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Sick and Nauseous
Cannabis & Tobacco
by Al the Pal
Citation:   Al the Pal. "Sick and Nauseous: An Experience with Cannabis & Tobacco (exp13360)". Feb 27, 2005.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    smoked Tobacco  


This was some pretty good weed, Lion'S Breath I think it was.

T handed me the blunt to light but I let him light it. When Tim took a hit he started coughing, and since he's a super-veteran (at least more than me, I dont smoke very good bud usually) then S took a hit and coughed too. B passed and C took a hit. C never really smokes so he only took a small hit and still coughed. When I got it I knew this shit HAD to be good. I took a big hit and held it for a while as I dumped the ash in a Pepsi can. I took another fat hit. Im the only one who ever took 2 hits in a row but seeing as I paid for it I think I deserve it. I was feeling very good during the blunt and nothing scary happened. Towards the end (last 2 turns of mine or so) I started feeling very weird, in a bad way. It was very subtle though, I wasnt very uncomfortable.

Once I took my last hit I sat back, feeling very good. We all didnt move for the duration of 'ed, edd, and eddy', 4:30. During this time I noticed I was becoming very nauseous and very, very tired. It was increasingly difficult to stay still as I felt like I was swaying back and forth. I knew I was swaying, but only a very small amount, probably not even noticeable, but each mm I leaned it felt like 6 inches, which made me feel very sick, like motion-sickness.

The cartoon was very weird and it made my brain hurt to watch it. Trying to follow what was going on, keeping myself from rocking, holding my head still, opening my eyes, all of these things made me feel sick. My brain felt as though it was full of fluid, and moving even a little bit, even if all I moved was my arm, made me sick. I was very nauseous.

The oddest thing, in relation to the sickness, was I no longer felt human. I had forgotten what I looked like. I felt like a blob or sack or something, with a stomach. I could feel my esophogus, stomach, all like a big organ in the middle of my blobiness. When I moved anything, even my foot, a wave of nausea would emanate from from my skin and travel inward to my stomach. Its very hard to describe.

Heres another thing I had never felt before, but is even harder to describe. I cant really even describe it to myself. I just know what it was like, sort of. The closest I can get is this: (I'm going to focus on the eyelid part of it, cause that was the most prominent, and all I can remember. Keep reading) imagine, if you will, a wire. Now it was more like a very thick wire, or a thin pole, it was a wire but thicker and sturdy. Now, it was as if there were two worlds. Please bear with me this is hard to describe. It was like on this first world I was a wire frame, like on a computer. Now, when I closed my eyes, or looked into my mind, I could see this brass wire. When I blinked, I saw the wire in my eyelid move. But it was as if all this weight was somehow attached to my eyelid and when I blinked the weight would go down. Then when I opened my eye, the weight would snap tight, and fly up. Like a bungee cord. Do you get it? Argh, I cant explain it other than that. Like the weight was on a bungee cord tied to the wire, and the weight would swing with the wire, and make me more nauseous.

This was all over my whole body. Picking up my arm involved lifting all this weight (did I mention that it was heavy? It was. I remember when I was high I equated it to my body weight for some reason.) I dont know why I felt this weird feeling but it was all I could focus on during Ed, Edd, and Eddy. After I got a little too sick-feeling I sunk down in the couch so my back and head would be held still and hopefully bring the nausea down. It helped. I was very tired too, especially towards the end of the show I had a hard time keeping my eyes open and I just know that they were almost shut. I had stoner-eye.

At 4:30 most of us got up and were getting ready to leave. We stood outside Bobs door and talked a bit. I was so high and I couldnt even stand. I had to lean against the wall. C left and we talked some more. T realized that I was waaaaaay higher than I have ever been and started talking to me about that. He told me it just gets better and better and pretty soon I wont even get sick anymore. I was like, 'Cool.'

All that happened until 6 was we ordered some p'zones. I had a hard time eating it because I felt so fucking sick. When I was eating I really wanted a cigarette but I felt too off to stand or even talk. Then at 6 me, S and BB left. Back at home, I was still feeling a little sick in my brain so I took a couple aspirin or something and got a drink. Then at 11 I went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning my pupils were still dilated and I had cottonmouth really bad.

This was a great experience for only 20 bux and I cant wait to do it again, hopefully by this weekend. There were a few things I'd do different though. First of all I smoked too much. Next time ill wait till about halfway through the blunt to smoke some. So its hittin hard by then. Also I think I need to smoke some of that good good stuff alone first to get used to it before I go smoking with a bunch of people. Also I should get a drink because I think that if I would have fucking asked for a pepsi I would have felt waaaay better, I always do.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13360
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 27, 2005Views: 6,603
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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