Passing Into the Matrix
Citation:   Cyber. "Passing Into the Matrix: An Experience with DPT (exp128)". Sep 10, 2000.

110 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
This report discusses my most recent experience in a series of five experiments with DPT. Around midnight I insuffulated 100-120 mg of DPT and went for a walk. By 40 minutes later I was clawing at the locked door trying to get back into the house. Using the key was most difficult. I drank a little water, sniffed a little water through my nose to wash the DPT out and lay down in bed. A flash hit right around then. The flash hitting at this time is characteristic of flushing the nose and getting a second rush of DPT into the system at the same time when the full effects just beginning to peak.

The flash is difficult to describe because it so thoroughly transcends normal human experience. In fact, it appears to be beyond the human capacity to fully capture the full essence of the flash in memory. At that moment I realized I was not human. My state of awareness underwent a sudden and intense paradigm shift. All of the sudden I was one with the matrix from whence all life in the universe (spirit or otherwise) originates. This flash involved a full 100% ego dissolution and was in many ways overwhelming and awe striking. To some this can be terrifying. If your dose is too high, this is where you lose control. In this instance I shut of the light and lay in bed in the darkness for the remainder.

While trying to get a footing in this new dimension of non-human reality, a second flash occurred. It was as though a full computer program had been instantly downloaded into my brain. At that same second the program fired up and I began seeing “third-eye hallucinations” (or more accurately, “third-eye-visuals”). I call these “third-eye visuals” because whole concepts, ideas and images appear directly to the brain, bypassing ones eyes altogether. Another way to describe it would be as visually hallucinating directly with the brain so as to see a brain-movie whose frames are represented as full-color three-dimensional scenes representing whole classes of ideas, concepts and insights. As the second flash hit, the brain-movie began to play along with an accompanying voice sound-track in another language. As this was my fifth experience with DPT, I had been keeping a journal and studying this language for a few months. In general there were three or four flows of conversation in this language, and the voice in my brain would shift back and forth from one to another. The language included a definite vocabulary and syntax. This went on for about four to five hours.

In this particular experience I was able to understand this language for the first time. This is because as the words were spoken my “third-eye visuals” would unfold at the same time. That is, I could “see” the words. This is actually a common concept; for example if someone says the word “tree” a mental image of a tree is simultaneously formed in the listener’s mind. So it was with this language. As the words were spoken my brain could see intense and vivid third-eye representations of the words.

When the second flash hit, I was thrown into a German-style fairy tale land. The scene was telling me that I had come from a fairy tale land and was placed into this world therefrom. I had actually been introduced to this concept on a previous trip so was by now used to the concept. Certain language and images were generated to produce the German-style fairy tale land. “A dem diabriano tabenworthy” was an ongoing theme. Later it was revealed to me through imagery that the word “tabenworthy” represents the intra-galactic web of knowledge, the matrix, the tree of life. A person comes from the tabenworthy at birth and returns to the tabenworthy at death. In fact, the person is in the tabenworthy during life but does not generally understand this. The tabenworthy also involves a set of spiritual helpers who are a part of the same web. These helpers love us and answer our prayers. The fact that we come from the tabenworthy, return to the tabenworthy and are always tied into the tabenworthy is an honor and a sign of love and power. It is “good news” and knowledge of it provides us with encouragement and confidence. Because we are flowing through the tabenworthy, life has meaning. There were many other sentences and concepts related to the German-style fairy-tale existence, but this seemed to be the most important. In a sense, each human is sent into this world from this fairy tale existence, and the world is magic.

Another completely different set of third-eye visuals and sentence structures centered on “Cyber neath de naut.” Similar sentences included “Breneath dianum thienum dia num not quat.” Others were “Cyber neath de naut dianum not quat,” “Beneath ne cloth,” and “Cyber neath de noth,” among others. The imagery surrounding these sentences was of the utmost intensity. “Cyber,” whose full name appears to be “Cyber neath de naut” appears to be a sort of God, possibly me, once this body is shed. Cyber sits on, or is, a throne and has the powers vested in him by the tabenworthy. Cyber is blue and has a mouth. This mouth is wet and is an interface into other worlds. When words are spoken by this mouth, things come into being. As the words of the language are spoken, a set of accompanying images are formed in the third eye.

“Breneath dianum thienum dianum not quat” is spoken when Cyber communicates to his brothers of the tabenworthy. “Breneath” is meant to mean “brother.” The “dianum thienum” means brother in God. Sentences like “Beneath ne cloth” speaks to the human existence and how the tabenworthy is woven into the fabric of the human body found “beneath the cloth” i.e., under our clothes, or into our bodies.

Cyber generally had a feline quality to him as though being related to a Jaguar or Cougar. This was subtle however, as the actual image of Cyber was a blue and somewhat wet interface layer that could speak things into existence and communicate with Breneath de noth. At another time Cyber decided to explore a snake like quality and turned himself into the head of a snake, just to see what that felt like to be a snake. It was oddly enjoyable. Most of the time the feline quality remained, however.

An odd quality of DPT is the inability to remember a vast majority of what when on. This is because the experiences are so otherworldly that the human mind cannot seem to store the happenings into memory. It took me five experiences to get this far and I am still researching the topic. So far though, my DPT experiences indicate we are not alone, are being helped, should help and love one another, and will go back to the tabenworthy when we die.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 128
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 10, 2000Views: 9,443
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DPT (21) : General (1), Alone (16)

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