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First Time, Low Dose, Lots of Fun
by Mr Gobbles
Citation:   Mr Gobbles. "First Time, Low Dose, Lots of Fun: An Experience with AMT (exp13562)". Sep 2, 2002.

15 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


All of my friends have done lage doses, (up to 100mg, which I dont recommend, although they love it), of AMT for the last half year or so off and on. I myself have been on the SSRI Celexa, so I could not try it myself. I decided to take myself off the medication. I got off the meds for 5 weeks and decided to try a low dose of AMT.

About 15 mg, i can't be exactly sure, but i had a 33mg pill, at least thats why my friend that sold it to me said, ad i split it in half into another gelcap.

T = 5:15 p.m.
Setting: Alone at home, music in background.

T + 1hr Nothing yet, nothing but anticipation, almost everyone
that i have read about said they got tweaked out. Not me
I really had anticipation, i was nerveous, not tweaked.

T + 1.5hr I feel a lightness to my step as i walk. It is very fun
and intresting to just walk. And when i sit, i feel like
i'm not quite touching the chair. This is quite fun.

T + 2 This is when i start to feel the results EXACTLY 2 hours
after i took it, (to the min.). Many reports say that
AMT crept up on them. This was not so with me, as i said
i felt somthing different gradually, but the real effect
came on like a switch in my brain. I found that every-
thing that was once simple is now complex and
wonderfully intresting, like i've never seen
it before. The shadows that my pen made as i worte down my
thoughts as beautiful. I never did experience visuals,this
disapoints me very much, but it was still fun. I did alot of
writing when i first felt the effects.

I wrote:

'Its like being high without the sense of confusion, everything is so clear'

Then i put down under that,

'Look at me, i'm quoting myself think, like i'm a reporter talking to my own brain'

I found a great sense of control over the amount of intoxication i felt. By focusing i could channel my thoughts into creative things, or just dream away into nothingness. This is a great feeling. My eyes were VERY dialated...very odd looking. i had hardly any color in my eyes, there was a huge pupil, and a small circle of color around that.

After the 2 hour mark it stayed like this for a half hour or so, and very gradually declined over into the morning. The only problem i had was a mild headache and a pain over my left eye. A frontal headache to be exact. I plan to try AMT at a higher dose nextime, maby 25mg, because i did not experience visuals. Talking on AMT is another thing i wish i got to do more, because i was alone i did not get to, but i did get a phone call, and i loved it. Talking to people is easy and you have great insight. I highly recommend AMT, but make sure you do not have conflicting medications.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13562
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 2, 2002Views: 11,854
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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