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Nausea, but Then Good
Citation:   . "Nausea, but Then Good: An Experience with Cacti (exp14406)". May 3, 2002.

12 in oral Cacti (tea)


K,it goes like this. The first time I tried trichocereus I snatched it from a neighbors yard. I hacked (I say hacked because it was very imprecise) the outer waxy skin off, and other than the circular core ground up the wedges in a blender. The result was a thick slimy light green drink the consistency of fiberous puke. I drank down all of it (about two pint glasses). Needless to say I felt sick for two hours before puking up all of it. I felt better instantly.

The next time I took care to peel ONLY the waxy skin off (none of the green inner membrane), again the top foot of the plant. peel the skin by holding a razor blade at a thirty degree angle to the cacti surface and pulling up on the skin (like scraping a sticker off a window). After that I cut off ONLY the outer dark green layer. This I put in a blender, then strained through a cheese cloth. The result was one pint glass of dark green slimy liquid. I drank it in one gulp (tastes HORRIBLE, but better to get it over with). I felt fine in about ten minutes. It's worth noting that I felt fine until I smoked a cigarette and then I felt INCREDIBLY nauseous. (even more than the first time) It was about three hours before I started feeling anything. When I did it came slowly. I felt slightly euphoric, happy and small flashes of light sprinkled my vision. The roof spun around... it was sorta a cross between shrooms and E i'd have to say. I went for a walk in the rain and everything looked really SHARP, like incredibly focused. Basically this drug is great in my opinion if you have the patience to make it, drink it and wait for the trip.

Also to note: I cut the cacti waited a couple weeks for it to scab over, then planted it in a relativly sandy soil. But the cacti rotted out... so it isn't as easy to cultivate as some suggest. Maybe try really dry soil or root tone.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14406
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 3, 2002Views: 5,867
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Cacti - columnar (10) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Alone (16)

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