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The Master Plan
MDMA, Salvia divinorum, 5-MeO-DMT, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis
by One38
Citation:   One38. "The Master Plan: An Experience with MDMA, Salvia divinorum, 5-MeO-DMT, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis (exp13278)". Jan 28, 2004.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:25 0.5 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:40 3 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (plant material)
  T+ 2:50 5.0 mg smoked 5-MeO-DMT (freebase)
  T+ 2:53 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 4:05   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)


First of all I am a well rounded psychonaut with many profound experiences in my bag. Having done all these substances on several different occassions singly, and done a few of them in combinations, I was ready for this catapulting combination. Being the only day that I didn't have a thousand things going on this spring break, my friend and I decided to have a blow out blast from the future while dragging along the past. It was a NORML weekday with nothing to do except reach alternate dimensions. We had gotten a friend to hook up my friend C and myself with 5 red smiley face MDMA pills that had little white blotches on them. We had initially planned on starting our experience at midnight, so the timing would be easy, but we ran about 15 minutes behind schedule. Upon our nearing home, about 15 minutes away from my doorstep, C and I dropped one pill at 12:15... and so the night begins.

12:15 (T=0:00) C and I down one MDMA pill each on the car ride home.

12:29 (T=0:14) C and I arrive at my house.

12:50 (T=0:35) I'm starting to feel the rise of serotonin throughout my body, as is C.

1:15 (T=1:00) C and I each down one more MDMA pill, just as our first pills are starting to kick in fully.

1:45 (T=1:30) Being the potheads that we are, we get the urge to smoke a bowl of high grade cannabis, and then did just that. It didn't do much, but whatever, all is good.

2:40 (T=2:25) Having deep introspection upon ourselves with great joy, we decide to split the last MDMA pill we had. We split the red smiley in half with a razor blade. 1/2 pill each down the hatch.

This is where the experience turns from two friends having fun rolling, into a mesmorizing spiritual rebirth of cosmic proportions... the addition of short and fast acting powerful hallucinogens.

2:55 (T=2:40) We decide to add a more spiritual twist to the experience with the scientific mystery that is Salvia. Feeling good we decide to go for a large dose. 3 bowls of salvia each smoked out of a bong with no water in it. The usual irregular herbal taste was quite present, but had no effect on us until the start of my third bowl full of the salvia leaves. The strangely familiar 'sideways gravity' of salvia was applied to my body upon exhaling my third salvia bowl. Then nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. I got this strange pressure in my head that shot down my spine as if a spear had been jammed down my spine and then began twisting me around this center as if in an office chair. Then I started to hear this sound that sounded like the breeze on a really windy day... shwehhhhhehhhhhhhhh... shwehhhhhehhhhhh. And with this natural wind sound came the birth of tricolored ivy that started growing out of the wall. These red, green, and blue ivy vines [worm like] weren't like patterns projected onto the wall, they literally grew out of the wall in a horizontal manner braiding like the tentacles in the movie 'Evolution.'

This experience was strangely different than salvia alone, it started to scare me as the salvia grabbed my body twisting it harder. As soon as the fear took over I reached an incredibly peaceful state and I realized how we evolved and that we are cellular based creatures like plants. Once the peak was over I looked at my friend and saw myself as a friend from my past. An alternate dimension deja vu if you will. It snapped into and out of my head just as quick as I handed my friend a lighter, like the person who I 'became' had done to me a year earlier.

3:05 (2:50) Now at a peaceful state with the effects of salvia present we decide to mix in some 5-MeO-DMT, which in my opinion is one of the best things to do while under the influence of MDMA. I took out my tinfoil spoon and a cone straw made of paper and we each freebased 5mg of the chemical. The loss of ego was taken a lot more lightly than it normally is, but we immediately became lost in reality. Observing it but having no idea what the hell was actually going on. There was an incredible tingle that felt like a 9-volt battery to the tounge feels, but throughout the whole body... just then the visuals exploded. Geometric fractal patterns started projecting onto the wall like linear cheshire cats from 'Alice In Wonderland' that inverted themselves outward [like those water tubes that are like stretched out donuts]. My hands started to sweat a little bit, so I drank some water. C then joked that all we needed now was a cartridge of nitrous. I not thinking said 'lets do two.'

3:08 (2:53) C said that he was too obliterated to do a nitrous at the moment, I took the words of Jim Morrison 'I believe in a prolonged derangement of the senses to achieve the unknown' into play. I noticed The Doors 'The End' happened to be playing as I inhaled the first balloon, but forgot what was playing by the time I was inhaling the second balloon. Sitting on the couch in my living room I was able to see the whole apartment as I exhaled the nitrous. A few seconds later and I became numb to the world, only feeling as if I was an entity barely knowing what was going on. The world morphed into another dimension containing a crazy ass black and red waving checkerboard pattern of diamonds that took my depth perception and melded it to that pattern. I then had the most profound experience of my life!! Instead of hearing the normal ringing sounds that nitrous yields, I heard a demonic laugh 'Ha-ha-ha-ha' [not my voice nor C's]. I then yelled out the words in the same demonic voice 'YOU STUPID KIDS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!!' [This irked the hell out of me... I didn't tell myself to say this... it just came out!!]

I then felt as if I was an old man who was about to die. I then turned to my right and looked at C as if I had just seen a ghost, but it was I who felt like a ghost as I yelled out 'HOLY SHIT!!!!!' I stared at him in anticipation as The Doors 'The End' was coming to its peak. I could feel each heartbeat as if it was my last, while staring blankly into my friend's eyes as if looking at his soul. Whilst I felt the game world's existence in all of its actuality, feeling as if I had figured out the answer to the paradox that is life and death, the so called 'master plan.' The music subsided at the same time the nitrous had, returning me to the normal ecstacy feelings strapped with the most profound experience of my life. I remember thinking about what had just happened and hearing the words 'Who is getting the last laugh now?' I basically just sat there in awe until 4:18 when I got the idea to smoke some weed.

4:20 (4:05) Whilst puffing on a joint of low grade cannabis and sipping on a beer I came up with the philosophy that you can't define something inside of itself, so the only way to define life is to die. Since I don't want to do that yet I came up with the living philosophy that 'you haven't lived until you stare death in the face.' In complete and utter awe of what had happened in the past 4 hours I drank one more beer and discussed the experiences with my good friend C who was there with me the whole time.

6:41 (6:26) Finish a final beer and smoke a bowl of pot... out like light.

This experience was the greatest thing that I have ever felt/observed. I've had many deeply spiritual experiences before with a wide range of substances like my first shroom trip or my last foxy trip, but this was by far the best. Definetly fun, definetly insightful, and definetly learned alot about myself and the world. I wouldn't have traded anything in the world for this once in a lifetime experience!


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 28, 2004Views: 929
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5-MeO-DMT (58), Salvia divinorum (44), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3)

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