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Slow Motion
Citation:   VampB.. "Slow Motion: An Experience with Diazepam (exp12119)". Feb 10, 2004.

15 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
I have decided to document my first real experience with Valium, and will try to update the record every fifteen minutes. I am quite an experienced user of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine, and have also tried mushrooms (psilocybin). I take lots of coffee (about 4 - 5 cups a day. I also usually smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

Set and setting: it is 2:00pm; I just came into the office, looking at six more hours of work as a telephone clerk in a sportsbook. The job is easy, the environment is relaxed, and my mood during the whole day was quite good. Happy and a bit energetic. No other psychoactive have been taken during the last 15 hours, except 3 cups of coffee early in the morning. The night before I had taken two puffs of a joint.

T: 0:00 - Three pills of 5mg diazepam (generic Valium) ingested thirty minutes after I came into the office. I know there won't be much work to do today, so I can chill for the rest of the trip.

T: 0:15 - Effects start kicking in quite fast. Coordination decreased a bit, mind seems slow and distracted. I feel like everything is happening at normal speed, but I am working in slow motion. Can only focus on one task at a time, yet I can act normal around my colleagues, though I feel a bit drowsy.

T: 0:30 - Effects grow: I feel quite slow and disoriented, yet completely able to make coherent and logical decisions. I can be distracted very easily and lose my train of thought. Time seems to go by much faster than usual, but I can attribute this to the fact that it's taking me quite an effort to be writing this. I have to concentrate and maintain my line of thought in place, which has become increasingly difficult. I will smoke a cigarette now, will be back in 10 min.

T: 0:45 - Effects keep on growing: thought process and physical movement continue to grow slower, memory unaffected, but physical coordination slightly impaired. I am typing much slower now, walking slower, and climbing the stairs to the office was a bit of a hassle, feet tripping on the stairs because I didn't raise them enough. I feel like a low dose of THC or alcohol, but with no feeling of euphoria, or the distractions or segmented thought patterns of marihuana. The cigarette had no perceivable effects.

T: 1:00 - definitely feeling like a small dose of cannabis, with a total clarity of mind, yet reactions to internal and external stimuli comes in much slower, and I don't really feel tired. No intention of going to sleep.

T: 1:15 - I've been thinking: this drug is an anxiolitic (supposed to remove your anxieties) and is accomplishing its mission quite well: there is nothing I wish I would be doing right now, I have no anxieties, and feel quite comfortable with anything I do. The loss of energy, will, and drive is definitely part of it. There is nothing I would specifically want to do right now.

T: 1:30 - sleep has started to show up in my thoughts. I am acting even slower than before. I can type a little better now, yet the trip is heading more towards a cannabis trip than I would have expected. I suppose mixing Valium and THC could become a very deep high.

T: 1:45 - Slow. That's what would define my mood at this time. Absolute slowness of everything, and it's increasing. It takes at least a second to react to stuff one would usually react immediately. Walking is possible, but more of a hassle.

T: 2:00 - I'm generally an active guy, don't enjoy marijuana a lot, and would rather have cocaine and alcohol. Even though Valium is definitely Not my drug of choice, it is a fun experience, for it has eliminated all my cravings and desires for a few hours. I feel comfortable with it, and it has the funny effect of slowing me down.

T: 2:40 - Effects are slowly wearing off. I still feel slow and just a little bit tired, but the trip has definitely started to end.

T: 3:00 - The trip is over. Only a mild slowness remains, but I'm pretty much at baseline now.

Conclusion: Valium can be a good substance for me if I'm a bit stressed and need to chill off. My dose of 15mg was just right for that. I've heard it doesn't mix right with other depressants or with alcohol, so beware. Make sure you fully understand what to expect from ANY drug before you decide to try it.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 12119
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 10, 2004Views: 287,591
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Pharms - Diazepam (115) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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