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Frankenstein's Ghost
DXM (with Guaifenesin)
by Ellis Dee
Citation:   Ellis Dee. "Frankenstein's Ghost: An Experience with DXM (with Guaifenesin) (exp11982)". May 14, 2003.

240 mg oral DXM (liquid)


I had experimented with DXM a few times before this. Each time I had drank a 4oz bottle of cough medicine, but ended up either throwing up 2oz or falling asleep before the peak of the trip. But this time I did neither, and.....I can still feel it weeks after it. It was Thanksgiving nite, and I was on the phone talking to my friend 'Jerry'. We were bored outta our minds and had nothing to do. I was planning on staying up all nite because I was to get up early and go shopping the next day. So I figured that I'd robo trip that night. I got the 4oz bottle of Robutussin DM I had stashed and chugged the whole thing. Jerry did the same thing. Now this was about ten, and keep in mind I had to get up at 4AM to go shopping. Well, we talked for a while, in between gaging from the horrid taste of the tussin. About 30min I could definately feel a slight stoned feeling.

To test how dizzy I was I stood up, and found that I could still walk w/o that much trouble. So for the next 2hrs we talked, our conversations not making any sense. So around 1AM I had to turn off all the lights, sense my mom was up. Before I did I looked around and noticed that the lights were trailing and that everything I saw it was in doubles. As I looked around in the dark I noticed little 'blobs' floating around in the air. I told this to Jerry, but he was off in his own world. As I lay there in my bed I reached my hand out towards my blinds and noticed I could feel them. But I was a good 2FT away from them. I exclaimed to my friend, 'Holy shit....I'm tripping...I can feel sight!' This was such a shock to me, because it never got that intense for me. He was saying that his couch was eating his arm. I tried to stand at this point, but I calmly noticed that my legs were dissconnected from my body.

Then I really began to hallucinate. I looked on my pillow beside me, and saw my baby brother laying there. I told Jerry and he tried to tell me that he was in his crib. But I insisted that he was there, I went to pick him up, but to my surprise, it was clothes. This went on forever it seemed, each time I'd forget that I'd already tried to pick him up. Then I looked over to my right, and saw a 3D animated Frankenstein. I told Jerry that there was a monster in my room, and began to flip out. He told me to shake it's hand, and it'll turn into my friend. So as i reached out to him, he did to, and we shook hands. I could feel his clammy hand on my hand, and after I let his hand go he disappeared. All the while my friend was talking to a tiny purple gorilla that was raiding his fridge. Now I attempted to look at the clock, and made out 3AM. Now I began to worry. My aunt was to pick my up at 4AM, and I was tripping. My brother had begun to cry (I think), and the sound came in choppy waves. I tried to stand again and I instantly fell. I was supposed to go to Walmart like this?!

Normally, while on DXM, time slows waaaay down. But now It was going extremely fast. Next time I asked Jerry the time, it was 345AM. I began to panic, I knew I was going to get busted by my aunt. About this time, my MOM got on the phone to call my aunt, an was shocked to know I was on the phone. I quickly said my byes to Jerry, and tried to go to sleep. I did succeed, by was woken up by my little bro. My mom came in my room and put him on my stomach. He seemed like he was as long as me, and when she turned on the light, there was a delay between the light switch coming on and the actualy light that I saw. She said something but it was uncomprehensible to me, she sounded like Satan talking. She took baby away and went in her room. I then slowly made my way outta my bed. I got up and the floor sunk in a little. I then shuffled/crawled to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. My faced looked like one of Dali's surrealistic paintings. I somehow got my clothes on and hurry up and went outside. I sat at the edge of my driveway. A car passed and I saw it move in frames.

My aunt pulled up and everything gets fuzzy from here on. I remember being in the car, and driving down the road. I remember standing outside of a store and seeing the stars swirl around in the air. Somehow I survived being out in a crowded store with people. I remember it being about 6AM, and my senses coming back to normal. All I could do was stand there and lean on my aunt. Now, by reading this long writing, I hope you learned one thing -- if you are to be somewhere in 6 hours, DO NOT robo trip thinking it would have worn off by then!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11982
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 14, 2003Views: 26,090
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DXM (22) : Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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