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Like Being Hit By a Mack Truck
Syrian Rue & Mescaline
by rasselas21
Citation:   rasselas21. "Like Being Hit By a Mack Truck: An Experience with Syrian Rue & Mescaline (exp12354)". Sep 23, 2015.

  smoked Syrian Rue (extract)
    oral Syrian Rue (extract)
    oral Mescaline (capsule)


First I made my own (vinegar/salt) extract of Harmine/Harmaline from some Syrian Rue (Harmala). I think from bioassay that it must have been around 30% pure. So, 1 gram would equal AROUND 300 mg. From here on out I will refer to mg's of harmine, rather than grams of extract. I had smoked the stuff all week and sometimes I would get very stoned from just a little, and sometimes I could smoke a lot and not get anything. It was all a powder/salt that was mixed up. I don't know what makes the difference. I also am not sure whether a person builds up a tolerance to harmine and other MAOI's. Anyhow, though harmine is supposed to be a short acting MAOI, I would still get a headache from drinking any beer even 24 hours later, and drugs were still more intense, even 24 hours after smoking maybe 100 mgs of harmine. Maybe the more you use, the more that builds up in your system and the longer it takes to break down.

So, I package up some pills in #2 gelcaps, around 500 mgs of extract, or 140 mgs of pure harmine (a piece) and head out to a rave. I take one about an hour before the rave. I also had a container of supposed weakened adrenochrome (it decays very fast). I don't know for sure, but the shit sure gave me a little change. My heart was pumping and I felt like I was tripping, maybe I was just a bit. But the adrenochrome (if that's what it was) passes very fast, about 20 minutes for small tastes. Like I said, it was weak though.

[Erowid Note: While it may be that the contributing substance described in this report is Adrenochrome, we are aware that true reports of Adrenochrome use are unusual.]

Ok... so I get to the rave, wait an hour, buy some mescaline in a #2 gelcap (the pill was full). I swallowed it (my first time with mescaline) and had to wait about an hour and a half before any effects were felt. Like I said, I never have done mescaline before, so I cannot say whether the harmaline potentiated it or not. But when it first hit I felt like I was rolling, by about 2 and a half hours after I swallowed that pill, I felt like I was on ten rolls. It was hitting me like a mack truck!

I was expecting tracers and swirls, but none of that. Just BOOM BOOM BOOM and I felt like I was in a sea of visuals, but there weren't ANY. A rather hard thing to describe.

Now here is the fucked up part. I hope you all can forgive me, AND learn from what I did. I was a little hard up for money so I sold a pill of harmaline to two guys. GuyONE took about a third of it and GuyTWO took two thirds. They had just previously taken a pill of X. About 40 minutes later they split a pill of mescaline on my recommendation. 40 minutes later GuyONE (he just took a third of that harmaline pill) was FUCKED up. I mean, I don't know how his trip was but he was just as sick as a dog. He was shaking, pale white, dehydrated, couldn't talk. I really felt sorry for the guy. I didn't even recognize that it was the guy I sold the pill to, that's how fucked up I was. I never asked him if he was on a SSRI or DXM or anything. I REALLY blew it in that sense. I knew he was alright as far as food went (ravers rarely eat; he had been there for a while), but again, I forgot about the drug interactions. I have read of people doing MAOI's with MDMA and getting sick and have read other's of them being alright if they take low doses. The guy probably didn't take more than 50 mg of pure harmine... I don't even know if that is what fucked him up. All I know was that I irresponsibly sold a drug cause I was hard up for money. I didn't ask what I could have asked, or told the guy what I could have told him. I just thought everything would be alright.

Well, ok, the guy lived. I am thankful that he is alright and hoped that he can forgive me. He DID turn me into security (I got rid of the pills though - on the floor... some raver on three or four rolls probably found them and took 'em all). I was pissed at first, cause I tossed two pills of mescaline on the ground as well. I was flat broke and had just got roughed up by security. I about killed a guy. And was peaking my fucking balls off.

Ok, here's the trip report now:

I came back in after security let me go and looked for the pills on the floor but I couldn't see, the floor was moving WAY too much (one of the few open eye visuals). I was pissed as hell until some guy gave me some glow sticks. That guy saved my life.

Out to the dance floor and blow the fucking roof off!!! I TRULY learned how to dance that night (even though I'm STILL a beginner). All the billions of combinations, of the music scattering itself in chaotic bombs across the room, and you have to make sense of it all, you have to make ORDER out of all the meaningless fragmented rhythms. Like I said, it was like ten rolls at once. Maybe five hours after I ate the mescaline we left for an after party. Finally I get to close my eyes.

WOW! Who knew all those crazy visions were waiting for me. Nothing in particular, just TRILLIONS of pixels arranging and rearranging in time with the car's CD player to form a vast array of images. The images were all nothing in particular. Just ART. This was especially cool when my eyes were just barely open. I could see a crazy scene and the more and more I opened and focused my eyes, the more the scene would change until FINALLY the 'real' world came into view. But until just a split instant before that moment I could have just as well been on some Jupiterian landscape drinking lava through my ears while turned inside out. It was cool.

Finally, while in the car, this chick gave me a seabreeze (I wasn't rolling so no one would give me one). HOLY SHIT!

That was the coolest thing ever. Just let those tears stay in your eyes. Don't blink. And the visions were AWSOME!. Still just that crazy abstract shit, but of the highest order (I know some of you are laughing, you brave warriors that take five or six pills at a time).

It was way cool, I was tripping LONG after my friends (two and three pills apiece) were down. But I'd say seven hours for the most of it, about four hours of peaking, and five hours of fizzle (which I don't much care for, but it saves it from being such an abrupt transition). Twelve hours total. I could barely sleep through the tail end of it, but the guy who sold it to me said that was abnormal. Maybe it was all the adrenachrome and epinephrine which I was doing in combination with the MAOI and my INTENSE love for psychedelics. Twenty-five bucks well spent. Personally I think the harmine helped my buzz, but who can say???

The epinephrine (bronchial mist or some inhaler) said not to take with MAOI's and I think the adrenochrome wasn't supposed to be taken with them either... but the shit hardly phases me. I eat cheese and pickles and broths on the shit. Beer kills me though (even american beer).

Sorry once again for selling something like harmine at a rave (or anywhere), especially as irresponsibly as I did it. No one knows what the pills where made of (harmine), I just said they were MAOI's. I just tell you this shit so you can learn from some one else.

PS - yes, the mescaline really did help me to come closer to God. It wasn't at all like God was talking to me, or angels, or even my own soul (unlike most every other hallucinogen I've taken). Instead, it made things just seem fucking meaningless, but it gave me the keys to change that... to create order out of the chaos, just like on the dance floor. I never felt 'holy' or anything, but the drugs and stupid things I did and the dancing and the forgiving - ALL seemed to help. I am thankful.


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12354
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 23, 2015Views: 2,720
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Syrian Rue (45), Mescaline (36) : Club / Bar (25), Combinations (3)

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