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Antipsychotics are not recreational!
Citation:   Justanothermoron. "Antipsychotics are not recreational!: An Experience with Risperdone (exp14305)". Erowid.org. Apr 29, 2002. erowid.org/exp/14305

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Oxycodone (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:00 4.0 mg oral Pharms - Risperidone (pill / tablet)
Below is a report of my first and most likely, last Risperdone experience. This is my first time experiencing an anti-psychotic drug.

Background: Risperdone is in the same class of drugs as Haldol and Thorazine. It is basically meant to put you in a sedated state by messing around with the way your brain uses serotonin and dopamine to control moods. I've heard rather strange things from people who have messed with Thorazine but I was really bored and had the chance to pick up some Risperdol from a customer at work so I said what the hell. I took one oxycodone tablet today at work to calm me down, however that should have little or no effect on this experience since the effects of the oxy have long since subsided. 11/15 was the last time I did anything major so my brain should be reasonably clear for this experience.

T+0:00(2:00am): Ingested 4 (1mg each) Risperdol tablets while sitting in front of the computer. After ingesting it, I realized what a mistake I just made and attempt to regurgitate the pill to no avail. Some of the information I just read on the pill (immediately after ingesting) included side effects ranging from confusion to coma, especially for people with irregular heart beats(me) and people with a history of seizure (me again, ut oh).

T+0:30(2:30am): Not feeling much but a lot of anxiety. Girlfriend called at just the right time, a perfect person to help me through this somewhat troubling experience. Getting bitched at for doing such a stupid thing in pursuit of a high, but it's all in the spirit of experimentation.

T+0:60(3:00am): Starting to feel rather relaxed and sedate, nothing that an OTC sleepaid wouldn't produce. Also slightly slurring speech. That was mentioned as a prelude to other side effects, so I'm starting to get a bit more nervous.

T+1:30(3:30am): Sedate feeling getting more intense, feeling a bit more relaxed though because no harsh side effects have yet to develop. Girlfriend really helping in keeping me calm, but yet still complaining, typical female. Lol. Starting to feel a little bit more dull, I read that Risperdol works by eliminating some of the emotional effects of serotonin and dopamine. I'd have to say I agree.

T+3:00(5:00am): Heading to bed, rather mundane but manageable. Wasn't worth the stress. Good night.

T+9:00(11:00am): Holy hell, what's wrong with me? I feel completely strange. Very groggy, almost like I've been sedated with a tranquilizer. I'm not happy nor sad, I just feel in existence, all off of 4 mg?

T+13:00(3:00pm): Effects still at peak sedation, I can see why this is such an effective treatment for psychotic episodes. I can't sleep, I just sit there, almost feeling like I'm having brief hallucinations, but nothing I can verify. I just don't feel like myself at all. Trying not to think about it and go on with my day, but I'm also pondering another attempt at sleep.

T+18:00(8:00pm): Finally got some sleep, awoke feeling normal finally. That was almost a scary experience, and I'm still a little dull on the emotional side of things. Wow, never again will I do that.

Final Notes: Anti-psychotics may have tons of uses in the medical world, but have zero recreational value whatsoever. Feeling like a total zombie is a horrible state to be in. I'd recommend to anyone interested in trying this out, think again. It was really bad making the mistake of reading the possible side effects AFTER ingesting the substance, the mental stress building up to this experience was hell in itself; almost like when you think you might have just taken a little too much acid at one time. Let me reiterate once more, NEVER AGAIN unless in an emergency such as a psychotic reaction to another psychedelic, but then it might be wise to seek medical care instead.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 14305
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 29, 2002Views: 63,975
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