'The Thuje' Really Delivers
Wormwood Extract
Citation:   Fretwanker. "'The Thuje' Really Delivers: An Experience with Wormwood Extract (exp14142)". Erowid.org. Apr 23, 2002. erowid.org/exp/14142

1.0 g smoked Wormwood (extract)
2 days ago, I read a report here on Erowid titled something like 'Alternate Thujone Ingestion' by LiHouLong. Having 4 oz. of 'premium' wormwood leaves sitting around (that I ordered from a reputable internet supplier for the purposes of making some home-distilled absinthe), I decided that I could spare an ounce for the sake of science. I pretty much used the same preparation that LiHouLong used in his report but mine was simpler, I think. Here's what I did:

1. I blended 1 oz. dry wormwood leaves until totally powdered.

2. I added just enough reagent-grade ethanol to the powder to cover it completely. I continued blending the powder and alcohol for about 3 min.

3. I poured the mushy mess through a cheese cloth (I had to keep adding minute quantities of ethanol to the gunk stuck to the blender in order to get it all out). After filtering the funky-gunk through the cheese cloth, I folded the cheese cloth a few times (as to create more layers and better filtration) and filtered again.

4. After this filtering process, I was left with a VERY DARK green and murky liquid. Even though there were some extremely small plant particles suspended in the liquid, I decided that this was good enough.

5. I poured the liquid into a flat pan and evaporated the liquid over the period of 2 hours on an electric hot plate in a somewhat well ventilated area.

6. When the alcohol evaporated, I was left with some nasty-looking stuff! I tried to use a razor-blade to scrape it up but DAMN--it was too thick! I used a putty-knife and, believe it or not, it worked great! I had about two grams of this stuff. I did my best and rolled the greenish-black 'tar' into 2 equal balls, weighing approximately 1 gram each.

That was last night.

First thing this morning, my curiousity got the best of me so I put one of the 1 gram balls of 'the Thuje' into my handy *heh heh* 'tobacco' pipe and blazed away, surprised at how pleasant and easy to handle the smoke actually was. After smoking the ENTIRE ball, I said 'screw this' and went about my morning chores, thinking that I had wasted my time. No buzz, no nothing.

Then about 20 minutes later *BAM* I was high as hell. Now, when I say 'high', I don't mean like 'reefer high' or anything like that. It was totally different and totally cool. First of all, I felt energized--and believe me--I don't usually feel so energized that early in the morning. At the time, I didn't think that I was very cognitively impaired/altered but looking back, I think that I must've been because I kept thinking over and over the phrase 'HOLY CRAP'.

I realize that this sounds totally crazy but I think that I was just surprised that the Thuje actually worked. About one hour into the experience, I had to start geting ready for work although I was still seriously messed up. In fact, I think that I still might have been getting even higher at that point. I went into my bathroom, filled the sink with water, covered my face with shave gel and proceded to shave as I do on most mornings. However, as I looked in the mirror, the image staring back at me would look more and more artificial the longer that I stared at it. It was weird because my reflection seemed to get clearer and clearer with each passing second until it was ULTRA-CLEAR. The concept is difficult to describe but soon I started laughing and I literally could not stop. I just kept looking at my reflection and continued laughing and trying to shave at the same time (cutting myself more than once in the process, of course).

The feeling reminded me of the only time that I've ever done salvia d. and that was a small dose (a few bong hits taken in sequence leading to symptoms similar to those described above but very short lived--but if I can remember correctly, the headspace was similar, especially when I was laughing my ass off in the mirror). Anyway, the effects continued, even after I had gone to work. Playing it cool at work was no big deal for the most part (except when I thought about looking in the mirror which generated some chuckles that were difficult to hold back at times).

All in all, the experience lasted about 6 hours from approximately 1 gram of the Thuje. There was no harsh comedown or any after-effects that I could perceive. Right now, it is close to midnight on the day of this experience and I am totally baseline. Will I try the Thuje again? Hell yeah! I've still got about 1 gram left and can't wait to let a few friends in on this secret. Then again, smoking the Thuje may be totally dangerous for all I know so try it at your own risk. Thanks for reading this long report and a BIG thanks goes out to LiHouLong for reporting his experiment! By the way, VOTE LIBERTARIAN--if you value freedom, that is!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 14142
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 23, 2002Views: 90,658
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