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Something Changed, but I Couldn't Tell What
Morning Glory
by Frank
Citation:   Frank. "Something Changed, but I Couldn't Tell What: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp13681)". Aug 1, 2020.

75 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)


I'd read the reports online for MG seeds, and LSA, and decided to give it a shot. Having tried LSD once before, and a fair amount of MDMA, I figured I'd put another serotonergic drug under my belt - I've found they suit me well.

I read the extraction receipes and decided to try the water extraction, let the water evaporate, and wash residue with alcohol. I ground 150 seeds (from Ed Hume) in a coffee grinder, put the seed meal into a coffee filter, and ran cold water through it. I got this dirty brown colored water. After I ran 2oz or so water through, I took the filter off, threw it away and put the glass of nasty brown liquid in my cupboard for a week. Big mistake - by the end of the week, it had gotten moldy. I threw it out.

So I went to a different store, and bought some more seeds, this time from 'Burpee'. These seeds said they were grown in Holland, and appeared to be bigger and better quality then the Ed Hume seeds (EVERYTHING that comes from Holland is better, RIGHT??) ;-)

This time, I was going to try a different technique. I had read that LSA and the other alkaloids are alcohol-soluble, so I figured I would just use an alcohol extraction. I ground up 75 seeds in the coffee grinder, put the seed meal in a coffee filter, and used 1oz 80 (or 100 - I don't remember which) proof vodka to perform the extraction. I ran the vodka through once, and the resulting liquid was much lighter in color then when I performed the water extraction (probably because I was using half the number of seeds). Once the alcohol had gone through, I re-ran it again. When most of the liquid had gone through, I squeezed the coffee filter with the seed pulp in the bottom to get the last bit out.

At this point, I ate a few pieces of pizza, and swallowed the liquid in 3 parts. It wasn't particularly nasty tasting, not GREAT either.

After awhile, I felt 'different', but I can't really quantify what was different though. Something changed, but I couldn't really tell what. I had a few body rushes (like on MDMA), and I felt more talkative and open-minded. I thought I had a few hallucinations, but they were too subtle to be sure. It's like I was right on the edge of seeing things I thought about. I found that visualization was much easier then normal (another similarity to MDMA, and probably LSD, if I could remember my one LSD trip), and I felt a slight amount of dizzyness. No nausea at all though, which I was pretty excited about!

Earlier in the trip, my heart rate felt slightly up, later I felt tired. A few hours into the trip, pupils were probably 30-40% more dilated then usual, not full, unresponsive dilation on like LSD or MDMA though. No jaw clench, no crash, no trouble sleeping. Mild headache the next day, but I didn't eat very well or drink much water, so might have been related to that. Next day reminded me of day-after of MDMA, but to lessor degree. Body load of whole experience seemed very tolerable.

My summary? I liked it. I wish I had more to report though. But initial results seem promising. I think I took a threshold dose (75 seeds is considered very light). But I'd rather do too little then way over-do it. I think next time I'll try 125 seeds, and try triple-filtering the seed meal. The alcohol extraction method seems to work quite well. I've read a lot of reports of people complaining about nausea and I had none using this technique.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 1, 2020Views: 380
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