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Pseudo-Alcohol, Cleansed for Your Pleasure
by Ohm
Citation:   Ohm. "Pseudo-Alcohol, Cleansed for Your Pleasure: An Experience with MBDB (exp12834)". Feb 24, 2002.

185 mg oral MBDB (capsule)


Probably ate too much beforehand.. chinese buffet was too appealing. Friend who also dosed (P) ate much less than me at the boo-fay. So we gave it at least 3 hours to digest. Rounded up movies (a few poor choices!) and relaxed on the couch. 185mg MBDB was premeasured into caps, down the hatch!

P felt it long before I did, I attribute this to my gluttony at the buffet. I looked over and P is smiling his/her ass off. I'm only getting first alerts really and this is an hour and a half into it. Next time I will fast a bit.

Waves of relaxation begin to sweep over me. Calm, soothing, sedate. Extremely pleasant. Would not compare to an MDMA buzz, really. No excitation. No Spark. Just soothing.. I think of it more like an exceedingly clean and nice alcohol buzz. Relaxing on the couch seems like all in the world I need to do at the time.

Watching the movie 'Traffic'.. I hadn't seen it before, and wish I hadn't now. Or that I'd picked a better time to watch it. I'm in a very good mood and it's trying to pull me down. Won't succeed but I do have some moments of 'why do I do this?' thought patterns, which didn't help the experience. Had we picked lighter, happier movies, I might have opted for a 55mg booster. But this movie took my zest for ingestion away. Horrid flick, although I would have most likely enjoyed it almost any other time. Luckily the mbdb was still ramping up by the time the movie was over. Next: 'The fast and the furious.' This one was much better. Relaxation is overwhelming and wonderful. P looks over at me, smiling, and almost falls out of the chair. We get a kick out of that.

I get up to use the restroom and my walking is exceedingly slow. Sort of like I'm on benzos and alcohol. There is definitely an intoxication here (notice I didn't say 'TRIP'). It's a very pleasant one, I might add. This material is most assuredly a downer.

The relaxation lasts all the way until the end of the next movie, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of, and then I drift happily off to sleep. Wake with no hangover and a pleasant feeling that lasts throughout the day.

My opinion: nice material, but ~200mg seems extreme for me. Next experiment will be with 50mg insufflated, with 10mg boosters until desired effect is reached. Otherwise, I will have to discontinue experimentation, as the cost/benefit analysis dictates.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12834
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 24, 2002Views: 16,656
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MBDB (190) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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