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Paranoia and Laughing
LSD & Cannabis
by Neonclaw
Citation:   Neonclaw. "Paranoia and Laughing: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp13759)". Apr 23, 2003.

1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (tar / resin)

I took my first trip when I was 15, half a 'Strawberry 3,' so called because there was a picture of a strawberry on it and it was alledgedly triple the usual dose. I was nervous as Hell beforehand because I hear stories about people being so off it they think they can fly out of a 20th-storey window, or can stop a speeding car with their head. I was with good friends though that had all done it before and once up on the acid, I have to say I had a good time. Looking back with experience, i've found acid to be happy or headfucky, happy when I laugh at anything for ages, so hard that my stomach and face muscles hurt. Headfucky is when I get paranoid, I get those deja-vu moments, I think someone is calling my name or I just HAVE to do something...but I don't know what it is. Anyway, my first trip was a happy one, we had a great time.

A few months later, my friends and I got our hands on some more acid, this time they were Jupiters, some people called them planets, because they had a picture of a blue planet on them (even though Jupiter is red.) My mate and I worked together, cleaners in a supermarket bakery. We decided to drop the acid just an hour before the end of the shift, so that we would be coming up on it properly as we walked out. This was a bad idea as this time we came up on the acid in 20 minutes (this had never happened to us before, could've been through not eating much in the day or something, I dunno). It suddenly became apparent that we had to work whilst high on acid. We didn't want to. We just chatted and talked about shit like we do, then our supervisor came over and said it was time to go home. Somehow we managed to keep the fact that we were high on Grade-A drugs quiet and we got out. By this time, we had the trailers, when you move your hand and you see a trail of it moving afterwards. We met up with the rest of our mates and went to a field where we were camping out for the night.

Setting up the tent was a fucking nightmare. Fortunately our mates were still straight so they sorted it out for us whilst we played with the tent poles, swinging them around, checking out the trailers off them!! About an hour later, our other friends had started to come up on their acid, but at this point my friend and I were almost peaking on ours. We were sat in the tent smoking joints, I was getting the feeling that the smoke was choking me, I couldn't swallow at all, and I was hot as fuck. I couldn't look at my friends in the eye, their faces were all blurred and I couldn't make out their features at all. When I did look, it was like a palette of colours being mixed up in front of me. I felt that if I looked them in the eye, they would know that I was afraid now and I didn't even know why. I couldn't speak, the feeling of not being able to swallow was becoming worse and I really needed fresh air. I started to think that my own mates were thinking that I was a fucking idiot, that I always had been, what was I even doing there. When will it end? And all the time, thinking that I had thought the same thoughts before, even though I hadn't.

Then, suddenly, my other friend who I had dropped the acid with just said 'I dunno about you, but I am paranoid as fuck.' I looked at him and I just instantly felt relief. We looked at each other and I said 'Me too' and all our paranoia just went straightaway. It was such a relief, I felt almost as if I would cry. Then we burst out laughing and we all left the tent and went for a walk in the woods at night, which was fucking brilliant. The moon was so bright, it looked as if it was daytime, we had massive shadows on the floor, I could see everything so clearly and defined, I never felt so aware in my life.

I think the moral is basically, we take the rough with the smooth. Taking acid, I can never tell whats gonna happen, it isn't a constant like weed. Acid, when its good, its really fucking good...but when its bad, well I only have to read some of the stories here. Weed, I smoke it and its good, I get stoned, it feels good, I get the munchies, it wears off. Acid, I don't really know if a paranoia is gonna hit or if its gonna be heavy on the visuals side (trailers, hallucinations, etc) or if its gonna be a funny one. Its basically unpredictable. I've never felt like I was gonna die on acid, like some people. My advice is if you're gonna do it, make sure you're with good people who you know and trust and dont go crazy on the dosage first time round!!! Also, I have some weed handy to smoke for the comedown.

Exp Year: 1996ExpID: 13759
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 23, 2003Views: 9,812
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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