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12mg Transcension of Space and Time
by cirka
Citation:   cirka. "12mg Transcension of Space and Time: An Experience with 5-MeO-DiPT (exp12897)". Apr 12, 2002.

12 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)



I tried foxy for the second time last weekend and it turned out to be by far the most intense hallucinogenic experience I have ever had. Based on my experience with 6mg a few weeks ago and from reading various reports online, I was expecting a somewhat more intense trip, but in no way expected to be tripping as hard as I did.

A friend and I ingested 12mg capsules orally at approximately 11:45pm at a party. I had traveled up to Seattle alone and was at the soon to be extremely crowded party with a friend in addition to knowing several other people in attendance. The effects came on slowly taking about an hour. At one point I had to go outside quickly when I was overwhelmed with anxiety. After about 15 minutes (??) outside that feeling passed and I ventured back inside. I hadn't experienced any anxiety on 6mg and started to get the feeling that I would be in for a more intense evening than I had planned.

We went for a walk soon afterwards and that's when the effects of the foxy really became pronounced. Colors and shapes began to meld into each other and at one point I was standing in front of a brick wall watching the entire structure melt into the ground. At that point with my hands in my pockets, I merged into the earth and lost all sense of physical self.

Concentrating would bring me back to reality but I had persistent visual hallucinations with a somewhat 'smoky' aura in my main field of view. When a car would drive by us coming from behind, the headlights on the buildings around us would look like flashing police lights even though it was just the white light of the car. After maybe 20-30 minutes we were back at the party.

I had this vague sense that I was freezing from the walk although it was only a subtle feeling in the back of my consciousness. When we got back, there was a belly dancing ritual at the party set to (if I recall correctly) some very intense deep tribal house music. Standing at the edge of the packed tent, my senses were absolutely overwhelmed by the music, the people, and the crazy primary colored fractal visual hallucinations over it all. Closing my eyes would provide only a brief respite from the chaos as I would be (uncomfortably) pulled into the chaos of the music. I have absolutely no idea how long I was standing there but I was fortunately still able to talk and had a friend walk me to the chill room at some point after the ritual was over.

In the chill room, I sat down in the corner as my trip deepened. I lost track of all time; space, self, and the music all merged into one indescribable state. I would say the bulk of my experience was at an intensity level of 4 but there were definitely some level 5 parts. I drifted in and out of that state and at one point I was absolutely convinced it was 6am and people were talking about how good the now over party was. My only link with my physical self was when I would move my fingers but that would quickly fade away when I stopped.

At that point (I estimate 2-3am) I could no longer talk and remained unable to do so until about 6am. Focusing on any one thing in the room longer than a few seconds would lead my mind off to some melting pot of visions and thoughts so I would constantly focus on something different every few seconds. A couple of friends of mine finally came into the room and I managed to make it over to them. They stayed with me for a while and provided a much needed grounding for me. Only while holding his hand could I comfortably close my eyes; at that point my visions would turn from dark to light.

At about 5am the chill room was cleared out (it was a coffee shop that had to open for business that morning) and I moved with everyone else back to the dance floors. The music was still DnB/deep tribal house and although it was no longer taking hold of my consciousness it was very powerful to watch the few remaining people dancing to it. When I have done mushrooms in the past, I would be able to let myself go and be absorbed by the music; I could not do that on foxy without degenerating into a chaotic mental state. The one thing that struck me about the trip was that I always felt like I was working to keep myself in a decent head space. There was never a point where the trip was terrifying but I always had the sense that it could quickly go that way if I let go.

The party ended at 6 and I had minor residual visuals until about 10am. I couldn't sleep until I made it home at about 7pm but 15 hours of sleep later I felt like a human being again.

There has been quite a bit of talk about how foxy messes with your intestines, but I had only minor GI issues the following day. Didn't really get much gas either. The one effect that I didn't mention was the body load. I had a fairly moderate level body 'buzz' for most of the evening and had a vague feeling of a gut centered muscle tension/anxiety. It wasn't really disturbing or uncomfortable, but I was usually vaguely aware of it.


I would say that my evening was above all a journey. It was interesting, scary, overwhelming, enlightening, beautiful, fascinating, and educational. I can't claim any supreme enlightenment from the experience unfortunately and suspect that is due to the fact that a lot of my behavior that night was reactionary; I didn't always feel like I was in control and perhaps could have got more out of the trip in a different environment. I will be thinking about this evening for a long time to come and at the very least has changed my ideas about where good places to do psychedelics are.


Needless to say, the dosage curve for foxy can be very steep and the difference (for me) from 6 to 12mg was night and day. I would strongly recommend determining your dosage curve in a safe and controlled environment, preferably with a competent sitter available, as you start to determine your upper threshold dosage. Had I not had other sober friends at the party, it would have been a very difficult experience. It's hard to say whether I would have tripped as hard in a different environment, but I think the chaos of the party was a very significant aspect of my experience. I respond about average to psychedelics (mushrooms at least), just for comparison.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 12, 2002Views: 14,420
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