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MDMA Potentiates Clairaudience?
by bodhibabe
Citation:   bodhibabe. "MDMA Potentiates Clairaudience?: An Experience with MDMA (exp14544)". May 10, 2002.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


I had three 'psychic' episodes associated with ecstacy use. My background is very agnostic and I am a 'number cruncher' by training, ie. a violent left-brain rationalist/materialist...I didn't believe this stuff ever happened and assumed psychics were frauds. i.e. I don't think these experiences were wishful thinking or derived from reading material at the time, etc..

Background: I had quit my number-crunching job and was back at school studying art. I was running out of cash quickly and was reluctant to ratchet down my free-spending ways back to student levels...this was part of the 'set' - background thoughts as i was coming up, something like 'what am I gonna do for some quick cash?? HELP!' I was at home in the garden, not a party setting. Well, I was just enjoying the trip (T+3 hours or so)as usual, when I had an episode of what they call 'clairaudience' in the literature. I heard a loud voice - male, deep - say right beside me 'Buy Magic Software!' (the stock, not the software). I actually looked to see who had spoken, expecting a person, and noone was there. I had never heard of Magic but found that it did exist when I looked into it later, on NASDAQ. I was quite afraid that perhaps I was schizophrenic - one day disembodied stock tips, the next, tooth fillings telling you to kill the neighbours. The whole thing was wierd and freaked me out ALOT. The next day, I got a call from a friend of mine who did tech consulting. Get this - he had just been hired by Magic Software, and he was very enthused about the company. He had their unreleased quarterly numbers, and they were going to be spectacular, and produce a sharp stock price rise. I now *knew* that the helpful voice was correct, but chose not to invest until the quarterly numbers were public information. I tend to have a strong ethical streak and was reluctant to make an easy killing based on inside information. I also hoped that behaving ethically might prove me 'worthy' of further psychic episodes since I was now over the 'I'm going insane' stuff and had moved on into 'gosh it'd be cool to be psychic, please sir can I have s'more?' Magic had gone from $22 to $28/share post quarterly numbers, at which point I bought it, and it almost tripled in the next two weeks; I sold at about $80. I'd note that this was during the tech boom, so sceptics are free to think that *any* tech stock would've produced nice results, which is probably true.

My take on the whole thing is 1) I believe perhaps ecstacy can potentiate telepathy (did I pick up on my friend's thoughts that night?), *or* 2) I believe that if you have a strong desire to problem-solve, ecstacy may facilitate dropping defenses to the extent that you can 'pull in' answers from, let's call them 'alternate sources', or perhaps god...dunno. I read with interest on Erowid that there have been incidences of clairaudience with mushrooms before; I don't know if the psychoactives of the two are similar or not.

The other two psychic experiences on E were more minor - I 'knew' the elevator was broken and that we would have to take 25 flights of stairs to get out of a building, for example. My friends thought I was nuts and we stood there with the elevator button pushed (we had just used it to go up 15 minutes before); sure enough the elevator opened and a mechanic guy in there said 'it's broken, use the stairs' :>

Sadly, I have never had any psychic episodes except these E-potentiated ones.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 14544
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2002Views: 13,885
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MDMA (3) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9)

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