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Citation:   Funky Junkie. "A Different View: An Experience with PCP (exp13798)". Erowid.org. Jan 25, 2008. erowid.org/exp/13798

  insufflated PCP
I am writing about PCP simply because the information regarding this complicated chemical is very limited. First of all, I live in a cold climate where PCP is VERY popular. I find it very important that other drug users benfit from the trials of me and my friends with what we call 'Peace'.

PCP should be kept cold to keep its potency which is why there is no problem at transporting the drug from city to city here in Eastern Canada, where I call home. Montreal Canada is an easy place to acquire the drug, where it is called 'MESC' by the French. There are plenty of teenage prostitutes in montreal doing tricks to get their mesc and their crack.

I'd say PCP is highly addictive!!! Especially when its so easy to get my hands on it. And it's quite inexpensive. I can expect to pay around 15$CAN for a point of pure PCP which will get up to 4 people high. Usually it is cut with icing sugar or lactose because of the high risk of railing too much of the strong pures. 5:1 to 8:1 is an expectable ratio of powder/drug. Fresh PCP can be a powder or a putty-like substance.

Doing Peace for even a few days straight can cause me to become very strung out ie. depressed, melancholy, confused, careless seeing my future as bleak (which it most likely is). I avoid Hallucinogens such as ACID after such a bender and eat well and get sleep. Doing more PCP to releive the symptoms is hardly a good idea, though I may REALLY want to.

Here's a paraphrase of one of my friends who recently quit doing Peace: 'It's dirty, it's like licking cigarrettes stuck in the cracks in the dirty sidewalk cuz' you need the nicotine.' I'd say that's a pretty accurate metaphor, but not a literal thruth in any way...If you can understand what I mean.

So why would anyone do this drug if it sounds so dirty? Well,...... Depending on how much I take, either a few bumps or a fat line, effects can last from anywhere between 2-10 hours. Because it is horse tranquilizer I feel numb and disassociated, sorta like DXM. Mosh pits are especially fun on PCP because I can't feel the people and things smashing into me or perhaps I can feel them but it feels cool instead of hurting. I've seen people cut themselves on PCP because they were depressed and it felt cool. I find PCP lets me down more alcohol without getting sick and so a night of drinking and Peace can be free of social and physical inhibitions.

I can get pretty messed doing that but eating food usually helps me get more or less grounded (dancing as well) Peace can make me feel sorta super-human or invincible. That can be alot of fun!!! Creative thought-flow is very clear and natural on PCP. I can create art without consiously planning it, but letting my hand be an outlet for whatever it is that I may be feeling.

Conversations take very random paths of free-flow thought and somehow on PCP things just seem to fall into place. The sketchiness the next morning is about the same as well. I usually feel pretty stupid after doing PCP But that usually goes away with enough recovery time.(sleep, good food, good company)

Okay so I'm not sure about all these reports of people cutting off pieces of their leg and feeding it to their dog on peace (they would probably have to be pretty fucked in the head to begin with) and people who lose all control and hurt themselves are probably doing too much, and I never do it alone!

Hopefully this helps lift some of misconceptions I observed reading about PCP.

Peace out,
the funky junkie

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13798
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 25, 2008Views: 15,076
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