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To Insanity and Back
Morning Glory Seeds
by Bob
Citation:   Bob. "To Insanity and Back: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp13080)". Aug 25, 2002.

550 seeds oral Morning Glory


My past drug experinces has only been limited to weed and using x a couple of times. I was with 2 friends and we all ate the same amount. I mashed up my seeds in a coffee grinder and mixed it in peanut butter and made a sandwich... it didn't taste terrible, it just had a bad, gritty texture.

I felt somewhat nauseous and had wanted to puke, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. We were all on the couch watching tv. An hour and a half later, my friend told me to turn off the was just too much for him. He then proceeded to lay down of the floor and roll around. He was very audible about the thoughts that were racing through his head and this was highly amusing for me. I hadn't started feeling the effects yet since I took my seeds an hour later, and was able to observe my friend from a sober viewpoint.

About 30 minutes later I could feel my mind slipping. My friend wouldn't stop talking gibberish and it was making me crazy, I retreated to the bedroom and for about an hour I was lost in deep emotional thought I felt I had some wonderful insight that I could share withe my friend, so I went to join him and he still wouldn't stop talking gibberish. I wish I would have videotaped this... It was all too funny. He explained how we ate the flower seeds and invited the soul of the flower into us, and our soul was becoming one with the experience of the flower. He seemed to be annoyed that I anchored him back somewhat in reality, so I told him to be florwerlike. He rolled over, took deeps breaths and made wierd sounds and started crying and laughing. I proceeded to go back to the bedroom. I must note I had a slight pain in my thigh... like they were bruised.

I looked outside the open window... it was a beautiful night. A stream looked like sparlking diamonds under the moonlight. I could intensely smell a bad oder from the sreen on the window. I then laid down to watch tv. This was awesome. I was watching some paid programming about a man who discovered some miracle vitamin and was explaining how it worked. He appeared very manipulative and deceitful, and the woman who he was explaining things too seemed very absent minded and robot like, agreeing with everthing this man was telling her and having no opinion of her own. The tv images were like a hologram, I could see the images 3 dimensionally. It was like watching a living picasso painting. Peoples faces would be distorted. I changed the channel and watched part of a black and white movie.. a man had just died and his daughter was very sad... I had this strong connection with her emotions at that point and wanted to comfort her.

The next 10 hours is when I went insane... I turned off the tv and closed my eyes. My brain was taking visuals and events and making them into music.. 4 events, combined with movements. It was like my mind was a kaleidoscope. For instance, ( I Thought ) I could hear my friend coughing and making puking sounds. The cough was the first beat, the sound of puke the second beat. I couldn't tell if I was imagining those sounds or not, but it was driving me crazy hearing them over and over again. My brain kept putting things into gemetric patterns... this went on for endless hours. I also had this feeling that my body forgot how to breath, so I had to actually think about breathing.. I could feel cold air rush into every part of my lungs... that lasted for most of the trip, along with a slight feeling of nausea. I was able to sleep for very short periods of time, but when I woke up, my mind was still putting things in geometric patterns.

About 15 hours later I had some slight grasp on reality and tried very hard to anchor my thoughts. After 26 hours of taking the seeds, I was mostly back to normal. Slightly paranoid, and lights seemed bright.

I would definately not use these seeds again. If you feel you must use these, I would recommend a smaller dose.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 13080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 25, 2002Views: 18,583
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Morning Glory (38) : General (1), First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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