Ecstasy at a Rave: A First Timer Recounts
Citation:   Rufus. "Ecstasy at a Rave: A First Timer Recounts: An Experience with Ecstasy (exp1251)". Oct 23, 2000.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
I had used Ecstasy before, but only in a smaller group setting without loud music and intricate lighting effects. I had been told by friends of mine that using Ecstasy at a rave would produce far different effects. Destiny, a rave in my home state of NJ on 4.22.00, was going to change everything I had ever thought about Ecstasy, and show me just how right my friends were.

I had acquired my pill (unknown quantity of MDMA) through a friend who assured me of its quality. Having known M. since elementary school, I trusted him. It's a gamble anyway, but this made me feel a little better. On the day of the event, I took specific preparations, which mainly involved avoiding all fatty foods in favor of fruits, vegetables, and starches. Additionally, I purchased four bags of Pixy Sticks (for those who might not know, it's flavored sugar... they're really good!), and I planned on handing them out to friends and using some myself. I set out for Wildwood around 2 in the afternoon, and began to prepare myself further. I had heard that Ecstasy is in some ways dependent upon your mood; if you're happy, energetic, and eager for a great time, you're more likely to have a great time. Likewise, if you're not in such a good mood, the effects might not be as pleasant. After M. and I picked up two friends, J. and A., the four of us spent the evening walking around Wildwood. While there, we met up with some more people who were going to Destiny. This was already turning into a great trip; we were in Wildwood for maybe 5 hours, and already we met eight people who were also going to Destiny! Around 9pm, we headed over to Club Stardust, where Destiny was being held.

My friends and I paid and entered, and we started to walk around to see what the place was like. The DJ had his own elevated stage in the front, there was a decent-sized hardwood dance floor and long bars with stools all around them along the wall. There were all sorts of lights set up along the ceiling, providing great lighting effects. And of course, an awesome sound system pumping out the great sounds of the rave. While walking around, I noticed that there weren't too many people around, though this was probably the case because of how early it still was. The music the DJs were playing was pretty good, though for some reason the crowd didn't seem to be getting into it too much... it looked as if this was going to be something of a flop. At about 10pm, things started to change, however. More people were coming in, the music seemed to have picked up in energy, and those who had taken their pills upon entering at 9 were starting to roll. The jump in energy was very noticeable, and things seemed to be looking better. At 10:15pm, I asked my friend J. to give me my pill (I had given it to her since she had places to hide the pill when being frisked). I took it, returned to the dance floor, and danced a while more...

At about 11pm, I headed to the bathroom, did my business, washed my hands, and looked in the mirror over the sink. I was amazed at how dilated my pupils were; they were almost the size of the entire colored area of my eye. Even though the club was dimly lit, the bathroom was close to normal light levels, and since I had been there for more than a minute, my eyes should have adjusted, assuming I hadn't just taken Ecstasy. Seeing my eyes so large made more even more confident that this was going to be a special night. I headed back out, danced a little while more, but was interrupted when my friend M. asked me if I was rolling. I really didn't say much, but I suppose the smile I gave him told him just how I felt. He told me to follow him, and so I did.

I went to the edge of the club and was introduced to K., a girl from South Jersey. She too was rolling, only she was far more experienced, and seemed very happy to see me. We started talking, and while this was going on, I was launched into perhaps the most enjoyable 6 hours of my life. We talked some more, and we seemed so close; it was almost as if K. and I had known each other for years. Shortly thereafter, she told me she wanted to give me a massage, and of course, I didn't object. One word: WOW! I had never felt such an awesome massage, and it was clearly superior to any given to me at any other time in my life. Her fingers seemed magical, able to excite the skin and create rushes of pure pleasure. She had me under her control, and all I could do was rock slightly and roll my head around... it was pure pleasure. The massage ended, and I couldn't really communicate too well, since I was so blown away by the feeling. At this time, C. (another person I had just met) stopped by, and he too was rolling. Like K. before him, he had neat things to show me, and he told me to take off my glasses. I did so, and he placed his fingers on my head, just to the side of each eye, and rubbed quickly... the feeling was insane, and even after he stopped, it seemed as if my skin were still moving a little bit. Tired of sitting around, I excused myself and danced a little more, remembering of course to drink plenty of fluids.

I returned some time later, which ended up only being about 20 minutes, but for me, it seemed like so much more. I was treated to many more pleasurable experiences, which I will leave out to leave some surprise for those who have yet to roll (also, this story is a little long...). After the party ended at 3am, I had already begun to come down, but I was left feeling happy and energized. I talked with my new friends, exchanging email addresses and whatnot, and bid them farewell, knowing of course that I would see them again at other events in our area. I departed, and while in the car on the way home (just to mention, only M., A., and I rolled... J. stayed sober and thus was able to drive us home), I talked more about the time I had. After returning to college, I spent much of the next day reflecting on what had happened. I discovered many things about myself, not the least of which being the fact that I can be more outgoing (I'm quite a shy person, but Ecstasy showed me what I can be like otherwise). As a result, I have changed my life in ways which benefit myself and those around me. I was hiding the fact that I went to raves and listened to techno music from my parents because I was afraid of what they would think, given all the negative publicity surrounding raves. However, that very day after, I talked to my parents and found out that they were happy I was opening up and become more of an individual. Naturally, they don't know the mechanism by which I became more outgoing, but some things are better left alone for now...

All in all, I would describe this experience as sovereign. Nothing I have ever done could match this, and I'm hoping for many more enjoyable experiences in the future. Ecstasy is a special drug with special effects, and is something that should not be overused... don't use it every time you go to a party, but only on special occasions. Make it a special part of your life, not an integral component. Only then, I believe, is a person truly able to appreciate the beauty, the intricacies, and the complexity of Ecstasy.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1251
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 23, 2000Views: 4,570
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MDMA (3) : Rave / Dance Event (18), Glowing Experiences (4)

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