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Life is Amazing
by Adrina
Citation:   Adrina. "Life is Amazing: An Experience with AMT (exp14298)". Sep 2, 2002.

30 mg oral AMT (pill / tablet)


My friend and I took a 30 mg pill of amt at 8:00pm. We waited anxiously till ten when it started to kick in. I was sitting in the back seat of my friends car listening to Bob Marly when all the sudden the whole car filled with colors. I had a little bit of a stomach ache but I just told myself I didnt have one and had great trip. I started to trip while looking at my shadows and the shapes and colors. We then went to the tripping field but it was too cold so we drove to my house.

We started in my basement. The ceiling was dripping colors and swirling. After maybe two hours we decided to investigate. We ran up to my room so as not to get cuaught in a room every time we entered a room we had a really hard time leaving. In my room we made a fake fish come alive in a snow glob It was breathing but not talking to us. I spent a really long time looking at my stuffed panda he seemed kinda mad. My friends and I then continued to meet a mermaid who was actualy not very nice she wouldnt tlk to us. We say a clown and a poster of Luaryn Hill came alive then we decided run to the bath room.

We ended up sitting in a bath tub for maybe 2 hours. We meet Ageeeot spelled with three 'E's the shampOO and Shirley the conditioner. We searched the bathroom for real life water and eventualy found it. We had been drinking alot and moved to the middle floor where I noticed the fridge was cold It was fucking amazing. Through all these rooms there was colors swirling around and shapes in shapes. We used the bathroom in the middle floor it was weird.

We then took my dog out. The visuals were amazing but again it was to cold to stay out side. We came inside to the basement again and sat on the couch and began to stare at the ceiling I also began to think. I though that life was completey great and that there was absolutley nothing bad about it. Thing raced threw my mind war not Bad rain not bad Bin Ladden not bad well bad but not there now. I realized nothing was bad. This was different from the first time I did amt because I was thinking hard. EVERY THING WAS SO AMAZING! Then I came up with the one bad thing in life being off amt! It was the one and only bad thing about life at the moment but i didnt have to worrey about it then. We stayed up the whole entire night we may have slept an hour but we couldnt really figure it out.

When we got up in the morning we were not seeing that much feeling really really really really good everything was just great. We gathered all the notes we had taken all night and read them they were hilarious. The notes said we were amazed by hundnreds of not normaly amazing things. Things that nomraly seemed to be trippy werent as trippy as the things that werent trippy normaly. Well all in all it was really really amazing.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14298
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 2, 2002Views: 4,770
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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