lesson in life that the meaning of life is to experience pain because that was the key to acheiving pure bliss. The whole was through I started feeling better and better, this feeling inside me that could only be described and a glowing white light of sorts that was growing with all the pain, which was getting worse and worse and tests and what not were being performed. I had found the key to life and was surrounded by all the people in it and could hear them all around me. I still don't remember all the details, but it was definetly one of the weirdest experiences of my life. All I can say to you is that I would never combine Dramamine with LSA, the results could be scarry.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14554
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 8, 2007Views: 11,804
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