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18 Hour Trip From One Dose
by Jonny
Citation:   Jonny. "18 Hour Trip From One Dose: An Experience with Mescaline (exp13544)". Oct 12, 2006.

1 capsl oral Mescaline (capsule)


This report is regarding an amazing and mind blowing mescaline trip I had the other day. I will call my fellow trippers and friends 'M' and 'J' for this story. This was my first ever mescaline trip, but I have used acid, shrooms, weed, dxm, alcohol, coke, heroin, the whole nine yards in the past. I've always been attractted to the psychedelics the most though. M brought 3 capsules of mescaline back for us three to consume on a sunday morning. I was piss drunk the night before, and was still drunk when I ate the pill at 11 am sunday. I also had 2 hours of sleep. Not the best physical conditions to trip, but my mental setting was perfect. Happy, looking foward to trip, this was the first trip in a long time, almost a year.

The pill itself was a clear capsule filled with light brown powder, almost looked like heroin. Each pill had a different design stamped in red ink on it. Mine had a line around it, J's had an indian design, and M's had a smiley face. M has tripped on acid twice and shroomed a few times with me and J, but me and J were the veteran trippers. Us three has also been smoking an insane amount of pot for the past year. So anyways, we smoked our usual wake and bake bowl, and ate the pills. We were told they would jack us for at least 15 hours, and they were intense.

So we went off to the mall for the come on. We walked around outside when we got there, and we all agreed that we felt the first twinges of our trips after only 10 minutes from ingestion. A slight, dizzyness and giddiness, definetly not from the pot. We are such bastards that pot barely does anything to us anymore. The come on was smooth and slow, I got a little nauseuos around the 45 minute mark. M and J were eating at this time. The trip picked up and started to level off, now things start to get intense. We're in the car smoking a bowl, and my head starts to spin as the inside of the car seems to elongate itself hundreds of feet. Red and white patterns begin to appear in M's face and swirl around. This stuff made me so high too, like I had trouble walking straight, never had that before from acid, a little from some really strong shrooms, but nothing like this. The waves were so intense, they would wash over me every ten minutes maybe. My visuals were the most intense I've ever had, more intense than six good liquids of acid. I watched a van morph and contort and melt completely into a parking lot.

During this time, I experienced what I call syncronized hallucinations. my visuals were going along with my auditory hallucinations and my body hallucintaions. The song 'yet another movie' by pink floyd will never be the same again. My euphoria level was through the roof. Happier than rolling. On waves, my face and arms would tingle, the mindfuck was not too bad, but very enjoyable. We walked around the mall for a while and made COMPLETE asses of ourselves. Now, most people do not like to do this, but when I trip I LOVE to look at myself in the mirror. On this trip , I looked like a complete stranger and cartoon to myself in the mirror, plus my face was rapidly changing colors and was so distorted. My pupils were absolutely huge.

Then we went to my house. Now, my parents were home, but we just wanted to chill in my basement and watch some movies, glowstick to some trance, and enjoy our trip. I played completely cool in front of my parents much to my surprise, when I was at the mall, I couldnt even say my own name. After about 4 hours, Id say we peaked, then thats when we left the mall, and it seemed like that was the hardest I had ever tripped. After about 7 hours, we all felt like we came down. This is when we started chillin at my house, like 30 minutes after we got there. Then , about 9 hours into it, we all got huge waves again that lasted until about midnite. My visuals were crazy, leopard print is the shit if you are on mescaline, it moves, changes colors, shapes, flys around the room, etc. The doors and walls in my house would continually melt, warp, grow, shrink, morph, and change colors too. Plus, I was so dizzy the whole time, and every big object like persay, my entire house was rocking all around in my field of vision plus all the liquid and morphing visuals within that. I watched my street flow down into itself and into the cultisac at the end of my street. The now night sky was full of what looked like heavy mist, colorful and swirling, and I could feel it on my face. Thats another thing, I had incredible sensations over my body of heat and touch the whole time. Also the sensation that my face was 10 feet in front of my body at the deepest depths of a wave.

M said my face was warping around like mad. J said his visuals werent as intense, which is strange considering I dont get very good visuals on acid, and he does. As for the mind part, very happy, and I mindfucked myself a bunch of times with dejavu that actually I later realized never happened, my mind would just create these scenarios that never happened, and I thought they were dejavu. Incredible. I didnt get to sleep that night until about 3:30am.

I woke up after sleeping for about 3 hours and went to school, still tripped out a little. These pills were also 20 bucks a piece, but well worth it in my opinion. I didnt feel normal until 2 days after the trip. A wonderful trip though, very visual, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for something a little different than the acid or shroom trip. It was defiently my favorite trip ever, and I've had quite a few on numerous substances. I think mescaline taught me how to read a trip. It gave me a lot of time to think about what just happend to me during a wave, cause the in between waves were pretty clear-minded. Still tripping nuts in between waves, but the mind became clear for a minute or two. It taught me that tripping is not ot be taken so seriously, and to have fun with it, thats what its here for. I enjoy looking into the deep spiritual stuff too, just in an entertaining way, not in a serious buddah way.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13544
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 12, 2006Views: 86,905
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