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The Magical Mystery Tour
LSD & Cannabis
by Hooloovoo
Citation:   Hooloovoo. "The Magical Mystery Tour: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp13448)". Erowid.org. Mar 4, 2005. erowid.org/exp/13448

T+ 0:00
3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:50   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco (plant material)
  T+ 11:30 1 cup oral Caffeine (liquid)


I decided to give acid another shot - to say goodbye. Maybe for good. I had a lot of previous experience with psychedelic drugs, and this one specifically was one of my favorites. I had reached a place in my life when I thought that I need to get on with my life, and that maybe this substance doesn't have a place in it. So, for all the good memories and wonderful experiences I owed, I felt this one was a necessary celebration of a period of time. A celebration of the free spirit.

The first thing I did was to get my music ready. I had picked 6 CDs of music that I wanted to hear during this experience. Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do was the first choice, since his music gets in touch very deeply and very fast with my psychedelic side. The second choice was Shiva Chandra - Gecko, because this album is pure acid music, very minimal, very psychedelic, very powerful. The third album was The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls - a compilation by TIP World, one of the veteran labels of the psychedelic trance genre. The fourth choice was Ozric Tentacles - Floating Seeds Remixed, a deep psychedelic electronic journey. The other two were just a few tracks I collected. In short, very visual and very powerful psychedelic and electronic music.

I got some of that popping candy, that you put in your mouth and it explodes. Just for the experience of feeling it inside my mouth. I like it when acid touches all of the senses and makes them become one, and this is very strong on the touch/taste department. Water was not necessary, since I wanted most of the trip to be in my living room, and had easy access to it. Some cigarettes, a nasty habit but one that helps keep a good sense of focus through the trip, some marijuana for the explicit purpose of making the acid jump back into full blast when I'm between peaks and want to rush it forward some more. No chewing gum, to prevent grinding my teeth in excess of what would normally happen, and to keep my concentration on my trip.

I already had 3 big and powerful blotters of acid, with an estimated 350 micrograms each (from previous experiences with these blotters). [Erowid Note: Claims of measured microgram dosages for LSD are usually unsupported. Quantitative measurements for LSD are very difficult to do and cannot be done casually. Without further detailed information about how the measurements were derived, it is reasonable to assume that most statements of microgram dosages of LSD on blotter or in microdots are either misinformed or overstated.] My previous experience with these type of blotters was emotional and deep. And this time, I didn't forget my wristwatch, so I can keep track of time somehow. I wanted to document this experience. I guess this text is in a way the sum of the experience while it's still fresh in my mind.

00:00 - I just took the acid. I'm psychologically in a great mood for the trip, my anticipation knows no end. Something that I gained through practice - now I had not only setting, but a good set as well. I put Aphex Twin on my system, I kept the volume not too high, in order not to wake anyone up.

00:35 - I feel weird. The first waves are starting to hit me. Wave after wave after wave of this substance is working into every bit of my conciousness. I turn on the TV with no sound, and press play to the X-Men DVD that was inside the player. I was a huge comics fan when I was 13, and the X-Men were one of my favorites. I feel Proffesor X and Magneto clashing head to head, I see Wolverine turning from a simple good man into a ferocious killing machine and back in seconds. I can't follow what's happening, I'm too busy analyzing. Visual flexing of the stereosystem is extremely appearant. Things are starting to get extrememly distorted. Aphex Twin's unstable logic is starting to play with me. I must replace music while I still can. I feel the power of this trip starting to course through my body. Shiva Chandra with his acid friendly music is my choice.

01:15 - Shiva Chandra is definately getting me into this. I'm dancing around, in a wierd tribal pattern adapted from the music. Visual distortion of everything becomes more appearant, everything is twisting and my the colors split - there is no longer pure black over white, but rather colors on the edges. Wolverine keeps on looking younger and then old and angry and then innocent and good and ping pongs between these emotions. It was amazingly impressive seeing Mystique change shapes and stuff. Wow. Shiva Chandra - Vierenkrach is a track that's divided so well into different parts and cycles. I can feel the crazy grooves of the music pulling deeper and deeper. Not one sound is out of place. This guy is a genius at telling acidic stories with his music. I notice only 2 minutes of the track have gone past me. How can he fit so much into so little? It never ceases to amaze me - the way acid makes the music dominant.

Is it the other way around?

What's happening here? My hand is starting to grow bigger... as I move it around and enjoy some wild tracing. I took off my shirt and started moving with the music again. The whole room is pulsating, everything is melting into each other. All my senses are mixed together, sound, sight, my perceptioon of time? How long have I been here in this trip? Hours?

01:45 - One of my rare looks at my watch. Must stop the music, let my brain rest from this intensity. I go and have a smoke. I try to make a phone call to someone, but I can't find the use of it, who would understand the place I'm in anyways? Can I communicate? My mind is swimming from idea to idea to idea to idea, I look around my room. I put on the Ozric Tentacles remix album. Get a more calm and tribal feel. I notice I've taken off my shirt some time ago... When was that again? Time to pick a new shirt. One of my bright rave shirts. Ohh well, I go outside to the garden. Now, my neighbor's house looks like it came out of Shogun. I can see the trees I have outside growing and dancing. I feel the energies swimming around me, I'm not sure what I'm stepping in (it's my lawn, I know this, but how come I'm sinking into it? Why is the ground so unevennnnnnnnennenenennnenn) but I'm barefoot, and I feel a strong connection with the dew on the floor ground, I loved the tingling sensation. The music is calling me now. I must leave, can't run away from something that's stronger than me.

02:15 - My sense of time is totally distorted. All of my senses are blended together. Sight and sound and time become one, and within a second I can see a lifetime of temporal revelations. Time is looping around me, everything is going in slow circular cycles. I don't know what's happening, but it's something wonderful and amazing. A man on the moon amazing. A man reaching the sky and grabbing the stars to swallow them. Why is this not exciting me though? What is this entity called time? Why is it looking at me? I think I may be getting the fear. I know this has been there before. I switch my mind to a differnt line again. This revelation is too dark for me.

03:00 - Another cigarette, wow, I have no idea what reality used to be like. I've been living in the moment forever, and the moment was a spiral forward - not a straight line. My living room just melts into the background while I have a complete visual melding of everything. I need to go to the toilet. Pissing never took me so long, and the colors of everything never seemed to change so much during this action... Wait, my toilet never changes color. Oh well. I can see the entire glowing colors around me twisting and twisting. Color is the music. I need something else now. I go to my computer, and start playing some of the music I have there. Hallucinogen - LSD was my first natural choice. Starting with Ken Kessey's long speech about how acid develops new thoughts, and then deeply into the music. Time is going around me. I think the acid is dropping from one of its main peaks. I try and communicate with the world through an IRC chat. A bad connection to the internet and my thought process is too mixed up for this. I can't communicate with people from this world properly. I haven't felt the richness of the music like this for ages. By the end of each track, I feel like I just lived through an amazingly intense story, not of sound, but real life in different places. I'll always be amazed at the effects of psychedelic trance music on acid. I take some of the popping candy, and let it pop in my mouth. The sensation is that of soft explosions in my mouth. I don't feel the taste at all.

03:30 - back to the living room again. Better sound system, I change the music to some Vangelis, but his sea of calm is not interesting enough for me. I want something else. I decide against The Doors, for reasons of self preservation I guess. I put on some Green Nuns of the Revolution (green nunions) and then ManMadeMan - Desire (Bumbling Loons remix). I'm seeing the sink... Maybe I should drink some water. Interesting how things like thirst seem insignificant until I can solve that problem.

03:50 - I can finally return back to our reality enough to find a movie on DVD... My little brother's Pokemon is still hanging around in my living room. Hmmm, never saw it on acid, let's see if the stereotype is right. After 12 minutes of this insanity, I just thought 'this is stupid'. I ended this chapter. I wanted the acid to kick back to full strength, so I took out my bong, filled it with water, and put some of the premade mix I had with me (added some tabacco to the weed in order for it too burn better). Thank god I had made the bong and the mix earlier, or there would be no way I would have been able to do this in the state I am in now. I looked for some matches, and ended up looking at some Chinese art I had in my bedroom. The Chinese artwork I bought in Sydney is amazing. A picture becomes a protecting spirit, captured in one moment, but alive all the less. My carved wood dragon is communicating with me, moving around in my hands, glowing. I don't hear him, but he's very alive. Very small chimes start pulsating in and out. Eventually, I put everything on the floor. I feel I'm ready to do something. Ohh yeah, I wanted to smoke weed.

Since everything is basically ready and I found my matches in no time at all (well, time is insignificant anyways, but it's a nice sense of accomplishment). Why did I lose my lighter? Well, I accept that. I'm calm. I smoke a head and a half. The taste in my mouth is disgusting... My sense of taste is back. More water.

04:15 - The Magical Mystery Tour. I owed it to myself to see it at least once on a high dosage of acid. I take some popping candy, try and pour some on my hand. It spills a bit. The tingling in my mouth has no place. I don't know where I'm feeling it, there is a huge space in my mouth now. Ohhh, the movie is starting. For an hour, I was on that bus, driving around with everyone there, living through the whole time. The entirety I felt, being a part of that journey, it was such a big feeling... Every time I'd look at the time of the DVD it would have moved forward a minute or two, my brain is processing information at incredible speeds. Pokemon was just way too simple. But the tour, it was ridiculous, marvelous, living it, being it, the chase, the scenery, being a part of everything, the range of emotions that passed through me, it was beautiful. With the tour guide saying 'but on this side' and then the music kicked in, I was completely swallowed. I was for that one hour, another man on the bus, invisible but seeing it all happen. Living it all. Wow.

05:15 - Shiva Chandra again. The Magical Mystery Tour is over. It seemed to fade into its own compartment. This time, I know what I want to hear in the album. Man, this guy just keeps you so deep in his music. THIS, is music for acid. I'm beginning to sense time returning back to normal, which is good, because I need to clean up the mess I left of my place. Luckily, I'm a very organized (well, about as much as possible) person on acid (I'm a pretty experienced tripper, I just toss things where I'll look for them), and I didn't lose anything. Not even the keys. I see all kinds of things from my trip thrown around. I notice the floor is still distorting. I go back to the toilet, look into the mirror. I see myself as a rather good person. Beyond all of the layers of thought that I pealed today, I found myself needing this trip to sort myself out. It worked, at the moment.

05:50 - I read all kinds of memories, the way they affected me, how blind I was not to allow myself freedom from them. Loops in time, looping back into the past, pictures of pokemon and magic busses somehow meld themselves into 'now', everything is as it should be. I became Buddha for a moment, not the actual person, but the idea. Freedom through acceptance of my surroundings, only much deeper. I went outside to the garden again. This time, I can see flower pedals all over my lawn from a plum tree. These flowers will become the tastiest plums I will ever taste. The sun is in its rise, and the warmth of the day and the beauty of the surrounding swamp me. I do some yoga outdoors, focusing all of these energies for fun. I open my eyes, and I'm ready for the rest of my life.

06:20 - The visual distortions are nearly all gone, from time to time I see a vortex distorting in a wall, but not nearly as intense as it was half an hour ago, and much less so than half an hour before that. Time is still speeding up somewhat, back from spiraling into the orderly line of day to day life. Still not near normal though.

07:00 - I get some order into everything around me, I go into bed. I'm having bizzare dreams (wait, I'm awake, or not... My eyes are closed, I know this) and revelations (or dreams?), but spiritual calm has already been achieved. These can not take me away from the warm feeling of the bed. Have I vanished somehow? Am I still here?

Does it matter?


11:30 - I'm wake up... Everything is the same, but I'm not nearly back to baseline. I drink a cup of coffee, read the paper (well, I stay away from the ugly bits of humanity and stick to sports, my home team had a good game). Nothing interesting. I'm going to call a friend on the phone soon. Maybe I should eat something? Not yet.

12:00 - I call a friend of mine. He tells me he's waking up. I'm already babbling about what a cool experience I had, when I notice that right now I'm feeling about 100 micrograms in my system. It isn't much compared to what happened earlier, but it's still there. He wants to go back to sleep a bit more. I decide just to chill out some more.

13:00 - there's still a strong sense of coming back to the acidic reality. I have to write this down. I start trying to remember all of the things that happened tonight, but well, I didn't even scratch the surface of it. This has been a powerful experience. I start writing down the experience. That brings us up to date, and I'm happy I didn't wait before I started writing this. It's still coursing through my system now, but now it's at a stage I can communicate with the outside world properly. This world is once again my playground.

18:20 - Here I am, adding finishing touches, clearing my memory paths and looking back into the reality. I'm not at baseline. I'm at around a 40 microgram feel now. I refrained from smoking any more pot throughout the day. Maybe later, in a different environment. Is this the end of my affair with psychedelics? It would be a beautiful end to the story. Only time can tell.

I lived through time. Saw past it. The stable unstability is starting to fade in my mind. This wasn't a deep trip compared to a few others I had, but it was one of the most intense. Was it my best trip ever?

... who knows, but it was one wild magical mystery tour.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13448
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 4, 2005Views: 100,413
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LSD (2) : Alone (16), General (1)

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