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Drama Drama Dramamine
Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
by jO5h
Citation:   jO5h. "Drama Drama Dramamine: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) (exp1387)". May 15, 2001.

600 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


it was saturday night and my friends and i were disappointed that our plans to shroom fell through. the rest of the gang wanted to drink all night, but i don't like to get drunk so i asked if somebody would drive me to the grocery store. i had previously done DayQuill as a drug and thought that i might want to do it again, since drinking wasn't my thing. when i told them what i wanted to get they said, 'shit, man, get dramamine.' i hadn't heard of this before, but after they told me it was like acid but better, i decided to give it a try.

we went to the store at about 11pm and i got some dramamine for myself and a pack of gum for my friend, then we were on our way to taco bell so i could get some drink to down the pills with. i popped the twelve pills in my mouth and took a drink of dr pepper and we went back to the house where the rest of our friends were.

about a half hour later i started feeling a pot-type effect and things started to have a gelatine coating on them. i was still fully aware of what was going on around me and i participated in the conversation. we got up and started walking to the gazebo that was behind the high school, where they wanted to drink. when we got about 20 yards away from the house, i started laughing and wanted to go back and drop my backpack off. by this time, two of the other people with us wanted to get some dramamine for themselves and forget about the drinking situation. we all decided to go back up to the grocery store and get some more DRAMAMINE!

on the way up there, i started seeing patterns and feeling at ease with reality and the world. my mind was in a clear state of being, but i would be saying sentences and forget what i was talking about midway through them. as we were entering the plaza where the store is, i wanted to get out and race with one of the guys in the van and when we did, he started to run while i walked.

i saw a cow and stopped my friend, telling him that there was a black cow in a ravine and how we should go and pick shrooms, then the cow's head turned into a goat head and he tried telling me that there was nothing there. eventually i believed him, i was still understanding that i was on a drug.

while we were in the parking lot waiting for the one getting the dramamine to come up, i struck up a conversation with 4 people in a truck that were all over 30 or 40 and drunk. they were very nice people and the woman that was there seemed concerned about my piercings and kept telling me to be careful because of infections (i have many facial piercings). while i was talking to them, i kept gently easing myself down to the ground, but not meaning to do anything but stand there. my friend kept helping me up and holding me. by this time i was seeing patterns of different things flying over almost everything that i saw.

eventually we got back into the van and drove away.

we ended up at a church where i kept throwing a bag up and down and telling everyone that there was a strobe light effect. i was still conscious of having taken a drug and that was what was maknig me be in this state of mind.

there was also a very pleasurable feeling throughout my body but i was starting to get very thirsty. we ended up downtown talking to some of our other friends and i think that is where i forgot that i was on a drug and where my hallucinations started to become my reality.

after being downtown, the first thing i can remember is being on a road where street construction was going on (i should mention that i am from a small town and it was around 3 in the morning, so there were not many people around for me to bother). i saw two of my friends from school and had a conversation with them and made plans for the next weekend. it was to my suprise that when i called them the next morning, they had not seen me since friday at school. i had conversations with about 30 people that were not there. i also saw about 20 bookbags in the dirt, when really there was just one, which was mine. i remember playing on the construction vehicles and in the dirt and then walking home. the day when i woke up i felt fine, still a little bit of a pot feeling and i was still seeing patterns, but that stopped after i took my shower. i would still see little things every once in a while like black bugs, but it was very rare and about 24 hours later it stopped.

it is now monday after school. i ran into like 5 people that said they saw me at taco bell and i was tripping out. i guess we went back up there after the dramamine took its full effect on me. i spoke with some of the people that i was hanging out with too. i didn't know that i had switched people that i was hanging out with and there were only two of us that were together all night, until they dropped me off when i insisted they drop me off. that is when i was by myself and that is when i was playing in the road construction and having imaginary conversations.

oh yeah, i also had left my backpack in the road construction. i went nuts trying to find it. the police station called today and told me that it was down there and i had to sign to pick it up. i was nervous about getting it since there was an empty bottle of dramamine in the same pocket as my i.d. that they had to see to know it was my backpack, but everything went fine.

i would like to say that THIS IS A VERY VERY STRONG DRUG! what people read on these accounts of dramamine are not made up and are not exaggerated! i haven't read that many reports of this being a very enjoyable drug, but i did enjoy the experience. i do not know how i managed to find my way home by myself without jumping off the bridge that i had to walk across to get from where i was dropped off to my house, and i do not know how i got home without being picked up by police. i remember hearing many people calling my name while i was walking. i think these were the only voices that i heard while on this drug.
i plan to do this again, but i don't think it is an every weekend event, maybe once every 3 or 5 months. very strong and realistic hallucinations, and i think that next time i will be with somebody who is capable of watching me and making sure i don't do something crazy. i would have been very mad if i knew that the people i was with dropped me off while i was tripping out like that, but they were tripping out too so i can't blame them.

anywayz, if you do this drug, have a blast, just be careful!

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1387
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 15, 2001Views: 27,951
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : General (1), Various (28)

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