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How to Scare the Hell out of Your Family
by Barnaby Jones
Citation:   Barnaby Jones. "How to Scare the Hell out of Your Family: An Experience with DXM (exp12478)". Jun 10, 2003.

1200 mg oral DXM (powder / crystals)


In the last month or so, a friend of mine received some pure DXM. Having only drinken robitussin before and hated having to drink this terrible tasting stuff, I was excited about the opportunity to ingest pure DXM.

I bought 2500 mg for my first purchase. In the next the next three days I ended up taking almost of it along with my other friend, in mostly small doses (300 mg, 150 mg. 400 mg) and at the end of three days I had nearly finished my supply and stopped taking it after a 600 mg trip, I had decided to end on a good note (I had also decide that my drug intake had reached out-of-control-proportions). It was a week later that my friend and I decided to take some more DXM. I had 1300 mg left, because I had 300 mg left over when I had stopped taking it a week previous, and I had purchased 1000 more from the same friend who I purchased the first supply from about halfway through the week.

On this Friday of the next week my drug-user friend and I mixed up a solution of 1000mg with a bottle of All Sport. This tasted terrible. I drank the top half and he drank the bottom half. We had done this before and had about the same reaction, so we figured it was equal. However, next when we drove up to out local downhill skiing resort, I was fit for skiing and he was not. I had to coax him out of the car, but did not feel any resentment towards him because I knew the feeling of the DXM trip he must be going through. It seemed like it took forever to get ready, in truth it had only taken two hours from the time we left school. We took some runs together and the DXM seemed to be playing a small role in both of our performances. We had only taken 4 runs when we decided to leave the mountain.

We got back to my house at about 4:00. Here we played a kickass video-game of mine for awhile, then proceeded to take some more DXM.
I mixed mine up with lemonade. We kept talking about how nasty it would be; I've always had trouble with the mental aspect of drinking robitussin, and now the mental aspect of drinking lemonade/DXM was just as hard. I didn't even drink all of then puked like 20 minutes later.

I figured since I had thrown up pretty quickly afterwards (not too quickly but I was thinking that I had) none or very little of the DXM had absorbed into my system. My friend told me to just take another 500 mg gel cap. It took little convincing. After I took it I realized that I had most likely just gotten a 1200 mg dose in all. I thought I was going to die.

In the next half hour or so I felt insane pre-kick in affects, and at this point I truly felt like I was going to die. I felt the itch, the fucked up body high, the vision going crazy, all the things I knew to be typical of DXM coming on, except magnified 4x or so. Every once in a while my DXM high would increase a little bit, and I could not remember anything right after it happened. For about 12 straight hours I did this I laid in my bed trippin' beyond a mortal trip and occasionally getting up to walk around and scare the shit out my famiy (hence the title). My muscles were all tight as hell and my walk at the time can only be described as 'robo-walking'. I was rigid and walking like the insane ghost doctor from the new version of House on Haunted Hill. My speech was rigid as well. I was in another world. I was watching my friend playing video games, not realizing if he was human or anything else about him, or me.

It's 2:38 now and I still feel really shitty and still feel the DXM in my system. Last night was such a night mare. I still have alot of healing to do with my mom, even though I've talked to her alot, and I still need to have a talk with my little sister. I know she'll be scared of me, and I can't except her to want to talk to me.

My main reason for righting this is to let DXM users know that, even if you are doing a really good job with DXM, it's really easy to mess up. And believe me, it will be a nightmare when you do. DXM is not a good drug. It is a good drug when used correctly. I don't want to piss people off when they read this if they're into DXM, and I know I just am a dumbass. But I also know that there are many DXM users out there and maybe I will keep someone away from this experience. I'm done with DXM, and for my mom's sake, I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna be smokin' chronic from here on out.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12478
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 10, 2003Views: 24,044
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DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Overdose (29)

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