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Tiny People
by agent23
Citation:   agent23. "Tiny People: An Experience with Cyclizine (exp13685)". Erowid.org. Dec 22, 2004. erowid.org/exp/13685

600 mg oral Pharms - Cyclizine (pill / tablet)


Iíve done diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, meclizine, and cyclizine. I first decided to report on cyclizine. However, Iíll refer to these other substances briefly.

Firstly, I caution against taking any of these substances in high amounts. Too much can cause a scary, near death like experience. I wouldnít say itís a ďbad tripĒ though. I felt no negative emotional, psychological, or sensory effects. I caution against mixing these substances with other drugs, unless you are very careful with the amount and how in tuned you are regarding how your body handles other drugs. I tried mixing diphenhydramine (Benadryl), 150 mg with caffeine, 400 mg. That made the trip feel much better. I was much more awake. Whenever I use these substances, I become extremely sleepy, with the exception of meclizine (less-drowsy Dramamine II). Meclizine hardly does anything to me. On it I can continue with ordinary activities with no problem and itís harder to induce a trip. A friend said that pot with Nyquil was not fun. However, Iíve tried this and didnít have a problem with it.

I took a whole pack of Marezine. Marezine is an over-the-counter sleep aid. A pack contains 12 pills, 50 mg cyclizine each for a total of 600 mg.

When I sat down to take notes for the trip report I found it very difficult to concentrate enough to write or hold a train of thought. I would drift off and my thoughts would go off on tangents. I had to keep reminding myself what I was doing and my notes were hard to read. I looked at the words and saw different words than the ones there. I seem to remember thinking that the words I thought I saw were related to the tangents I was thinking about. As if my mind was replacing them. Some of the details of this report may be missing because it was difficult to read.

The physical effects were (for me) the undesirable part. I did not feel sick, nauseous, pain, too hot or cold, nervous, anxious, or feverish. In fact, it was easy to ďturn offĒ physical sensation temporarily. The body feels something like it does when on a pain killer, a depressant, and a little alcohol (although not ďfunĒ like that and not that tipsy feeling). The most annoying feature of the trip is difficulty urinating. I had to pee about every few minutes, each time with less feeling and more difficulty. The scary part of the trip was when I thought I would stop breathing, which I noted a few times. I would sit and escape into some thought tangent and then suddenly realize that I must take a breath. That feels as if the part of the brain that controls breathing becomes depressed and you have to remember to use it yourself. Breathing gets very low, slow and is in quite small amounts. I didnít think about it until I got worried I might stop breathing.

Another interesting sensation is the dream-like state. It was very easy to bring my dream consciousness into awakening attention, as if the physical body is really the dreaming body. Conversely, it was easy to attempt astral travel and I think I could have gotten really far if I wasnít afraid Iíd stop breathing. I could go completely within myself, something like in hypnosis except you ďfeelĒ it. At one point when taking notes I went off on a thought tangent and I looked at myself still holding pen in mid-sentence. I noted it was very easy for me to hold a position. Also, I had trouble swallowing, got afraid Iíd stop breathing. At one point I noticed my hands and arms were orange. When I got up to walk, a couple times I didnít have feeling in my knees and I almost fell. I had trouble falling asleep, but that was better after I had something to eat. I could only sleep a couple minutes at a time. I had to get up and walk around to get tired again. The next day I had trouble taking a nap, frequent urination, and a hiccup and burping attack while trying to get to bed.

Visualizations were more external. They changed quickly and some were similar to disassociative drugs and some were similar to LSD, but the feeling was different. I sat staring off and my field of vision became flat. This was something like psilocybe cubensis, only not with that fun trippy feeling (not sparkly). I saw a lightning show in the carpet. I noticed that I could look at any surface and scry with it. I looked at my hand and saw cells dividing. I didnít see into my hand like a microscope would but within my field of vision over my hand. If you close your eyes and look youíll notice a field of moving dots, if you open your eyes you can see them there in sort of a 2-D field. I saw the cells dividing by looking at the dots. I had the same experience on ketamine mixed with pot. As if my consciousness moves back in my brain from the frontal lobe to a point further back. That may explain altered perception.

A common element to trip reports on these drugs are imaginary people. I first saw one the first time I took diphenhydramine 150 mg. I was staring off into space, but I happened to be looking at the wall. On my wall was a framed picture where this little person first appeared. I saw a tiny guy walking in front of the picture and walking across my field of vision. Then it occurred to me that this was my first hallucination. I looked at this guy and it became more realistic. These guys are like tiny 3-D stick figures and they walk very slowly. It seemed like by watching them I controlled where they walked. I could make them walk side to side easily but making them walk toward me was very difficult or impossible. I could never get one to come close to me. The closest Iíve seen one was about 6 feet away. They are only about a foot tall, but Iíve read trip reports where people see them as full size people much further away. That seems to indicate that they are sized in proportion to how far away the background is. When I look objectively at them they appear to be made up of those swirly dots in oneís visionary field. As if you project them to form the image of the hallucination. The more energy you put into projecting the image, the more realistic it looks.

When I was on cyclizine I saw more than just tiny people, I saw various little creatures. I never saw creatures exactly like them in real life so I couldnít quite make out exactly what they looked like or what sort of body parts they had. The best way to describe these guys is they are invisible but I perceive that they are there. These guys donít seem to do anything except walk around. I have never taken DMT as of yet, so I canít say they are like the ďelvesĒ people report from DMT trips. I donít think they are the same, however. DMT elves sing and these guys donít show that they verbalize at all.

If there was a mystical revelation I got from this trip, it would be that nothing HAS to exist, things however do.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 13685
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 22, 2004Views: 24,483
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Pharms - Cyclizine (234) : Unknown Context (20), General (1), Entities / Beings (37)

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