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Hella Ya (Almost)
Citation:   Danny Prime. "Hella Ya (Almost): An Experience with Caffeine (exp1443)". Sep 8, 2000.

800 mg oral Caffeine
Every day after school I go down to the C1 and buy a bottle of Jolt. As always I bought my bottle. I had also been staying up really late the last few days of the week to get school work done, so i figured i ought to buy some caffeine pills. Of course I, being always open to experiences w/ drugs, take one. Now believe it or not, this one pill actually made me feel tired (Or it just never kicked in even though the bottle said 'Fast Acting'). So I walked around town and, after about a half hour, decided to take another two... with another bottle of jolt. I was still very tired and was almost nodding off.

Then, approx. 45 minutes after my last dose, I started getting energy. Keep in mind that my total dose up the whole day had been 2 bottles of Jolt, and 3 NoDoz pills(200mg each). A half an hour later I was in the movie theater watching Gladiator experiencing one of the most euphoric experiences of my life. Right at the peak of the War scene I was a good and had nothing but nectar and ambrosia flowing through my veins. This didn't last long however and soon i was back down. my peak must have lasted ten minutes.

Now here is the bad part. 45 minutes through the film my girlfriend puts her hands down my pants. Nothing. Not a single fucking thing. (We are actually planning on dropping E together in the near future) We try for about 25 minutes. Not a single fucking thing. My snake just decided to take a nap. All the pressure it was getting sure didn't make it work any better. So naturally i start to do her, finger her i mean. Holy shit I am good with my fingers. I get her to where she is basically dripping through the seat, and I am still softer then the 1800's porn. Basic message, don't plan on too much sweet love unless you can pull it off in ten minutes. Remember fellas, the clock is ticking, and boy do you feel like shit once you miss the train.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1443
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2000Views: 16,970
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Caffeine (11) : General (1), Sex Discussion (14), Various (28)

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